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DQAAO Chapter 7.1- A talent Beyond the Best

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A Spirit is a creature that lays on the boundary between Physical and Ethereal.

They can perform magical miracles, control natural disasters, and provide a powerful strength to their Spirit User. Also, Spirits have their own intelligence.
They have a great pride that doesn’t let them easily give in to any Spirit User.

They will dance with joy if their Spirit Users are happy, and shed tears of sorrow when their Users are sad. This is because they share the same feelings with their Spirit User.

However, not all emotions are shared.

Spirit aren’t afraid of anything.
They believe that fear is only felt in front of death, and Spirits do not die, they live forever, so they usually felt no fear.

Even the Duke Reinberg, the best Spirit User in the Continent, still struggled with his own Spirits’ whims.

Since they were fearless beings, he could only appease them. Always had to listen, understand, and respect.

Therefore, the Duke Rainberg paid the most attention to the talent of his youngest son among his children. Cantavia’s talent, right now, is maybe hidden, however, he believes that it will bloom in the future.

‘If the power of Cantavia is awakened…’

Unlike himself, who is in a relationship of a Friendship-like with Spirits, he believes that his youngest son will be able to establish a relationship of Master and servant to the Spirits. If so, he may be able to barrow the power of the Spirit Lord or better, subdue them.

‘If only he had confidence, he’d be a Spirit User who could surpass me immediately. Too bad.’


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Duke Reinberg sat down in a chair and closed his eyes. He recalled his former self.

On the day of finally becoming the lord of Quilts Castle, dozens of eyes looked at gim with hatred. The flame of resentment has not been extinguished so far. A few years ago, he spotted suspicious movements coming from Duke Solgar and Duke Luchakuan.

They were getting ready.

When Reinberg’s family grows old and weak, they will finally get a chance to burn the flame of anger that has been passed on for generations.

This was Duke Reinberg’s reason for passing down the title to his youngest son.

The emperor gave him the title of duke, who was born a commoner, and other dukes accepted his case in order to keep in check the one who is called a War Hero and supported by the people.

Duke Reinberg has long known that if he loses his strength in old age, their Ducal Family will surely collapse. So he tried not to have children. He’s too old to be a father. Above all, hd did not want his child to live in an era of war and violence. However, an unexpected blessing came belatedly. He was happy, but he was also scared.

The Birth Grand festival was held under the pretext of celebrating the birth of his Children, in order to distinguish who are the enemies and the allies.

The festival was held in grand style to promote the strong power of the War Hero. Showing off his strength, he informed his enemies that he is still young and strong.

Duke Reinberg knew it himself that if one day, when rumors of him being in old age spread in Quilz Castle, a bloody war will begin.

On the day of Childbirth, at first, he was anxious because he was worried about his child’s future, but as soon as complications appears on his wife, he was so overwhelmed and forgot it all.

He tried to protect his loved ones with all his might. He saved his children and his wife by pouring out his power. That’s how the Quadruplets were born in the Rainberg family.

Initially, the Duke grew worried about the future of his children.

However, on the day the quadruplets were called the Blessed Children of the Moon during at Artemis Ritual, Libera Quilz Rainberg had a new hope.

The talents of the Quadruplets.

He couldn’t believe it that his Children are like monsters. His four children were born with the top-quality talent, and all four of them posses the blood of the Reinberg family.

When he heard that his First Child had knocked down trained knights using his twig-like soft arms at the age of 10, he let out a Laughter of Joy.

When it was revealed that his Tomboy-likr daughter was a naturally Genius wizard, he let out another Laughter of Joy.
His shy daughter became the most beloved child in the empire, and his youngest son, who he was most worried of, had a better talent of being a Spirit User then him.

Now, the Duke was no longer worried.

The day the flames of hatred will set fire to the Quilz Castle, the quadruplets will destroy all the pillars of the empire.

Even the civil war of the Empire would be insignificant to them. And obviously, he’d be standing at the center.

‘I’ll probably need to take Cantavia to the moon’s holy place soon. Maybe he’ll meet a Spirit who can be compatible with him.’

For the time being, he will continue his ambitious plan to make Cantavia Quilz Reinberg a household name worthy to be the heir.

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Duke’s Quadruplets Are All Overpowered

Duke’s Quadruplets Are All Overpowered

공작가 네 쌍둥이는 모두 먼치킨
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2020 Native Language: Korean
Quadruplets were born in the Reinberg family! All the children were unusual. The firstborn was the ruler of Murim. The second was Demon’s ruler. The third was an angel that descended from heaven. They were all the invaders who tried to invade Earth in their previous lives, “Who were you?” As the youngest, I… “Cantavia” I was someone that protected the Earth.


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