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Superstar from age 0 chapter 46

“Oh, come on, come on! Quick!”

Choi Min-ji, who left the premiere hall, quickly turned on her cell phone.

She was regretting to have turned off her cellphone back then.

Some of the audience rubbed their arms as if they were getting goosebumps, and others looked impatient because their mouths were itching.

She had been using this cell phone for 5 years. Choi Min-ji vowed that after she get a bonus and she would definitely buy another one.

Bonus! Yes! There is a bonus!


The cell phone is finally on.

Choi Min-ji looked around and headed to the corner. She called a senior from the public relations team who she quickly got along with.

Choi Min-ji cursed at her senior, because he wasn’t picking it up.

“I’m in a hurry. Why? Why? He’s not picking up!”


“Senior! Why are you just picking up now!”

A PR team member, who answered Choi Min-ji’s call, took his cell phone off from his ear and looked at the screen.

“The youngest, Choi Min-ji. That’s right.”

“Senior! Are you listening?!”

He tilted his head to see if she was really his good junior who was screaming like this.

“Oh, I’m listening.”

The senior scratched his forehead.

Choi Min-ji’s voice may have leaked out of the cell phone, as the head of the PR team was pouting.

“Why is she so lively? But if she is not busy, tell her to come to work.”

“Should I?”

The senior laughed at the public relations team leader’s joke.

“Do you want to come to work after you’re done with your leave?”


“…. What?”

“I’m coming! Everyone, wait! Taxi!!!”

There was a silence on the public relations team.

Only Choi Min-ji’s voice rang out from the cellphone shouting “Taxi! Taxi!”

The head of the PR team asked quietly.

“Minji, are you really sick?”


The door to the public relations office has opened.

There was Choi Min-ji. She was in a hurry forgetting that she took off a leave and that she weren’t supposed to work right now.

The expressions of the PR team members changed strangely.

As soon as Choi Min-ji came in, she omitted her greetings and directly get to the main point.

“Is there anyone here who hates giving movie spoilers?”

“Then you can’t work for a film production company.”

Work was a spoiler. They would always hear it from the other staff and the themselves.

Everyone shook their heads. The head of the PR team asked.

“So what’s going on?”

Since then, the expressions of the PR team members have changed after hearing Choi Min-ji’s story.

The head of the public relations team, who had been listening without much thought, also opened her mouth to the unexpected story.

And soon after, an emergency meeting was held.


Park Sung-won visited the movie theater where Redborn 2 was released first. It was very noisy inside the movie theater.

No one hid their expectations for Redborn 2. They even avoided looking for the reviews of the premiere posted on the Internet.

Since Park Sung-won’s first movie was shown, there was no one to give spoilers.

They don’t want the spoilers to kill their excitement.

When time came, everyone got up from their seats and headed for the first hall. Park Sung-won followed suit.

After the advertisement, Marine’s signature appeared on the screen. And the OST for Redborn 2 came out.




The theater was lit up.

For these two hours the audience couldn’t take their eyes off.



Park Sung-won smiled and looked at the aisle as he tried to get up.

The audience in the front seat went out first, causing a noisy crowded place in front of the exit.

“Should I wait a little before I get out?”

It would be nice to sit back and listen to Redborn’s OST.

Park Sung-won looked around to see if there were people who thinks like him and there he saw people still sitting down.

They were listening to music and watching the ending credits.

The names that came out suddenly disappeared and the screen turned black. The Redborn OST also stopped.

“What is it? Was there an accident?”

“Shouldn’t we call the staff?”

The audience went uproar and the people ,who were going out stopped their actions.

It was then.


Boom boom!

Park Sung-won looked up towards the screen.

The screen was still black, however the music kept playing.

The viewers from the first row, who were leaving the hall listened to the music and came back inside wondering what was going on. Everyone looked puzzled.

Park Sung-won opened his mouth without realizing it.


Park Sung-won’s voice echoed loudly in the whole hall, where only Shadowman OST was flowing.

Everyone breathed in.

Light were suddenly lit up.

There was a teddy bear on a wooden table. And a man’s shadows near the table.


As if he heard the woman’s voice, the shadow moved.


After the Shadowman OST, the Redborn OST came out again.

The ending credits of Redborn 2, which had disappeared, also began to rise slowly.

The audience who were leaving the hall, the audience who were standing around to get ready to go out, and the audience who were listening to the original sound track. With their mouths open, they only saw the screen with white letters on it.

‘What? What was that? What did I just saw……?’


Starting with the exclamation that Park Sung-won uttered, the hall exploded to very loud noises.

Park Sung-won, who returned home, turned on the computer right away.

He doesn’t even know how he got home.

As he scrolled through the browser he saw a post on the site with Redborn spoiler.

He was wondering what they were talking about before watching Redborn 2.

[Review of Redborn 2 premiere]


-What? *Video*

-Oh, my God!

– I agree.


“Really crazy!”

Really, it was a very factual review.

[Title: (Spoiler) Redbone 2 last Video Spoiler

Written by: Marine Fan

Wow, Redborn 2 was fun, but the shock came from the last video.

I thought Shadowman 2 was gonna come out, but…….wow… I was very shocked…….

When I heard the music, I was so happy that Shadowman 2 was coming out.

Then I saw the teddy bear in the video,

Wow, I’ve already seen that from somewhere.

And the woman’s voice…. She said William.

I thought I heard it wrong and read the captions. And the caption really said [William?]

After I hear that, I came out from the movie theater in a daze and got sunlight. I think the people who watched the movie with me all came to their senses. I could hear many people gasping for air.

Seriously. Marine…….Take all my money!! Oh, my God. Such a very shocking trailer!]


-Can somebody tell me what had happened from William and Shadowman’s comic? I can’t predict the development!!

-It’s shocking. I thought it was just an extra character.

-Hero or Villain!

-Too young to be a villain.

-Isn’t William too young to be a hero, either?

-Shadowman comic was realeased 20 years ago. It wasn’t popular back then, so it is now out of print. I think it’s somewhere in the Marine comic Museum.

Park Sung-won, who was reading the post, also replied.

-Lee Seojun, will he be in the Marine series for this time as well?

– Will they change the actor in Shadowman 2?

-I am very curious, he was just an extra in Shadowman 1, but I think they would be casting a new actor because it is a very important role.


Park Sung-won scratched his head.

-Then they should have used an American actor from the beginning. Isn’t that racism?

– They are not racist, the Director makes a lot of anti-racism movies.

-Just looking at the shadows, I don’t think it’s going to be Lee Seojun.

-But if Lee Seojun plays William, wouldn’t the be amazing?

-I think they’re going to make Shadowman into a series, so William will then become a very essential role.

-Marine’s film will not only be released in the U.S., it will released all over the world, and just one name on the cast will be going to be huge. A guaranteed box office success, a guaranteed fame. I don’t think there is a Korean actor who has succeeded in Hollywood this much.

-But we are not sure if he will come out.

Right now, the public opinion has gone in a negative direction.

There are more and more posts from people who have watched the trailer video from Redborn 2.

In the U.S., Redborn 2’s trailer video was also a hot topic.

-It’s Seojun.

-No. They need to recruit a new actor. This is also good for him, he would still Garner attention.

And a week after Redborn 2 was released, it was posted on Marine’s website and SNS.

[Marin’s hero is everyone’s hero and there is no one to be excluded from ‘everyone’.]

-Of course!

-Everyone’s hero! That’s cool.

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Superstar From Age 0

Superstar From Age 0

Gong Salbuto Syuposeuta, Korean Idol
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2019 Native Language: Korean
He had lived a thousand lives… some were long and precious and some short-lived, forgotten in the back of his mind. This time, he was born as baby Lee Seojoon. Elves… fairies… slimes… gift box… devils… he’ll use the mystical abilities from his past lives to captivate and capture the hearts of the people and become an idol, a superstar. Using the memories of his life akin to a fairy tale, he’ll become an idol that will be remembered in the annals of history.


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