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Chapter 132

Biryu, 100 people, and Five Star Guild.

The three guilds had a strong presence over a large area.

But in just a few days, all the three big guilds were destroyed.

The 100 people guild leader surrendered to the enemy, and the other two guild leaders lost their heads.

It was a big event that shocked the public because they were all S-class hunters leading massive forces.

It’s not like one of the three guilds who have been fiercely competing has won.

Nor was it the work of a giant guild that intervened from the outside.

One day, a new guild suddenly emerged as a local loser.

The Aegis Guild, which ate up the entire southwestern part of Gyeonggi Province, quickly emerged as a powerful force in the metropolitan area.

The 100 guilds were absorbed, and the Biryu and Five Star guild was made into affiliated guilds after only the surrendered officials were kept alive.

It wasn’t just him.

As much as Aegis absorbs each head.

Under the large guild, the affiliated guilds naturally came under the control of the Aegis guild.

“They’re all gathered here.”

“The world has changed overnight, so you should bow down.”

Hundreds of guild leaders from the southwestern part of the country gathered after being called by the Aegis Guild.

Whether it was Biryu or Five Star, there were many underlying guilds underneath it.

And the Aegis Guild also needed their presence to gain control of the area.

The guild members of the direct Aegis were only under his wing.

They alone were too much to digest the entire southwestern region, and they couldn’t avoid the vacuum.

That’s why Sung-Hyun also accepted them as his guild.

“There are some of them who were enemies until yesterday.”

“But I didn’t have a problem with Aegis, so I don’t have any complaints about this. It’s not like we’ve suffered any damage.”

Usually, when a dominating guild collapses, most of the underlying guilds are replaced and removed.

But things were different this time.

Only the membership changed, but it guaranteed the area of previous activities, and there was no significant change in the affiliated position with the guild.

Besides, this fight ended quickly because the guilds couldn’t even participate.

There was no hostility or resentment associated with the Aegis Guild.

Of course, some enemies were among the guilds under the umbrella who had fought because they belonged differently.

“Seo, Seo Pil-Joo, you……and you were here, too!”

“You fool, you fool around looking at the place.”

“Calm down. If you make a fuss at a place like this and get caught, you’re the only one who loses.”

“Oh, my God.”

The man barely backed away, angering at the voice around him dissuading him.

Understandably, the guild, which is directly up-and-down, needs to be aware of its affiliated guilds.

As it came to the Aegis Guild, which is the position of the “A,” it was impossible to run around recklessly.

Due to these differences, coordinating the issue was not enough to cause a problem at the guild level.

“You’re all here. As for detailed coordination, we will proceed individually in a moment. First, I’ll let you know about the information. It’s something you have to keep in mind from now on.”

But there’s only one thing.

As the dominating guilds in possession of the region changed, they had to accept new rules according to the changing world.

Even if it’s an unfavorable rule, that’s not welcome at all.

Guilders under the umbrella began to clamor, receiving information from employees.

“What… what does this mean?”

“Are you sure you want us to follow this?”

Policy for the management of awakening in the region.

It banned violence and absurdity against ordinary people and even imposed suitable punishment if they committed it.

Guild leaders have heard of the Aegis Guild’s journeys in their area.

I didn’t know that it would expand and apply to all the newly occupied areas.

Naturally, there was an intense backlash from the perspective of the underlying guild.

“This is ridiculous!”

“Do we have to just watch the people of the dead glower in front of us?”

“What did we do wrong to live by looking at the unconscious?”

Guild leaders’ voices rose little by little.

Some did not protest, but there were more dissatisfied people, and the atmosphere tilted to that side.

However, the fire ignited in earnest and just before the complaints erupted.

Just in time, Aegis executives appeared.

“What’s the fuss in the guild?”


The hot atmosphere froze at once.

The advent of two S-class hunters.

Among the three guild leaders, Han Seung-hee and Yoo Jung-soo were the ones who defeated Izuna and Lokan.

“Why are you in such a place…….’

You’re saying this is a Class S hunter?’

Under the pressure of the two hunters, the guild leaders were crushed.

Even if all the guild leaders rushed in here, they couldn’t beat it.

Two S-class hunters are not guild leaders, but they belong to one guild as executives.

It was well beyond the average level of a large guild.

Even a hundred guild leaders, Han Seung-hee, bowed under them, and only three of Aegis’ S-class Hunters, who are known to the public, are there are three.

It has now hit me that it is a stronger guild than the combination of Biryu, 100 people, and the Five Star Guild.

“Is there a problem?”


Lokan looked around and said, but the guild leaders quietly shut up and read the room.

He could not say anything in front of the executive even if he had complaints.

It’s a pretty sight to see.

Sung-Hyun, who was watching the scene mixed with ordinary employees, smirked.

Just as they’ve been pushing others down.

Sung-Hyun was also going to press it lightly with his strength.

In the first place, the only new rule was not to commit violence against citizens and not to use unfair power abuse.

I’m not trying to control it anymore.

If he couldn’t accept this, he could have left the area.

I’m sure you won’t even think about going out anyway.’

They will not be able to leave the foundations they have built so far.

A once-established guild can’t move entirely to another region.


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