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Chapter 3.2- Move (2)

The first thing he looked at was the ‘Parallel World Movement’.

“So I can move around between the worlds every 7 days, and there is a limit of 10kg that I can bring when I travel? In addition, I can raise its level by gaining points?”

It was easy to understand because its mechanics was like a game. It was just hard to believe.

Kangmin shook his head and looked at the next skill.

– Language (S): You can interpret and speak all existing languages.

If it was still general society, it would have been a ridiculous ability. However, in a world full of zombies, it would be a useless ability.

“Are my skill nothing important at all?”

Even though he said it like that, a smile can’t help but form on his mouth.

“If I can really go back to the world I lived in, this is not a loss, but a tremendous ability.”

Only then did Kangmin realize that he had a huge opportunity now.

‘If only I could go back home.’

Kangmin took out the wallet he picked up earlier from his pocket.

“If the person that I killed was a zombie earlier, then I understand everything. About how the cars are ruined and people can’t be seen on street.

Kangmin took out a bill from the wallet.

“If so, all the money and jewelry on this street have no owners. It means that the one who picks it up is the owner.”

All of this would be his goods once he return to his own world.

Kangmin stuffed the bill into his pocket and threw away the wallet.

“Is there about 5 hours and 40 minutes left of the cooling time?”

When he learned every information, he suddenly felt impatient. In the meantime, he had to pick money as much as he could.

There might be zombies, but he couldn’t miss this opportunity if he had a debt to pay in his own world.

“If I go back to reality and lose my house, I would become homeless. I really need to take this risk, so when I go back I will have enough money to pay the debt.”

Kangmin approached the dead zombie and took out the iron pipe. The dead zombie fell to the floor.

Kangmin held on to the iron pipe tightly and vowed.

“I will never miss this opportunity!”’

Kangmin left the location. And about three hours later, some people appeared.

* * *

All the people that had arrived were holding iron pipes, knives, and axes on their hands.

Among them, the one with the ax was very big and robust. He approached the zombie who fell on the floor.

“The team leader, this zombie, seems to have just died.”

After about 24 hours of death, the zombie would turn into dust. It would become dust without even leaving a bone.

The bones left on the street were eaten and killed by zombies.


The person wearing a motorcycle helmet on his head asked. His voice sounded mechanic, so they couldn’t tell whether he was a man or a woman.

“Looking at the degree of dusting, about 2-3 hours ago.”

The zombie’s face has already split and some of it has turned into dust and disappeared.

The team leader approached the zombie and turned the zombie over with his feet. The group leader who saw the hole in the back of his neck said.

“The person pierced the back of its neck from its mouth. With this much of power it must be man or awakened with strength. The weapon should be an iron pipe.….”

Everyone looked serious at the leader’s words.

Sammy, a woman whose height reaches the shoulder of the leader, approached and asked.

“Is it the one that the watchman mentioned?”

“It could be or might not be.”

“What are you going to do?”

At Sammy’s words, the team leader looked at Kangmin’s path and said.

“Let’s go. This is our land. We can’t let go of any risk factors!”

When the team leader decided, everyone grabbed the weapons they were holding tightly.

“Sammy, where?”

At the leader’s words, Sammy saw the blood on the floor, touched it with her hand and closed her eyes.

Sammy opened her eyes a moment later and pointed one hand.

“Over there.”

It was in the direction of Kangmin. They moved in that direction.

Five minutes after they left, a person appeared. It was a man with yellow hair.

“Wow, there must be someone else who joined besides me. Hahaha. Sounds fun! The more food, the better!”

* * *

Kangmin first picked up bills from a wallet off the side of the road. He also went stores such as restaurants and convenience stores. He opened their cash boxes, and got cash.

After doing so for about two hours, Kangmin realized that he had done something silly.

“I could spare more space if I only take gold.”

The bills were bulky and difficult to carry in large quantities. Instead, gold was different. Even a penny of gold was valuable.

Kangmin took a bag from a sports store, carried it on his back, and headed to the gold and silver store with all the bills he earned.

“This is a Treasure Trove!”

The cabinets and the floor were full of all kinds of precious metals.

He hasn’t met any zombie, so his worries has subsided since then.

Kangmin swept all the gold and silver. He didn’t even put half of it in, but the bag is already full.

Kangmin put precious metals in his pants pocket and wore an expensive-looking watch on his wrist.

“This can’t be over 10kg, right?”’

He lifted his backpack, and the weight didn’t seem to go over it.


The heavy weight of the bag excited Kangmin. He felt like he was going to fly.

Kangmin left the gold and silver store, holding his bag tightly. But then, he heard a human voice from somewhere.

“Human? Was it a zombie?”’

Kangmin quickly hid and looked at the voices. He saw people with knives, axes, and iron pipes.

“They are not a zombie.”

They were talking to each other so they aren’t zombies.

Finally, he met someone he wanted to meet so badly, but he was reluctant to approach them for some reason.

Their surrounding atmosphere was brutal.

‘Let’s stay quiet and wait till I go back to my original world. I don’t have to meet them now.’

Nothing else was important. What was important was the cash and precious metals in his bag.

‘Please go somewhere else.’

Kangmin didn’t want to bump into them, so he hid still. But they were coming exactly where Kangmin was.

“I can’t help it. I’m running away.”

Kangmin left the gold and silver store and started running.

Hd don’t know anything else, but this was the neighborhood where Kangmin lived his whole life. In addition, he jog every day and knew the side road better than anyone else.

“There he is. Catch him!”

“You little rat!”

He heard people calling him with names from behind.


Kangmin began to run faster.

“If you were me, would you stop running when someone was after you with a knife?”

Kangmin ran away faster. He also threw an iron pipe because it was in his way when running.

Kangmin entered an alley, he jumped between the houses through a shortcut he only knew.

At this rate, ordinary people could not follow. But they were different.

“Why there are still following me?”’

These enemies chased him like ghosts. It seemed like as if a tracker was attached to his body.

“But it’s over now!”

He saw his own house. If he went inside the house, they would be unable to him.

Looking back, he couldn’t see them anymore.


Kangmin carefully opened the door and entered the house.

“It’ll be okay now, right?”’

However, his confidence in his safety soon collapsed.

“This is a house.”

Along with the woman’s voice, he could hear people’s footsteps behind the gate.

“How did they find it?”’

He locked the gate, but Kangmin didn’t think it would last long.

“The door is locked!”

“Come out, I’ll do it!”

– Bam!

The gate shook and made a loud noise.

“Crazy! What’s wrong with him?”

The man with the ax shouted at Kangmin’s sound.

“You know that better! He is a spy.”

– Boom!

Again, the gate shook and there was a cracking sound.

“I’m not a spy!”

“Everyone says that.”

As he thought, the gate didn’t last long.


Kangmin ran into the master bedroom. Although it was closed, it was all traditional hanok (traditional korean house) windows, so they would not last long either.

“Hurry, hurry, hurry!”

Kangmin grabbed the jewelry in his pocket tightly.

“I have a way to live now, but will I die like this? I’ll leave this cash and jewelry behind!”

Kangmin threw all the jewels and cash hidden on his pockets, so he could run faster. The amount that she had taken out could pay his overdue interest and at that thought, his heart was beeling, but nothing is more important than his safety.

– Crash!

The gate was broken.

“Where are you?”

“Kill him!”

He heard the sound of them. In a few minutes, once they will arrive into the master bedroom and he will be done.

“I shouldn’t have thrown away that iron pipe! At least I would be able to put up a fight!”

He never thought that he would be dying at hands of humans, than the zombie that he was mostly worried about.


Kangmin heard them coming up to the living room and he became more impatient.

“Even if I enter a tiger’s cave, I still have a chance to survive. There must be a way! There must be a way!”

Kangmin thought about many ways in his head.

“What method? There’s no way!”

Kangmin was now despair.

It was then, a message window appeared in front of Kangmin.

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