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Superstar from age 0 chapter 143

“Like this, right?”

It was a posture that the two knew very well. The same awkward posture as if it was the first time a person held the violin. Seojun’s perfect posture changed to a beginner’s posture to the extent that he really looked like a beginner.

Seojun moved the bow. The two strings were pressed by a bow, and a squeaky sound came. At the same time, the performance continued.

Vivaldi’s Four Seasons, Spring (Primavera), First Movement.

Seojun’s violin sounded disastrous. Everyone in the practice room looked at Seojun with a shocked look.

“Is the previous performance and this performance really from the same person?”

No one would believe it.

“…Will you play like what you did earlier again?”

At Sarah Lot’s words, Seojun straightened up. His performance, from a beginner, was changed back to the heavenly performance he did initially. Benjamin Morton is speechless. Jason Moore also swallowed his saliva.

Catherine and Paul looked at Seojun with amused eyes. It was even more amazing for Catherine, who practiced posture only from beginning to end.

“Jun. What about an Intermediate Violinist?”

Seojun nodded at the words of Sarah Lot, who was filming Seojun with a camera.

“You can do it.”

His posture has changed again.


Professor Benjamin eventually exclaimed. He was familiar with his current posture of Seojun. It was the same with the students he is teaching in the college right now.

When he played, the sound was good, but mistakes could be heard from time to time.

From mistakes that only Benjamin Morton and Jason Moore would notice to mistakes that even Director Sarah Lot and children could see.

“Yeah. Jun. Back to what you did initially.”

Once again, he returned to the first posture he did. If Benjamin Morton didn’t hear it wrong, this would have been a perfect performance. That means…

“Did you just make a mistake?”

Skills could be improved. From many mistakes to fewer mistakes. However, for a professional violinist, it was difficult to act like a beginner.

Everyone was shocked by the frightening change of Seojun.

“This is Seojun Lee…”

Catherine, Paul, and Sarah Lot were speechless. In fact, Seojun’s acting was more shocking, than his, performing Vivaldi’s Four Seasons near perfect.

Benjamin Morton, who was lost in thought for a while, spoke.

He couldn’t just keep listening to Seojun’s performance. Benjamin Morton had two children to teach.

“Next is Catherine.”

Catherine was surprised by Professor Benjamin’s call. Does he want to see her act after having someone more skilled than her perform first?

Catherine’s eyes were wavering.

“It’s okay. Just do what you’ve been practicing comfortably.”

“Ha, but…ahh”

Eventually, Catherine couldn’t hold the violin. Neither Benjamin Morton nor Sarah Lot blamed Catherine. The two also didn’t predict Seojun would act this well, so it was understandable that Catherine was burdened.

“You still have time to practice until the shoot. Cheer up, Catherine.”


Catherine nodded at Sarah Lot’s words.

* * *

In the car back home, Professor Benjamin asked Jason.

“Isn’t he amazing?”

“……Playing according to the score, I learned it in less than a year.”

Professor Benjamin smiled and looked at his student, who was still unhappy because he disturb him during his preparation for his first concerto.

“Not how he played the violin, but his acting.”


Jason didn’t come. Professor Benjamin recalled what happened back in the practice room.

Seojun’s acting, who was changing the direction of director Sarah Lot. Professor Benjamin could feel goosebumps in his arm.

“He is really a genius. Was his name Seojun Lee? When I get home, I should for his work. Do you want to watch it with me? It’d be nice to bond as teacher and student.”


Even if Jason Moore was busy preparing for his first Concerto, he still couldn’t refuse his teacher’s request. Eventually, he watch a hero movie that didn’t suit his taste and even ate dinner more than usual.

* * *
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Next day.

Director Sarah Lot and Professor Benjamin arrived at the practice room early.

“If he can play the whole Vivaldi’s Four Seasons, you can use what Jun plays as it is.”

“Should I?”

Sarah Lot was tempted by what the professor suggested, however, she was still worried.

“But as you said, he is still making mistakes. I hope it’s a performance that can reveal how genius Gray is.”

“He could learn it.”

Professor Benjamin recalled the movie he watched yesterday. Jason searched for Seojun’s work on Plus+ and he connected it to the television.

They didn’t watch the children’s play, with only his voice acting, and Shadowman 1, where his appearance was short. They chose to watch Shadowman 2.

Seojun’s acting was really great.

“If he can play like that, he will be able to do it quickly.”

“Do you really mean it? Then let’s ask Jun.”

Director Sarah Lot asked Seojun, who just arrived. Seojun opened his eyes wide to unexpected good news, smiled, and then nodded. It would have been a lie if he said he didn’t expect it.

“Good! I want to play it!”

“Then, wanna practice harder for these 2 weeks?”


Their second meeting was to listen to Catherine’s and Seojun’s performances of other songs.

Catherine, who had been working hard practicing at home after yesterday’s practice, was glad that Professor Benjamin and Director Sarah Lot were satisfied.

“I see some parts that need to be fixed, but you’ll be able to fix those in these two weeks later.”

“That’s a relief.”

Next was Seojun’s turn. Everyone looked at Seojun with high expectations.

As they expected, Seojun showed a wonderful performance faithfully. Professor Benjamin and Jason nodded as they listened to Seojun’s performance.

“Have you practiced the last song?”

“Over the rainbow?”

Jason Moore and Sarah Lot glinted at Seojun’s words.

Over the Rainbow.

Composed by Professor Benjamin Morton, it was the last song to be performed by Seojun on his next film.

“Can you do it?”


Seojun put the violin on his shoulder and rested his chin.

Seojun thought, ‘Should I play following the score as I had done so far or perform the performance I will show during the shooting?’

Seojun, who had been agonizing for a while, soon made his decision by looking at the eyes of the people full of expectations and then activated his ability.

[Goblin violinist’s melody will be activated]

[Goblin violinist’s melody, low level]

The ability he chose was from the Goblin violinist.

Back then he learned how to play the violin alone.

Raw emotions will flow through the melody.

With this ability, some of the emotions the performer feels will be sent to the listener.

The world’s only Goblin violinist.

He fell in love with the violin that a human gave him after he was kicked out of the group. Nevertheless, he did not let go of the violin.

The Goblin could make a great performance with his genius talent and effort, which he didn’t even know he had.

He conveyed his feelings through music and impressed his enemies.

‘Of course, it’s raw because it’s a monster’s performance.’

Rough and violent. This is how he will play as “Gray.” Seojun’s bow slipped along the string. Violent tones filled the practice room.

* * *

Seojun played the violin. He played the song in a sloppy position. No one in the practice room was deceived by his appearance because beautiful music was coming out.

“I can’t beat him.”

“Did you think you could actually win?”

Paul asked at Catherine’s words, who was taking a break from practice.

Paul Oden participated in the lesson even though he had no violin practice.

Director Sarah Lot was busy preparing for the shooting, so she took turns stopping by with Emily. This was because coming here to give advice would be helpful to the children. They also enjoyed seeing Seojun’s acting.

“That’s what I’m saying. I feel like a fool that can’t act because I’m getting discouraged by his acting.”

“That’s true. It’s hard to learn in the future if you’re overwhelmed by that acting and can’t act well. However, there must be actors out there that are better than him….”

“Hmm. Will there be?”

“Isn’t there at least one person?”

Paul shrugged at Catherine’s words.

“Lower, lower!”

While Seojun’s performance was ongoing Jason Moore’s voice was heard.

Even if Jason Moore was busy preparing for his first solo concert, he often stopped by the practice room to advise on Seojun’s performance after listening to min perform Over the Rainbow.

“Use your fingers more. Press hard.”

Benjamin Morton, who tried to ease the burden of the first concerto of his student by urging him to come here, smiled.

He wanted his student to relax a bit, but he fell in love with Seojun’s performance.

Although it was different from the intended direction, he was satisfied with the appearance of his student whose anxiety had subsided.

Seojun’s performance changed according to the two’s teachings.

Seojun’s skills improved day by day thanks to the two teachers, who forgot that they were preparing for filming. They fell in love with teaching outstanding violinists.

“There’s definitely a difference between a professor’s teaching and a tutor.”

If Jung Yi-seul’s teaching was faithful to the score and textbook posture due to Seojun’s request, Professor Benjamin induced a freer attitude.

In addition, he was interested to see how his Goblin Violinist’s ability would develop.

‘The sharp tone is disappearing while conveying the emotions as they were.’

Seojun was excited and continued to play.

Catherine and Paul looked at those three people.

“It feels like we are not practicing for a movie, but for a recital.”

“Jun will probably do the best song in the world.”

“I know. Oh, today’s lesson is over, and the shooting begins the day after tomorrow.”

“Uh. I’m nervous. How is Jun at the set?”

They were looking forward to it. The actors whom Seojun acted with said he shined the most there.

“I don’t know, but he won’t be worse than now.”

In the practice room, Over the Rainbow overflowed.

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Superstar From Age 0

Superstar From Age 0

Gong Salbuto Syuposeuta, Korean Idol
Score 8.4
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2019 Native Language: Korean
He had lived a thousand lives… some were long and precious and some short-lived, forgotten in the back of his mind. This time, he was born as baby Lee Seojoon. Elves… fairies… slimes… gift box… devils… he’ll use the mystical abilities from his past lives to captivate and capture the hearts of the people and become an idol, a superstar. Using the memories of his life akin to a fairy tale, he’ll become an idol that will be remembered in the annals of history.


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