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Chapter 133

To secure a new zone and establish a new head in the new area, another guild had to be fought, and there were more than one or two things to bear.

There will be virtually no guild leaving because of this.

Aegis guild can’t go against the words of the one controlling guild anyway.

Hunter’s world is where everything becomes calm in front of power.

Inside the Aegis Guild headquarters building.

For some reason, Han Seung-hee, the guild leader of 100 people, was sitting in front of the desk in the Oval Office, where she was assigned separately.

“I’m going in.”

Out of nowhere!

Sunghyun came into the office.

Han Seung-hee jumped to her feet, frightened by his appearance again.

“Well, here’s the paperwork that needs to be processed by today. There must have been a lot of things to coordinate with your guild.”

“Now, wait a minute!”


Between the papers already piled up on the desk.

A pile of new documents poured in.

Han Seung-hee, who was killed by the terrible sight, looked up at Sung-Hyun.

“I’m a hunter, too. Hunter………monster hunter, not stamp worker!”

“I can’t help it. You have to do your job and rest. It’s a busy time right now, so hang in there.”

“That’s all you’ve done!”

“Well, that’s right.”


Sunghyun put three more boxes of documents on her desk.

As the guild grows rapidly, we need to recruit more staff, reorganize the system of newly acquired zones, give instructions to the affiliated guild, etc.

There was a lot of work to be done.

“Why are you bringing me what the guild leader does? Is it normal to leave this to an enemy who surrendered in?”

“That’s because I trust him that much.”

Of course, the person I trust is not Han Seung-hee, but the magic engraved on her neck.

Izuna’s blood pledge to Han Seung-hee was so powerful that there was no worry about the secret leaking.

Blood magic is the magic of the past that even vampires have forgotten.

Humans who only encounter things from dungeons naturally had no basic knowledge of other elements beyond dimension.

In other words, there is virtually no chance of finding a way to solve blood magic in this world.

“…darn it.”

Han Seung-hee, who became teary-faced, sat down and quietly began to deal with the spilled things.

‘As expected, one job is fast.’’

Sung-Hyun was satisfied enough with her skillful work.

It was Han Seung-hee who led the large guild of 100 people in this brutal Hunter world.

No matter how fast the ability of the Izuna and other Vampire people to acquire new skills, the ability to manage a large guild could not learned in a day or two.

This means that Sung-Hyun is the talent that he needs.

At that time, Han Seung-hee opened his mouth to Sunghyun.

“I just wanted to ask you, all of Aegis’ guild members are your men, right?”


“I mean… the summoner.”

“You must have noticed. You’re quick to sense. That’s right.”

Sung-Hyun answered her question.

It was not something to keep a secret from Han Seung-hee, who came this deep into the guild anyway.

I was wondering where these high-ranking hunters came from. I saw the vampire and thought it was a rough guess, but I can’t believe it.’

Han Seung-hee shook her head as she recalled the fight against Izuna.

It was surprising that he brought Dungeon’s boss monster back to life as his own man.

It was hard to understand how monster bodies could act with that much intelligence.

He was like a human hunter on the outside.

This was simply impossible by nature.

But either way, it was certain that the man in front of him now had incredible abilities.

If he had this power, he could not have recklessly lost his integrity and pretensions in the past.

Even if it was too early to face it right away, he could seriously aim for one of the nine guild positions.

“I’m gonna have to go out.”

Meanwhile, Sung-Hyun, who checked the time, turned his back.

“I’ve handed over all the urgent work right now, so I won’t be stopping by for at least a couple of days. And I’m going to do another job.”

“If it’s work, it’s already piled up.”

“No, not you. I need to move a hundred guild members.”

“Our guild members?”

Han Seung-hee, who was buried in a pile of documents, raised her head.

There was no reason why Sung-Hyun, the guild’s head, could not move because the hundred were obviously subordinate guilds under Aegis.

But it was necessary to know what was trying to get them moving.

“It’s not a difficult task. There are a few guilds up your block to fix.”

“What? Up in the area…….”

North of the Hundred Guild.

It was a disputed area with many mid-sized guilds, large and small, without a solid large guild.

But only on the surface.

In fact, Cheongseong’s breath was like a strong front yard.

By the end of the ninth guild, he had a strong influence outside his area, which led to a secret relationship with the local guilds.

“I’ll give you several guild members, so push away all guilds that have some relationship with Cheongseong. The area secured is managed by a hundred guilds.”

“I can’t believe I’m trying to expand further up here. Are you going to face Cheongseong at all?”

Surprised, Han Seung-hee asked.

Aegis ate most of the southwestern part of Gyeonggi Province, and if you eat up to the upper part of the area, you will face Cheongseong within a stone’s throw if you really fall.

He must have been in a position of being chased by Cheongseong.

Therefore, I wondered if I should be reluctant to get closer to Cheongseong.

However, Sung-Hyun only answered as if it was natural.

“In the beginning, this guild was created to destroy Cheongseong. So… this is the real beginning.”

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