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Chapter 134

The fourth field of the underground dungeon, the Forest of Life.

It was a large area with dense forests to match its name.

And various monsters were lurking in it.


The roar of beast monsters in all directions among the dense trees.

Standing alone in front of him, Sung-Hyun turned the sword around and grabbed it.

A giant beast running out of the bushes opened his mouth wide toward him, and Sung-Hyun swung lightly and split his body in half.

It’s a big bang!

The skin of beasts was not usually tough, but it was meaningless in front of Sunghyun’s sword.

A dismembered body lay on the floor.

But more excited by the smell of his blood, the beast’s eyes were on him.

‘As expected, it’s getting more and more brutal.’

Three fields I’ve been through.

In addition to that, in the light of this field’s experience.

It seemed clear that the deeper you go, the higher the level of monsters that appear in the field.

Just looking at the beast monster level here, it was higher than the previous one.


The beasts are gathering fast.

Whether Sung-Hyun knew that it was not an ordinary bet, those who did not rush into it gathered enough numbers and then hit the ground.

The beasts surrounded him from all sides rushed toward him at the same time.

“But that’s the only way… It’s a regular monster.’


Sung-Hyun moved his body in an instant.

With the flash of a sword, the bodies of the monsters were cut off one by one.

No matter how hard the beasts struggled and tried to bite his neck, Sung-Hyun only lightly avoided them and knocked them down.

[The level has gone up!]

Sung-Hyun received eight times the original experience value whenever one monster was knocked down, so he accumulated a lot of experience.

Even a regular monster, they’ve got a lot of levels.

In addition, the population of monsters lurking in the forest was enormous.

Without having to go to him, just walking around, he endlessly flocked to Seonghyeon, a human being.

Thanks to this, Sung-Hyun was able to grow up quickly.


Sung-Hyun knocked down all the beasts who had gathered a lot.

He sighed for a moment and opened his window.

[Name – Lee Sung-hyun]

[Nickname – Reached]

[Level – 186]

[Job – Necromancer]

[Key Capabilities]

Strength: 340 Agility: 324 Fitness: 325 Mana: 408

[Holding Properties]

State Window (S), Shadow Monarch (S), White Night (S)

It’s worth the day I spent hunting.’

Sung-Hyun, who looked at the status window, nodded satisfactorily.

Unlike hunting outside, which was also stuffy, it allowed them to grow at an unparalleled pace.

It’s never easy to maintain current growth at the level of the S-Rank.

His level was already just around the corner at 200.

Besides, his mana stats are over 400.

If he were the one who only fights with his body, the mana stats would have been almost meaningless, whether high or low.

Now, the sword’s power has been corrected, rising together, and even the magical energy he uses has become limp.

There’s been a lot of field exploration.

While Sung-Hyun was away for a few days, development of the fourth field continued.

Although there were many places to develop because it was an area where many resources were buried.

In the meantime, thanks to the increased number of subordinates under Sung-Hyun, he were able to take over the forest of life and move on quickly.

Thanks to this, he already has more than 80% of the fourth field in his hands.

‘Since there was no field boss, it was easy to target without me.’

Unlike the grey land or blade canyon dominated by the Vampires and werewolves.

There were no Vampire people on the fourth field here.

But it wasn’t just that.

Unusually, there were no field boss-class monsters in this area at all.

When he first heard it, he was quite curious.

As I heard from Lokan, the field boss here has long been removed by the presence of the fifth field.

I knew that monsters sometimes work beyond their own fields.

The presence of other fields even kills the local field boss.

It was quite a novelty.

Anyway, thanks to that, the fourth field’s firm dominant position was vacant.

His men were able to take over quickly without any significant stumbling block.

To grow and explore, Sung-Hyun was also committed to reducing the monster population by hunting comfortably.

Soon after completing the pioneering of the fourth section, they would enter the Dark Forest, the fifth field that followed.

“Outside… you’re doing great by now.”

Sung-Hyun’s eyes turned up slightly.


A guild building was echoing with loud explosions.

The guild, who was suddenly attacked, hurriedly gathered guild members to respond.

But the chaotic situation didn’t go away quickly.

“What the hell is going on, man!”

“All of these raids are responsible for a hundred guilds!”

“What, what?”

It wasn’t even just one guild that was attacked.

Guilds in nearby areas who had secret relationships with Cheongseong were under fire.

There was a sudden and massive attack by a 100 people guild.

“No way. Why all of a sudden?”

Recent events in southwestern Gyeonggi Province and the emergence of Aegis.

And of course, he heard that a 100 people were now under the Aegis Guild, and as it happened from a close distance, he was keeping an eye on them.

But he would never imagine they would do this.



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