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Rachel, the teacher in charge of the Swordsmanship department, frowned while looking at scene of students full of wounds again today.

Whether it was an outdoor class or an indoor class, she would always see students who are beaten up.

“If it was a commoner, I wouldn’t let it go.”’

The academy had its own power structure.

Except for the principal, who does not appear unless it is a big deal, the academy follows the order of the Vice Principal.

He enjoys everything he can enjoy while the principal was absent.

Teachers moved by the vice-principal’s words, and even the nobles’ children could not move carelessly without the permission of the Vice-Principal.

As the nobles entered the school, the Vice-Principal took half of the donations they paid.

A Sneaky Snake.

This was the nickname of the vice-principal among the teachers.

The Vice Principal seemed to have boiled dozens or hundreds of snakes.

He himself became a snake because he couldn’t boil himself and eat it.

He live by grilling teachers and aristocrats with money.

And those who could not be solved by money are just let go of.

Even the Vice Principal can’t touch students carelessly.

If something goes wrong and catches the Principal ‘s eye, the academy will be overturned within just a day.

Maybe the Vice-Principal would be demoted to a tea her or worse, fired.

Even though he knew that, the Vice Principal called in all the teachers and gave him one order.

Ignore everything that happened happen to Mahol.

It was a simple but scary command.

Something that can ruin a person’s life.

However, all teachers nodded that they would. He just told them to ignore them.

So far, she have watched all the tyranny of the Vice Principal.

The addition of one more student did not change anything.

It’s just that she felt a little guilty.

However, she was just doing what they were told to do, that she did not have to take responsibility.

There was no need to bother the plant and suffer damage.

“Poor guy.”

After that, Mahol and his younger brother’s accommodation were moved, and so-called bullies began to bully Mahol.

It was getting too much, but no one came forward.

She felt sorry for him. Every day will be like hell for him

“Pathetic guy.”

However, on the one hand, his appearance was pathetic.

Without proper rebellion, Mahol, who was just bullied, became pathetic.

If he had rebelled at least once, he wouldn’t have been bullied like that.

After a long time, there was a new student enrolled in the academy.

It is neither a commoner nor a child of a fallen Noble.

It was the son of the count. It was not just such a count, but the son of Count Millennium, who was considered a Master Wizard.

However, he was also a student with bad rumors.

An incompetent jerk.

He was notorious because of the rumor.

Rumors says that he will find trouble with other for no reason.

Because of that behavior, he was called an incompetent jerk.

When the Swordsmanship class gathered to measure their skills, Mahol was undoubtedly bullied by bullies.

And one of the bullies pointed him out as the opponent.


She didn’t want to see the weak who couldn’t swing the sword properly beaten.

However, it could not be prevented because there was an order from the vice-principal.

An unexpected event occurred when Mahol tried to come up to Duel Ring using a wooden sword as a support.

“I’ll replace you.”

The incompetent jerk came out.

He frowned as if he didn’t like this situation and took a wooden sword from Mahol.

“If the other person agrees…”

She was speechless while talking.

When the bully chose Mahol, she didn’t say anything, but now he needs permission.

Fortunately or unfortunately, the bullies provoked Raymond as if it would be difficult.

And the result was disastrous.

Both the nose and finger bones were broken.

That alone is a tremendous result, but Raymond did not stop and provoked the entire gang.

Even hearing it from the side flinching and provoking enough to shake their body.

The bullies fell for it, and he allowed it again this time.


“What? What?”

“It hurts!”

The bullies were beaten till they were devastated.

They fainted without properly wielding a wooden sword.

‘Maybe this is….’

The teacher felt her heart beat as Raymond played with the bullies alone.

The son of a count who even the vice-principal carelessly cannot treat carelessly.

A jerk who hates bullies.

Wouldn’t a storm come to the academy because of his appearance?


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Rumors of Raymond have been spread all around the academy.

An incompetent jerk.

A mean jerk who is strong against the weak and weak against the strong.

Mahol heard rumors about him, so he had no choice but to suspect Raymond’s help.

All he could think was about why such a jerk helped him or was he aiming for his younger brother.

However, there was no answer.

‘I’m not Raymond, and how can I know about what he is thinking?’

Mahol just hoped that what would happen next would not affect him.

It was already hard enough to go through what he is experiencing now.

“Hey, bugs. Did you like it? Were you happy that someone else helped you?”

“You must be happy. He’s taking your side.”

He had to go through a bigger ordeal because he received help once.

He wanted to fight back and rest comfortably over everything.

But he had to endure it because he had a younger brother who was his everything.

“Come to think of it, you have a younger brother, right?”

“It’s dirty, but I think it’s okay.”

Mahol mind went blank.

They put his younger brother in their mouths.

Those who had never cared about his younger brother, are now interested in him.

No. He shouldn’t let them pay attention to his younger brother.

That’s why he stuck to him and begged him not to touch his younger brother.

If his younger brother is bullied by them, he didn’t know what would he do.

“Huh? That guy.”

At their words, Mahol realized that Raymond had stepped inside the training ground.

“You are going to measure your skills.”

Fortunately, the teacher came even before anything happened.

The teacher was still watching even though he saw the tyranny of the bullies, but the bullies did not stop.

“Hey, bugs. Come up.”

One of them pointed to Mahol.

He was already expecting it.

Because they will always point at him everytime there was a sparring session.

Mahol grabbed a wooden sword and headed to Duel Ring using it as a cane.

“Let me.”

Someone grabbed him by the shoulder like that. He took away the wooden sword.


Mahol wanted to shout, “What the hell is wrong with you?”

With help, the bullies would bother him more, and even his younger brother would suffer.

He wanted to tell him that he didn’t need any help.

But he couldn’t do that.

The wooden sword held by the bully was scary.

He remembered being beaten up by bullies as an excuse.

On the one hand, he want to get help.

He knew he would be more bullied if he got help, but he wanted someone to help him.

“Hey, bugs, what are you doing?”

Even before his thoughts were over, a bully beckoned toward Mahol.

Mahol replied, “Be a chair.”

Crawled, and bent over.

Too heavy.

He felt suffocated

The bullies were giggling and laughing at what was so good.

But their laughter didn’t last long.


“What’s going on.”

Their shocking voices.

Above all, Raymond called all of them at the Duel Ring.

All of them headed to the Duel Ring and then Mahol was able to stretch his back.

He was shocked by what happened in the Duel Ring.

Raymond avoided the attacks with soft movements and overpowered the enemy.

He looked at the wooden sword of Raymond.

When the bullies fell one by one and even Jones collapsed, Mahol felt a strange sense of excitement swirling around him.

“Wow! Crazy!”

“What swordsmanship is that? So cool!”

Students around him shouted.

They shout wildly at appearance of Raymond’s swordsmanship.

In their cries, only Mahol saw the true side of Raymond’s swordsmanship.

“Swordsmanship only for killing.”

Swordsmanship made to eliminate unnecessary movements and kill enemies only with necessary movements.

He didn’t even see such swordsmanship from teachers.

A sword technique that is more practical and powerful than any other sword technique you have seen.

‘I want it.

I want to make it mine.

Wouldn’t I be able to fight against the bullies if I could perform that sword technique?’

But soon he shook his head to shake off his thoughts.

That swordsmanship is not just a technique that can be imitated just by looking at it.

This was a swordsmanship that can only be achieved after swing the sword after hundreds or tens of millions of times.

“It’s refreshing.”

But he felt good.

Seeing the bullies rolling on the ground, he felt like the lump blocking his heart was lifted.

Too cool.

“I’m going to finish my class.”

After all the classes, Mahol ran straight to his accomodation.

He want to tell his sister what he saw.

He can handle the sadness alone, but he wanted to enjoy the joy together.

[Note: the younger brother of Mahol is actually a girl. Mahol just wanted to hide his younger sibling gender. So I will now use female pronouns to refer to the younger sister. Also, Raymond never knew about the gender.]


“…Brother.. I’m here…”

A person who was lying in a clean bed in a garbage dump-like accommodation, greeted Mahol.

He ran to his younger sister who was trying to get up somehow and slowly raised his upper body.

“You look so happy.”

“Yeah. Do you know what happened today?”

Mahol told her what happened today.

When Raymond appeared and knocked down the bullies, the younger sister laughed together, and at the end, her face darkened.

When Mahol asked why, she was worried that he might be bullied more severely.

Mahol smiled at her.

He was worried too. But that was for the future. Now, he just want to enjoy the joy of the present.

“Hey, I’m hungry.

“Oh? Oh, yeah. Okay. We talked too much.”

Mahol told Laina and got up in a hurry and went outside.

He tried to head to the food storage that I had made to avoid the eyes of the bullies.


He went stiff.

Someone saw him, he looked back and there was Raymond waving at him.

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When I Opened My Eyes, I Realized That I Became a Genius With Sword Art

When I Opened My Eyes, I Realized That I Became a Genius With Sword Art

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