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“Did the two of them came together?”

“Yes, it was a man and a woman. They came with their hands clasped together.”

Gordon looked at me and asked.

“I’m sure it’s the same case with you, right?”


The treatment that I and other Dreamwalkers receive in their respective countries is the same as the general public.

In the first place, there is no reason to doubt about them and that there was no problem with the documents presented.

The magic ID was not just a decoration.

However, it is clear that many high-ranking officials from every nation are frequently monitoring our movements, given that we are not entirely trusted.

And they would have probably known that I’m the one who used the Information Guild to slaughter the other attendants.

But no one seems to judge that it because they believe that it was really God’s command.

I think the appearance of the angel in front of Chloe played a big role.

“What would you do?”

Gordon, though not part of the aristocracy, knows roughly about the attendants as he is my teacher.

He doesn’t know that I’m from another world, but he knows that God blessed me.

That’s why I could explain my ridiculous growth.

“I’m going to ignore it for now. Just because we are in a similar situation, it doesn’t mean we would-be colleagues.”

I should cover my face with a veil when I go to the village from now on.

As a reply, Gordon shrugged and ordered May, the maid, to go out.

I will observe and watch them, but there is no reason to help them.

It’s not my job to help novice Dreamwalkers, shouldn’t they know how to take care of themselves?

It’s not like I’m living my life for them.

Then suddenly Gordon’s presence bothered me.

If they proceed with the same quest as mine, they would probably get an unexpected quest to get a teacher like mine.

Gordon isn’t supposed to make the same mistake.

Moreover, there is no way that I would put Gordon in danger when I am here.



“You can’t absolutely go into the woods, alone to find research materials like you did when you first met me.”

He looks at me with some bewildering face at my sudden request.

“You must think I’m stupid.”

“I think our relationship is made by God. But I don’t want people, who don’t know their position, to rob me of my teacher.”

With a smirk, Gordon shook his hand.

“I don’t even have time teaching you. Just going back and forth from Adrian City for business already took the majority of my time. If that really happens, God may have controlled my mind.”

Well, that’s also a possibility.

As I groaned briefly, Gordon frowned and responded, “Is that really going to happen?”

Perhaps I should wait and see by sticking with Gordon.

And I am wondering if Gordon doesn’t step up, will someone else appear and take them as their students?

‘What’s going on with the Chief Quest?’

This would be their first quest as soon as they entered the Karas village, but only 100 days have passed and there seemed to be no reason to turn over their part to the Lords.

Also, if they asked me to do it, I’ll do it for free.

I am curious about what kind of situation they would face, but anyway I will know it over time.

The next day.

After leaving the mansion to get some fresh air, I was confused seeing residents snooping around in front of the small Divine Hall in Karas village.

“What’s going on?”

The young man flinched at my question; he hesitated for a moment and soon bowed his head and greeted me.

Perhaps the reason he hesitated was that because I was wearing a veil under my eyes like a mask.

“Excuse me. Good morning, Jihoon.”

The villagers didn’t know that I am one of the owners of a business that sells luxury goods.

Even without that title, I am still a full-time Wizard of the 3rd Circle and an Aura User at the Beginner expert level.

In addition, I was friends with 3 important people, including Pierson, so everyone felt more pressure when talking with me.

“The strangers who came in the village yesterday are doing laundry and cleaning for the Divine Hall.”


Laundry and cleaning?

As I walked through the crowd, wondering what he meant, I saw a man doing laundry and a woman wiping the tables in the vacant lot next to the Divine Hall.

“Hello, Jihoon.”

Then an old priest approached me with a smile plastered on his face.

“Jihoon, Jihoon.”

Every time the priest called my name, I raised my guards even more.

I want to change my name when talking to others, but in this world, the value of the name was so great that it was impossible to use an alias.

Moreover, when I try to say an alias, my real name would pop out from my mouth.

Maybe God put a constraint on not to use an alias.

“What are they doing?”

To my question, the Priest answered with a benevolent expression.

“They are doing small requests from our Divine Hall in exchange for some settlement funds.”

Oh, back on my second day, I got the settlement fund from the chief. If I went to the Divine Hall immediately, would I also be doing that?

“How much are the settlement funds given?”

“Five silver coins.”

It was the same as the chief quest.

Isn’t my quest from the chief easier?

“In the future, whenever new Dreamwalkers come, the Divine Hall will provide settlement funds.”

The Divine Hall seemed to know that the attendant would continue to appear, listening to what he just said.

Five silver coins were the monthly income of the commoner here on Mu continent, and it was not the amount one could earn by just cleaning and doing laundry for a day.

It was enough to be called a donation.

Looking at the faces of the new Dreamwalkers, the small woman looked very young. She seemed like a high school graduate, and the man possessed a similar physique and age to me.

Given that both people silently did the task they are ordered to do, they did not seem to regard this as something real.

Suddenly, the woman’s eyes turned towards me; I turned my head away from her gaze.

“Don’t you want to say hello?”

When asked by the Priest, I answered.

“I’m satisfied with my life right now. I don’t really want other people to get in my way.”

“I see.”

“And… I don’t want you to tell them about me.”

“Okay, I understand.”


104th day.

“The Lizardmen are inside the Cave, isn’t it?”

Asked Bart, who was walking beside me, but the Senior Mercenary, Jod, answered instead.

“Yeah, there’s a swamp inside, and their nest is there. Maybe they’re from the Canyon.”

The size of the Canyon could be seen on the map, and it was a dozen times much larger than the size of the Karas Village.

That’s one of the reasons why I decided to go to the Canyon with the mercenaries.

It was for a quest.

“What are the characteristics of a Lizardman?”

“Their strength and fighting skills are similar to orcs. But they possess thick scales; it’s their defensive mechanism. And if you fight without weapons, you’re likely to get hit by their tail. Also, you have to be careful with their sharp teeth. They have long and flexible necks, so they can bite off your back if you go near them.”

In short, doesn’t it mean that they have additional attack skills called tail and teeth and a defensive armor called scales?

That’s indeed very tricky.

“Don’t forget that the place we are fighting is a Swamp. You have to understand that the environment is in their favor.”

In addition to the topographical advantage, the difficulty of this target is different from that of an Orc.

[Quest Occurred]

Rating: Medium

Content: Purify the Swamp near the Village

Reward: 3 Intermediate Rewards Cards

Fortunately, there was no need to deal with more than 1,000 orcs like the last large village.

Lizardmen’s colony was small, like 200.

I think four senior mercenaries, including myself and 12 intermediate mercenaries, will be enough to handle it.

It is also safe because there are three knights that would always follow me, who are about high-ranking mercenaries in strength.

“Lizardman’s leather is rare. A monster alone could pay off our hard work.”

“That’s a relief.”

Nowadays, silver and gold coins cost from monster carcasses are rarely seen in my wallet. However, it was obviously a fortune for them.

“Why are you back at hunting?”

Bart smiled for no reason at me.

Strictly speaking, I can say that he is more skilled than the knights who were following me, but he was especially friendly to me.

While walking around the village with 16 shabby mercenaries and three knights, two people caught my eye.

Taeyoung and Sachiko.

These were the new Dreamwalkers who entered the village this time.

The two seemed to have something to say to me, but I glanced at them and glanced past them.

‘They’re trying to do a goblin hunt quest.’

They are lucky to come here at the same time, if they were alone it would be difficult.

If they’re careful, they’ll catch Goblin without a hitch.

“The new strangers.”

The presence of the Dreamwalkers is not widely known to the general public, but it is inevitable that it would be soon known.

I don’t know the details, but they’re in a similar situation to mine.

However, it was not to meddle with them even if we’re on the same boat.

But unlike me, the attitude of the villagers toward the two was not very pleasant.

‘Don’t try to get help and appeal first that they’re useful.’

Frankly, there was no reason not to help.

I’m quite relaxed and in my view, a little help of mine will be a big help to them.

However, no matter how trivial it is, I would never give it away for no reason.

What if I get hit in the back of my head?

‘For investment, it must be worth it.’



The hunt for the Lizardmen was easier than expected.

In the first place, I secured a battle space by solidifying a large part of the swamp, so I was able to continue the fight leisurely.

Obviously a Lizardman is a powerful monster, but they weren’t a great threat.

Thanks to this, we lightly exceeded our daily target of 100, and the hunted Lizadmen were put inside the Limited Subspace Bracelet purchased directly from the Magic Tower.

“I wish every day was like this.”


“If Jihoon forms a mercenary team, I will join!”

Thanks to the map function, we didn’t have to worry about surprise attack.

Slaughter skill can divide the body easily.

Move to subspace without a cart.

Not only we stayed in perfect condition even after the fight, but we also had a perfect backup with heals and shields still unused.

Moreover, since the gain are big, it was natural that the mercenaries are anxious to organize a party with me.

So everyone rubbed their hands hard to please me.

Although I responded formally to lip service, I still did not gave in.

We decided to continue hunting tomorrow, so today we cane back in town.

“Oh, my God!”

“What happened?”

Watching the villagers gather at the west gate and buzz around, I was curious and so I went through the crowd.


What caught my eye was the man and woman lying on the floor.

A man of similar build to me seemed unconscious due to heavy blood loss, and the woman of small build was convulsing with one arm missing.

‘How did they go hunting Goblin and get beaten like this?’

Judging from his missing arm, it was likely that that she was beaten by Orc, not Goblin.

However, it was hard to understand how this happened when they obviously have a map function.

“What about you, my lord?”

“Here he comes!”

From a distance, I saw the Priest from the Divine Hall.

And the Priest used holy magic against two people in need.


I know the heals of the Divine Hall are more efficient than the wizard’s heals, but I still thought they wouldn’t cure the missing limbs, but surprisingly, the arms that fell off began to grow little by little.

At such a miracle, the villagers prayed and went wild.

This is not a heal, but a resuscitation.

I think it’s God’s work, considering that the Priest himself is surprised.

Doesn’t that mean we can recover from any injuries if we end up in town without dying?

I heard that there would be a new healing mechanism, but I didn’t know it was at this level.

This was an unexpected high-level information.


The two then came to their senses and stared blankly into space, then burst into tears.

Shaking my head, I quickly got out of my position.

The two were unable to leave the village until five days later after the battle, it seems like they met the time limit.

On the other hand, I was able to complete the Lizardmen quest in time, and I greeted the Earth’s morning refreshingly as always.

“Fine dust.”


Fiddling with my smartphone, I soon face an unexpected situation.

[Strange dreams and got a reward card in real life!]

[I traveled to the fantasy world in my dream, and my brother had the same dream. The name of the world is Mu Continent!]

[Who else is in the same situation as me? Let’s share some information!]

Even when 300 people traveled to the Mu continent during the last test period, there were people such as Park Sung, who was doing private broadcasts, in their own country.

But this time, 1,000 people were added.

So what’s going to happen?

The answer is.

The rate of appearance of Dreamwalkers increased by 3.3 times.

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Transmigration In every dream

Transmigration In every dream

Score 7.4
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2018 Native Language: Korean
In real life, Cho Jihoon was fired after being framed. The downhill road he faced for the first time in his life, which was far from the word hump, was harsh and he couldn’t get out of it. When he realizes that life is not something he can do with his own efforts and abilities. A quest occurred in Jihoon’s dream. If he finished a quest in a dream, he can get a reward in reality.


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No more chapters ahead… surprising how this novel translations has little to no support with it’s good content and translation…


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the space boy
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thank you for the translation, i hope you will continue

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