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Doting my wife and daughter Chapter 3

Pan Lingling shook off his hand with a stern face, and said seriously, “You really won’t hurt me in the future, right?”

Lin Haoqiang raised his right hand and pointed his three fingers to the sky: “I swear to God, if I, Lin Haoqiang, hurt Pan Lingling again in the future, I will be hit by a car when I go out, drowned when I take a shower, stink when I go to the toilet, and choke to death when I eat!!!”

“Alright, alright, alright!”

A glint appeared in Pan Lingling’s eyes.

Maybe, he… really regrets it?

However, Pan Lingling was still a little worried.

How could she understand what kind of person Lin Haoqiang was after all these years of marriage?

Pan Lingling thought of the details of the previous beatings and couldn’t help but be vigilant again.

The country is easy to change but nature is difficult to change.

Can he really change overnight?

“Let’s go home now!”

“Wait a minute.” Pan Lingling stared into Lin Haoqiang’s eyes.

“Although you swore just now, I still want to make it clear. If you treat me and Qianqian a little bit worse, I won’t give you another chance!”

Lin Haoqiang’s expression also became solemn: “Lingling, you and Qianqian are the only ones in my life! I, Lin Haoqiang, will live for you in this life!”

“Quit smoking, drinking, and gambling, can you do it?”

For these three things, Lin Haoqiang completely quit when he went to the United States.

Tobacco and alcohol can damage a chef’s sense of smell and taste.

For a professional Michelin chef, those two things must never be the same.

Lin Haoqiang had also given up gambling in a new and unfamiliar environment for many years.

More importantly, God gave him a chance to be reborn, and Lin Haoqiang cherished it very much.

“I’m serious, I bet on alcohol and tobacco; if I touched them again, I should die immediately!”

Seeing that he had promised immediately, Pan Lingling still didn’t believe it.

“Hey, look at your performance!”

Lin Haoqiang set up the electric vehicle and said happily: “Come on, let’s go home; you have to rest well, I’ll cook for you at noon, what food do you want to eat? I’ll take you home first, and then I’ll go shopping!”

A ray of sunlight shone through the lush, big elm tree.

Spring has come quietly.


Pan Lingling glared at him and said, “What time is it? There is no business in the morning, and there will still be people buying buns at noon, When I got back to the store, I can pack a few baskets of buns and sell them at noon”

Lin Haoqiang patted his head.

“Yes, yes, I forgot about that, then we will go to the store together, we will pack together,and then we can sell more at noon”

Their family, for the past two years, has relied on Pan Lingling to run a steamed bun shop outside the community.

The family’s income is all from this bun shop.

Pan Lingling wakes up early in the morning and stays in the dark. She gets up at four in the morning, rushes to the store to make buns, steams the buns before 6:30, and waits for customers to come. She can still sell some in the afternoon. If you run out of raw materials, you have to go to the vegetable market to make up for it. After 4:30 in the afternoon, she can still sell a batch at dinner time.

Running such a small business is the hardest.

Getting up early every day.

In the past, Lin Haoqiang never went to help, except to get money after losing at gambling; he just went to get buns to eat when he was hungry.

Pan Lingling was stunned when she heard Lin Haoqiang say that he were going to make steamed buns together.

“Are you going to pack too?”

“Isn’t that easy?”

In his previous life, Lin Haoqiang spent 30 years doing one thing—cooking!

However, it is not a Chinese chef but a Western chef.

In his previous life, not long after his divorce that year, he went to join his second cousin in the United States, starting by washing dishes and then learning to cook. At the age of fifty, he finally got the opportunity to become a chef in a Michelin star restaurant kitchen.

At the age of fifty-five, he was awarded a three-star Michelin chef’s rating.

In this industry, Lin Haoqiang is the first Chinese with three Michelin stars!

To become a Michelin-starred chef, you need not only hard work but also talent.

It took Lin Haoqiang almost half his life to achieve such an achievement, and he can be regarded as a true prodigal son!

He never had a second family in his previous life and spent his entire life in the kitchen.

Pack a bun; it is obviously overkilling!

God gave him a chance to live another life, and now Lin Haoqiang just wants to accompany his wife and daughter.

Live the life a normal man should live.

On the way to the steamed buns’ shop with Pan Lingling riding in an electric bike, Pan Lingling did not hold his waist but grabbed the back of the back seat with her hands.

Lin Haoqiang didn’t mind.

He is in no hurry.

He knew that he had hurt his wife too much over the years.

Now, there is time, slowly make up for it!

He firmly believes that the ice will melt.


Lingling Steamed Bun Shop.

Gold binding, black base signature.

The same style as other stores.

Jumping off the electric bike, Pan Lingling walked to the door of the store and opened the lock.

The roller shutters are a little hard to pull up.

Lin Haoqiang hurried forward.

“I’ll pull it up!”

Pan Lingling was stunned for a moment, then took a step back. She gave Lin Haoqiang a complicated look.

This man actually stepped forward to help her?

After five years of marriage, he has never been there once!

The rolling shutter went up with a harsh metallic rubbing sound.

Lin Haoqiang asked, “We are going to start chopping stuffing and making steamed buns now, right? Is there a lot of customers at noon?”

Pan Lingling smiled bitterly.

“Business is not particularly good. The main source of customers is the office workers in the International Trade Building opposite, but there are not many people who eat buns at noon. Sometimes when business is good, we can sell for fifty or sixty yuan. If the business is bad, ten or twenty dollars.”

Lin Haoqiang said: “Is it such a bad business?”

Pan Lingling sighed softly: “This is not a commercial street. Our main customers is the residents of Mingzhu Community.”

Lin Haoqiang said curiously: “Apart from the China World Trade Center, there are also Triumph Plaza and Wangfujing Center, a large number of white-collar office workers…”

“You know it’s on the other side too? Few people walk through the underpass and pedestrian bridge, and come here on purpose.”

“Also, whether the buns are delicious or not is also the key.”

The steamed buns made by Pan Lingling are actually just ordinary.

The reason why there are so many customers is that Pan Lingling has a good heart and is conscientious in doing business, She always has more stuffing than other shops, and the steamed buns are bigger.

The business is for the residents of the Mingzhu Community.

Although I can’t make a lot of money, it’s quite stable to have enough food and clothing.

“Wife, the buns you made are the best in the world!”

Pan Lingling said angrily: “Stop flattering! I really don’t know why you suddenly changed your behavior, how did you learn to be so expressive”

“Also, you’d better go back. You also need to clean up at home. You can neither knead noodles, mix stuffing, nor steam buns, and you will get in the way here.”

“No, I actually know how to make steamed buns. It’s very simple. You can read it.”

Lin Haoqiang couldn’t explain to his wife, and he couldn’t tell her that he was actually reborn from the future, and he once became a Michelin chef at the age of fifty-five.

Who would believe it?

Stop scaring the poor wife.

“Well, you let me try, I don’t want you to work so hard, really.”

Lin Haoqiang looked at his wife solemnly.

“Anyway, you also said that the business at noon is not good. It’s optional, and it won’t affect anything. You just had a miscarriage, so you can’t be too tired. You go back to sleep, and when you wake up, come back to the store.”

Pan Lingling looked at him suspiciously.

Does this sound like what he said?

What the hell happened?

Why did he suddenly change so much?

Such tender and considerate words, such eyes.

Is this still Lin Haoqiang?

“Don’t be stunned! Hurry back and rest! Listen to me!”

Lin Haoqiang urged.

In addition to feeling sorry for his wife and wanting to share the burden of life for his wife, he also does not want his wife to see the skilled craftsmanship that he will show at that time.

“Then I… will really go back home?” Pan Lingling asked suspiciously.

“Hurry up and go.”

“Can you really handle it alone?”

Lin Haoqiang pretended to be impatient and waved his hand: “Go now!, go back to sleep! If you don’t leave, will you be able to do business at noon later? What a waste of time!”

Pan Lingling glared at him, turned and walked out of the store, took a few steps, and found this strange husband still staring at her.

Pan Lingling gave a distant glance angrily, in exchange for a distant kiss from Lin Haoqiang.

Pan Lingling turned around and left.

“Did you take the wrong medicine!”

“I just don’t know how long he can last like this…”

Pan Lingling sighed softly.

Turn around and walk into the neighborhood.

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On the day of my rebirth and divorce, I became a doting husband and dad

On the day of my rebirth and divorce, I became a doting husband and dad

Status: Ongoing
Opening his eyes, Lin Haoqiang returned to the day he divorced his wife. In the last life, he was a gambling addict, lazy, and abandoned his wife and daughter. As he was dying, he learned that his wife became ill from overwork and had long since passed away, and his daughter became a criminal and died on the street after ten years of being in prison. Although Lin Haoqiang died, he did not go to after life as he expected. God not only gave him a chance to return back in time, but also gave him a small farming space.


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