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A way to elegantly Tailor the Duke Chapter 1- The Duke’s Proposal (1)

TL: Elisha or Alicia? Which name is good for the FL? Because every chapters has about 5000 words, each chapters will have around 1000 words.

Elisha Rubitz was rarely in a good mood. Her violet eyes glistened as she looked at the women walking through the streets.

The women who came and went to the market were dressed in a bright spring light colored dress. Light yellow, pink, sky blue, green and white.

“Wow, they are so cool…….” Elisha uttered unconsciously.

Elisha continuously looked around until she entered the confectionary store.

Looking at the beautiful dresses around the streets, gave her a very ecstatic feeling.

Today, she was on her way to the new confectionery store in the central plaza due to an errand from Cornelia.

It was annoying to be a Lady in waiting for Cornelia, but it was best to have her run errands outdoors.

She was able to look around the streets as much as she wanted, and sometimes she had some change left for her, so she was busy in many ways.

Ring. When she entered the store, a clear bell rang.

The store had colorful cakes, cookies, and macaroons on display, and the ladies and little girls were choosing what to buy.

In a store full of sweet and bright colors, only Elisha was wearing a simple dress.

Originally white, the supposedly long dress was too short for her and her old shoes were clearly visible by others.

Although she wasn’t an eye-catching beauty, Elisha had a cute appearance.

The thick, pink hair curled down to her waist, and her skin was as white as flour.

Her innocent purple eyes, small nose, peachy cheeks and pink lips were her unique attractive points.

It was refreshing and fresh as if juice will be sqeezed out from her.

As she approached the shelves, some girls glanced at Elisha’s outfit and turned a blind eye.

Fortunately, Mrs. Rose, the owner of the bakery, didn’t discriminated Elisha’s dress.

Elisha bought the strawberry cake and chocolate cookies that Cornelia ordered and received the change.

Actually, she wanted to eat a cheese-flavored cookie, but she held back after swallowing the saliva from her mouth.

“Miss, you’re here again today. I an extra cookie to a regular customer, which one do you want to eat?” Mrs. Rose said to Elisha.

No wonder she was in such a good mood today!

Soon, Elisha picked up a cheese cookie as if she had been waiting for a bright light on her face. Mrs Rose said with a smile.

“Cheese cookies are the best. Come again.”

“Yes, thank you.”

Elisha munched on the cheese cookies as she kept her change deep inside her pocket.

The melted cheese cookie was too soft.

There was a feeling of happiness in her mouth.

“Oh, it’s look like I am going to faint from its delicious taste.”

It was a 20-minute walk from the central plaza to the Castle. From where Elisha lived, it was nearly an hour’s walk.

Her family had three wagons, but the only wagon allowed to her was a baggage wagon for servants.

Elisha decided that it was better to go around alone and she had no particular complaints about walking.

To be honest, she didn’t want to go back to the castle, so she walked around the streets more on purpose.

Walking around the streets, no one recognized Elisha as a noblewoman. Her shabby appearance was worse than that of a commoner.

“Are you running on an errand for the Red Castle again?”

“You’re right!”

Elisha turned her back leisurely, responding to Walter, who smiled at her and said hello.

She began to see the red roof of the Rubitz Castle.

Rubitz Castle was more often called the Red Castle.

Red hair is the symbol of the Rubitz Family bloodline.

Their hair has been red for generations.

It was mostly due to the mother’s hair that determined if they would inherit the red hair.

Elisha’s mother came outside the family and thus she could not inherit the family’s red hair.

If she had been red haired since birth, her status would be higher among the family.

Upon returning to the castle, Elisha went up to the third floor walking along the stairs from the hall.

It was not long before she reached Cornelia’s room.

Carefully knocking on the door, the butler John popped up instead of Cornelia.

“Oh, my! Miss Elisha. I should have gone instead of you, but you did a great job.”

“……Come to think of it, it was your work?”

Elisha forced a smile because she hated John. A person who would always go against her and could easily lie to others.

John pretended not to know and snuck into the room. A laughter came straight from inside, and somehow the door opened again. Unexpectedly, Cornelia took out a cookie and put it in the plate herself.

“Elisha, you’ve always been on errands, but you’ve never had cookies, have you? You should try this, right?”

As if Cornelia was treating her as a beggar, the cookie was covered with a handful of dust from where it came from.

‘What the hell was that? A dusty cookie?’

Elisha sighed as her temples throbbed.

Cornelia is two years older than Elisha, twenty, but she could only act no worse than a Four-Year-Old child.


‘Go to the opposite direction.’

Elisha whispered at the cookie plate Cornelia was holding.

This way Cornelia would never noticed the magic.

Before she knew it, Cornelia’s plate flipped upside down, and the cookie fell straight to the ground.

“Huh? What happened?”

Cornelia’s pet Francis ran over and devoured the shattered cookies.

“Francis, no! It’s dirty!”

Munch, Munch.

As she watched Cornelia forcefully open her dog’s mouth to spit out cookies, Elisha sneaked her mouth and laughed.

“Oh, poor Francis.”

Although Cornelia has a bad character, she felt a little sorry for Francis.

Francis, must have had a hard time meeting the wrong owner. But Francis’ fate was far more fortunate than Elisha’s.

Elisha’s eyes looked at Cornelia’s dress after gazing at the dog.

Cornelia was wearing a purple dress that didn’t match her colorful red hair.

The jewellery and silk dress were beautiful, but it didn’t look harmonious overall.

“Wow, Cornelia! From a distance, it looks like there’s a big fire. It’s all red.”

Cornelia, who picked up Francis, belatedly realuzed what she meant and said, blushing.

“What… what are you saying? Do you know how expensive this dress is? What do you know? These clothes are made by the chief designer herself! Elisha, why don’t you do something about your dirty dress?”


Cornelia shut the door after saying what she wanted to say. Elisha grumbled towards the closed door.

“Yes, yes. Oh, yes. My clothes aren’t dirty, they’re just old.”

Inside, there was a thumping sound of something was thrown at the door.

Her act was always the same, and now it’s just funny.

Alicia started going down the stairs through the hallway.

Her father, Count Leonard, accepted only his children with first wife, Countess Sophia.

She was like a daughter he didn’t have.

From the way she was treated, this was the only thing she could think of as a reason.

No matter how many children a family has, even the Earl’s children would be treated and with a guaranteed basic quality of life than her.

Here in the Rubitz Family, Elisha was nothing more than a maid.

Not only she did not received formal education, but she has not enjoyed a hundredth of what Cornelia usually enjoys.

Born from a mistress and not a red hair, to Count Rubitz, she was nothing more than a speck of dust.

Elisha returned to her room and put the change in a box.

This was the money she had save from wvery errand and it was now around 20,000 shillings, but she had to save more when she thought about getting out of this house in the future.

Elisha spread a paper on a small table and began sketching the dress she saw today.

Elisha was very interested in making clothes.

One day she wanted to be a great seamstress like her mother.

Elisha, who suddenly stopped sketching, looked down at her fingertips.

The thin yet skillful fingertips were cleanly treated, but her fingerprints were worn out due to a lot of sewing.

Now that she have mastered it, she could sew light fabrics with her eyes closed.

‘Elisha, the harder the hurdle gets. The same goes for your talent. You have to keep trying.’

Thanks to her mother’s teaching, Elisha never let go of her sewing for a day.

Due to this, her hands were dry and rough, but she was better than most adults even at a young age.

Cornelia’s sewing teacher, Meldre, was also astonished at Elisha’s skill.

What Elisha could make were very simple basic design, such as a shirt, handkerchief and skirt. There was still a lot of things she didn’t know.

Elisha’s eyes naturally looked at the closet.

When Elisha was seven years old, her mother handed her over an old sewing box and said:

‘Elisha, when you’re in trouble while making clothes to the points that you can’t solve it, open this. But don’t ever open this inside the count:s castle. Do you promise?’

‘Yes, Mom, I promise.’

‘That’s good. This sewing box is a treasure that our witch family has kept for generations. People should never know about this. That’s the way you can protect yourself.’

‘I’ll keep it a secret.’

When young Elisha nodded, her mother replied with a bright smile and hugged her gently.

Her Mom died of heart disease not long after that. Maybe that was her will? At that thought, Elisha was curious about the inside of the box, but she never dared to opened it.

The magical power inherited from her witch mother was also what she practice every day. Because it was the way to protect herself, like her mother said.

After finishing the sketch, Elisha put it in a drawer and stretched herself out of the chair.

“Ugh, I feel uncomfortable.”

Elisha’s room was small and shabby, but when she opened the window, she could see the outside view of the castle at a glance.

Elisha liked that very much. Aside from the great view, she was able to immediately observe the red haired entering and leaving the castle.

This was a strategic fortress for her and not a shabby room.


Elisha’s face turned gray as she opened the wooden windows as she looked towards the gate.

“……Oh, my, already?”

A middle-aged man with red hair returned to the castle after going out.

It was the Count Leonard.

Feeling a decrease in appetite, Elisha lay down covered in blankets.

Should she fall asleep like this?

Knock, knock, knock.

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The Way to Elegantly Tailor the Duke

The Way to Elegantly Tailor the Duke

An Elegant way to tailor the Duke, Tailoring the Duke elegantly
Score 5.4
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2018 Native Language: Korean
Due to her father’s command, Elisha, who was born with witch’s blood, will marry a scary duke on behalf of Cornelia?! She just wanted to make a dress… A handsome butler, John, appeared in front of Elisha who was in the disguise of her half-sister Cornelia. Elisha does not know that John is Duke Luzark. Two people who are deceiving and being deceived by each other, a heart-pounding smuggling drama! Are they getting married like this? A heart-thumping romance between the lively Elisha, who dreams of becoming the best seamstress, and the duke, who launches infinite affection!


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