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Chapter 135

One of the guild’s buildings collapsed at the aftermath of the fight.

The interior was quickly dominated by a hundred hunters who had stormed in.

Both sides were fighting between hunters, but the content of the fight was one-sided.

Although the numerical difference was not so great, it showed an overwhelming gap and was overpowering the enemy guilds.

One hundred were large guilds that divided the southwestern region into three, and they were always exchanging swords with competitive guilds in a brutal atmosphere.

Whether it’s the size of the guild members, the fights they’ve been through, or the skills they’ve been through.

There wasn’t anything I couldn’t beat.

Middle-aged guilds, big and small, were never their match.

“Get out of here.”


A hundred executives, a lease, threw out their fists, and the hunters who were rushing were scattered.

In the weight class, which is only about the size of a middle-aged guild, there was virtually no one to stop him, an A-class hunter.

He looked around for a moment as he was taking the lead in destroying his enemies.

At this rate, there’s no problem.’

The guild’s easy-to-go attack.

Guild leader Han Seung-hee was not directly involved in the operation, so he was leading the operation.

‘It hurts my pride to be a guild member of Aegis Guild, but…….’

The look on the lease was slightly frowned upon.

For a high-ranking hunter, it is clearly a shame that he is serving under the Aegis Guild.

However, Han Seung-hee’s intention was to become an underground guild, and she had to follow it unconditionally.

Seeing the Aegis Guildsman fighting right around here, I could see why she made that choice.


Fierce heat emanates from an exploding flame pool.

It was a wide-area magic shot by a man who was a guild member of Aegis, and he even responded by using advanced swordsmanship to his close enemies.

Aegis Hunters, especially noticeable among a hundred fighting guild members.

They weren’t all Aegis executives. They were just regular guild members following this operation.

He was very surprised that he had that many skills.

‘One, one, at least a Class B Hunter… No, it doesn’t just look like an ordinary B-class thing.’

Top-level among class B hunters.

Or, I’m not sure, but they haven’t shown all their strength yet, and I even felt that the real thing would be stronger.

“Cough… damn…….”

“Stay calm. If you move a little, I’ll cut your throat.”

In the meantime, the guild they took over has been completely cleaned up.

He captured the guild leader alive when he tried to run away and overpowered all the guild members who resisted.

Then, a hundred guild members approached the lease and said,

“There are still a few guilds left, but things seem to be almost over. It took less than two hours to launch the operation.”

“But you don’t have to let your guard down. The whole point of this operation wasn’t just to get rid of these guys anyway. Before Cheongseong intervenes, we should finish it and take control as soon as possible.”

“Yes, sir.”

When the lease ran out, the hunters began to move in unison again.

Now, the situation was already being sorted out so that he, a class-A hunter, did not have to step up.

But that didn’t mean to let your guard down.

The problem was that Cheongseong, one of the two major guilds, had back-to-back deals with the region’s dazed middle-aged guilders in the first place.

“Even if Cheongseong is unlikely to consider it before the full-scale war, there could be unexpected variables during the operation.’

Even if you had some sort of hidden relationship.

There was no justification because there was no official relationship at all, and from Cheongseong’s point of view, there was nothing wrong with abandoning it.

It was not a deep relationship in the first place, and it was an area that was insignificant to the giant guild around Cheongseong.

But that doesn’t mean that the guilds in their hands would like to be replaced by other guilds.

It was clear that Cheongseong would have a piece of bad luck if he did this.

Unless the conflict was completely over, there was a good chance that they would intervene along the way.

Therefore, it was necessary to complete the situation as soon as possible, take complete control of the place and get it.

But just as the guild members were trying to clean up everything and go outside.



The wall collapsed with heavy drinking.

A hundred swept guild members rolled around the floor, and a man emerged from the wreckage.

“Is there still a residual?”

The Man grumbled among the dirt.

But soon, his eyes opened wide at the sight of a man wearing a dark blue guild suit.

“Ha, you bastards. I was wondering what the fuss was about, and you were doing something funny.”

“What… why is Cheongseong’s top executive here…?”

Chun Tae-sung, the highest executive of Cheongseong and the highest-ranking Hunter of Class S.

“I haven’t heard anything about Egis or anything. I don’t know, but your guild leader Han Seung-hee wouldn’t know what’s happening in this area. And yet, if you’re trying to get in here, do you want to try?”

“Ke ke ke….”

The look on the lease was frowned upon.

He didn’t know there was a Class S hunter around here.

What I was worried about, no, the worst thing happened.

If Chun Tae-sung wanted to do so, he could annihilate the people here.

“If you’re not going to answer…….”


A keen sword flew to the feet of Chun Tae-sung and was stuck.

It was just before Chun Tae-sung, who picked up the sword in an instant, blew the leased man’s neck.

“You are…….”

“If you want to die, pull it out to the end.”

A sign that even Chun Tae-sung never noticed.

S-Rank Hunter, Izuna, appeared from behind him.

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