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Superstar From Age 0 Chapter 110

“Even in the opening, Seojun’s face doesn’t come out.”

“Are they going to add him once he appears in the drama?”

There was nothing different in the first episode. They already watched it all while filming, so everyone enjoyed the get-together without paying attention to it much. Writer So Eun-jin, however, wasn’t please with how the others are acting while watching the drama.

“Hey! This is our work, our great master piece. Let’s all watch it attentively.”

“Ahaha. Writer So, please understand. We’re watching it well!” Lee Ji-seok said while laughing.

The others were sober and watching the television while eating moderately.

“Honestly, on the first broadcast,we can’t really relax because we need to worry about the ratings. When did the first broadcast get-together be this comfortable?” Everyone nodded at the words of the art Director.

Like what he said, no one was worried about the ratings. Even if the ratings was not good now now, it was clear that it would soar once Lee Seojun appears.

“It’s all thanks to Seojun!”

“Right! Seojun, drink more…No! Eat more.”

Seojun, wasn’t bothered by it. Rather his eyes were on television. Everyone was amused by his deep concentration.

“Didn’t you already watch it in set so far? You should have also read the script…….”

“This and that are different In addition, Prince Seongnyeong didn’t come out until the fourth episode, so Seojun didn’t really get to see the filming much. He had only watch the large-scale filming such as the coronation ceremony and the funerals.”

“Aha.” Everyone nodded at Lee Ji-seok’s explanation.

An Daho, who was at the manager’s table, had to stop drinking because he would be the one driving. He suddenly looked at Seojun’s quiet side.

Everyone became silent in consideration of Seojun, who was focused on the drama. An Daho took out his earphones and cell phone from his bag, and then headed to Seojun.

“Seojun listen with this.”


Seojun wore the earphones given by An Daho and watched the large television of the store.

This was good idea, even if the timing of the sound and screen was not right, it wasn’t that uncomfortable. More so, the others could continue their chatters without taking notice of him.

An Daho moved Seojun on another table so he would not be disturb by the noisy people.

Only then did the staff became more comfortable and laughing without realizing it.

“Isn’t Seojun so cute?”

“Manager, can I take a picture of Seojun and post it on SNS?”

“It’s okay, I already posted that he is going to participate in the company dinner anyway.”

When he said that, everyone raised their cell phones and took a picture of Seojun.

The picture of Seojun was like a cat looking at a fishbowl, he was obsses at watching the drama.

Not long after his picture was posted on SNS.

[Seojun is so into the drama during a get-together]

#MyClinicEpisode1 #LeeSeoJun #MyClinicGetTogether

“Seojun must be watching My clinic at the company dinner.”


Seo Eun-hye showed Lee Min-joon a picture from her cell phone. Seojun’s profile while watching television was taken.

Even through the picture, he could see how focused he was on watching the drama.

“His eyes are sparkling.”


It wasn’t because it was being reflected by the light. Seojun would always be happy when he acted and when he watch his works. His black eyes would sparkled like starlight and his soft cheeks would turn red. He smiled happily as if he had everything in this world.

“When Seojun looks like that, I think he must be cheering for his own acting.”

“I was a little disappointed because I haven’t seen that face for the past year.”

“Yeah, me too.”

Seojun was not particularly sad or happy during the one-year break, but he still looked happiest when acting.

“Oh, let’s watch the drama too so we can talk about it with Seojun tomorrow.”

“It’s already been a long time.”

The couple sat on the sofa and turned on the television.

The first episode of My Clinic was the story of Heo Dae-gam’s grandson, Heo Yoo-seon.

Heo Yoo-seon’s childhood was introduced with his monologue.

Heo Yoo-seon, who was kicked out from Heo Dae-gam’s house, needed to learn medicine from the village councilor.

Heo Yoo-seon improved his skills by filling in his shortcomings by studying many books.

“I heard the princess died.”

“Right. All the doctors in the clinic will now be kicked out!”

The conversation ignited Heo Yoo-seon’s heart. If this was true, wouldn’t it be possible to get his revenge against Heo Dae-gam and his wife for killing his mother?

If he became trusted by the king, he could be released by his gloomy past and punish those who wronged him.

“I can poison the king’s medicine and later say it was done bu Heo Dae-gam.”

Heo Yoo-seon was betting his life on line just for revenge. And after so long he was now a doctor of the royal family.

The screen stopped and the OST of My clinic was played. Seojun listened to Seo-jin’s voice for a while and the took off his earphones.

It was very interesting. He enjoyed reading it on the script, but watching it in the television felt more vivid.

‘Ah. When will I come out? I miss watching myself so much!’

No wonder his heart was pounding. Producer Choi said Prince Seongnyeong will appear in the fifth episode.

The first and second episodes will air this week and the third and fourth episodes will air next week, so there are still two weeks left.

‘How can I wait? Somehow, I felt like I am feeling how the fans initially felt.’

Seojun sighed and put a smile on his face the he looked around the table where Lee Ji-seok was.

“Ji-Seok, your acting was amazing?”

“Seojun, shh!”


‘What is happening?’

After watching My clinic, he was so caught up that he couldn’t pay attention around him.

‘Why are they quiet?’

The people who were initially drinking and filling their stomachs with expensive beef were now all looking at one place.

“Yes. Yes.”

There was writer So Eun-jin holding her cell phone not long before My clinic was over. Seojun did not why so he also looked at writer So Eun-jin.

‘What is it?’


T/n: Korean expression for amazing.

Then he heard someone.

No matter how much he tried to understand the atmosphere, he still couldn’t get an answer.

“Writer So! How much is it?”

“21%! It’s 21%! The highest view rating is 22.3%!” Writer So Eun-jin, who was on the phone with Director Choi Min-sung at the broadcasting station, shouted.

She looked surprised even when she said it.


T/n: surprised exclamation in Korean.

Seojun’s eyes are now wide open as he noticed the reason just by looking at the adults jumping up and shouting hurrah. It was because of the ratings!

“Our Seojun is the best!”

“Ahahaha. 21% on the first episode at that. I didn’t expect that!”

Surrounded by laughter and cheers from all over the place, Seojun also enjoyed himself.

He also toasted with them with his own own juice.


Cheers erupted everywhere at the amazing record.

[Lee Seojun’s box office success again!] [21% on the first episode 1 of My Clinic!]

-21% from the first episode! Is this the power of actor Lee Seojun?

[Watch the 1st place in the ratings!]

[My Clinic Episode 1, Lee Seojun didn’t come out!]

-Omo! The ratings for the first episode are 21%? There are more people watching through replay. But it is 21%?!

-On Wednesday at 10pm, drama ratings is around 34% but 21%!? Kekeke

-If the first episode is like this, it’s going to be crazy with the episode where Lee Seojun will come out.

-But since Lee Seojun isn’t coming out yet, it’s going to decrease a bit from episode 2.

[My Clinic EP.02, Viewer rating goes up at 22%!]

[Lee Seojun didn’t come out again this time!]

[Prinve Chungnyeong enters! A face we already seen before. An actor since his childhood, Park Do-hoon!]

-I don’t know when Seojun will come out, so I will keep watching it!

-At first I went to watch it because of Seojun but now I am enjoying it! I can’t believe My Clinic got me so hook up!

-He just wanted to get revenge, but if the king really dies, it would be a big trouble!

-Why? Isn’t there a crown prince? Can’t the crown prince takethrone after that?

-Tye current crown prince now is Prince Yangnyeong. If Yangnyeong becomes king, he becomes Prince Chungnyeong. King Sejong will disappear from the story. This is beyond history distortion. It is history destruction.

-It’s Park Do-hoon. I really enjoyed watching his dramas.

-I’m not worried about the ratings of My clinic anymore. Oh, it’s not. There’s another one. That!


-But it’s cool that you understand it even if I didn’t say anything.

Last week, in the fourth episode of My Clinic, the trailer that everyone had been waiting for came out.

Heo Yoo-seon’s back lying down was reflected on the screen.

[Raise your head!]

The drum rang.

[Next Wednesday, episode 5, Prince Seongnyeong will appear!]

[Actor Lee Seojun enters the world of drama for the first time!]

[Not much time left!]

-How many times did you repeat “Raise your head?”

-This is the first time I hope Wednesday comes like I was hoping that it was Friday immediately.

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Superstar From Age 0

Superstar From Age 0

Gong Salbuto Syuposeuta, Korean Idol
Score 8.4
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2019 Native Language: Korean
He had lived a thousand lives… some were long and precious and some short-lived, forgotten in the back of his mind. This time, he was born as baby Lee Seojoon. Elves… fairies… slimes… gift box… devils… he’ll use the mystical abilities from his past lives to captivate and capture the hearts of the people and become an idol, a superstar. Using the memories of his life akin to a fairy tale, he’ll become an idol that will be remembered in the annals of history.


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Nice, seojun’s already conquered korea

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