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Chapter 3.1- Move (2)

He would be lying if he said he wasn’t scared at the current situation. Knowing that there was human presence, he actually felt relieved.

Kangmin ran straight towards the place where he heard the sound, but he stopped shortly after.


Kangmin looked around and only then he realized that this wasn’t the large road anymore but two lane road of cars.

Cars that would normally drive around in this busy road are parked. They were even damaged cars.

“Was there an earthquake?”’

There were ten cars collided to each other. Some vehicles even entered the pedestrian lane and crashed into the fast food restaurants.

“Oh, my. Did a war occured when I was sleeping?”

Kangmin never thought that as soon as he woke up, he would find himself in a war-like situation.

He turned on his cell phone, but there was no signal. The only thing that worked were those offline applications that he installed before.

Kangmin looked forward.

“Wouldn’t that person know the reason why everything became like this?”

Kangmin hurried his steps towards the location where the person should be.Then, he stopped again about 5 meters away. His instincts was telling him that something was out of the ordinary.

“What’s wrong with that person?”

As Kangmin approached him, the other party should have heard him. However, the person seemed to haven’t noticed him. He has moving little by little with weird movements.

He stumbled and moved forward. At first glance, he looked like a drunk person, but he was strangely different from that.

Kangmin looked around and picked up an iron pipe on the road.

“Let’s be careful just in case.”

Kangmin carefully approached the person, hiding the iron pipe behind him.


As he got closer, he could see the person more accurately.

The person in front of him was wearing a suit, but it there were many scratches. In addition, there was blood all over his body.

“Is he homeless? No. Homeless people aren’t this miserable.”

He had a bad feeling. He even thought about going back to his house and hide there.

‘No, I don’t know when I’ll meet another person again if it’s not him now.’

As he hold the iron pipe hidden behind his back tightly with his right hand, Kangmin carefully spoke.

“Excuse me.”

The person in front of Kangmin stopped. But he didn’t look back at him.

Kangmin spoke a little louder, wondering if he didn’t hear it.

“I… Can I ask you something?”

It was only then that the person in front began to move, perhaps because he heard Kangmin’s loud voice. The man slowly turned around awkwardly.

‘What is this?’

Kangmin’s eyes got bigger as if they were about to pop out.

The first thing that caught his eye was the man’s face. The man had the skin around his mouth and his cheek all torn apart. He could even see all his bones inside.

As he took a step back, he noticed  something dangling below of the man. As he looked down, he saw his stomach completely empty with his intestine completely out. His body was rotten with flies flying around him, only now did Kangmin smell a stench from him.

“What? What?”

Surprised Kangmin stepped back one more step. Then the man approached him with strength, unlike before. And…


He shouted with his teeth wide open, stretching his arm to catch Kangmin.

Kangmin’s hair in his whole body stood up with fear.

“Oh, my!”

Kangmin hit the person in front with the iron pipe. He used all his strength with the survival in mind.


The head of the person in front was smashed. He stopped for a moment, but even if his eyes are already pop out, he continued to chase Kangmin.

Kangmin stepped back. However, there was a bus behind him, so he couldn’t step back any more.

“Is he really a person?”’

It couldn’t have been a person. His face was torn, empty stomach and rotten stench. He should’ve have been a dead person already.


This didn’t make sense at all, but this was the only explanation Kangmin could think of.

“Oh my god!”

Before he knew it, the zombie came running and attacked him. Kangmin did not hesitate to hit him with the iron pipe again.

– Bam!

The head was smashed even more. However, that didn’t stop the zombie at all.

When the zombie opened his mouth, Kangmin stab the iron pipe into the zombie’s mouth.


Kangmin screamed and pushed the iron pipe deep inside the throat of the zombie. The zombie couldn’t beat Kang Min’s strength and was pushed back.


Kangmin pushed the zombie till his leaned against the SUV. The iron pipe pierced the zombie’s neck and it even broke the glass window of the SUV.


Kangmin catch up his breath and quickly stepped back.

The zombie tried to reached out to Kangmin for a last time before all it’s movements stopped.

“Gasp, gasp… Is he dead?”

He wanted to check, but Kangmin didn’t dare and only observed it from a distance, fearing it might come at him again.

“It’s probably dead, right?”

The zombie didn’t move. Instead, smoke came out of the zombie’s body and was sucked into Kangmin’s left arm.


The tattoo engraved on the left hand shone and Kangmin could feel pain through his whole body. He felt like his bones were breaking.

After a while, the pain subsided. However, a blue window appeared in front of him with a message.


You killed a zombie for the first time.

You got 1 point.

You have achieved the qualifications for awakening. Awaken.>

Kangmin’s whole body shone. No one else would see it, because it was only visible to Kangmin.

“What? Qualifications? Awakening?”

Kangmin felt like he was going crazy.

When the pain disappeared, words such as zombies, message windows, qualifications, and awakening was continuously lingering on his mind.

‘Am I still dreaming?’

This would be a terrible nightmare if it was a dream. He really wanted to wake up from his dream quickly.


Kangmin slapped himself on the cheek. It hurt to the point he wanted to tear.

“Oh, my. Is this reality? I woke up and it suddenly became a world with zombies? Is this an American movie?”

This was the worst if it was really like a zombie movie. He really wanted to cry not knowing how he would live in the future.

At that time, a new message appeared again as if someone had read Kangmin’s heart.

<There is a message that the awakener has not yet read. Do you want to read it?


His mind was still processing all of this happening and it took some time to notice the window.

When Kangmin pressed the YES button, messages appeared.

<First message.>

– We’re going to start moving to a parallel world.

<Second message.>

– We have completed the move to the ‘parallel’ world.

– You can go back to your “original world” in seven days.

– It’s the first parallel world travel. You will be going back within 7 hours because of shock. From then on, the 7 days will be applied normally.

<3rd message>

– You have obtained the Language (S) skill as your first awakening reward.

<4th message>

– You can now use the status window.

When Kangmin saw all the messages, he stood blankly with his mouth wide open.

* * *

It was about 20 minutes after Kangmin came to his senses.

Kangmin opened his hand. He didn’t know noticed it when he killed the zombie, but his skin was a little peeled off.

That’s how much he was holding on the Iron Pipe.

“It hurts.”

A drop of blood from the peeled skin fell into the ground.

As expected, this wasn’t a dream.

“I wish it was a dream.”’

Kangmin looked at the back of his left hand. There was a red tattoo in a shape of a red flower.

“What happened to me? I just fell asleep wearing the ring.”

Looking at the his hand, the tattoo began on his middle finger. It was the place where he put the ring on.

“Is it because of that ring?”

Kangmin’s head recalled the history of the ring that his father told him.

“Really? Was this really a ring that God gave you?”

The truth was unknown, but he strongly believed that this phenomenon was related to the ring.

‘Let’s think slowly and calmly. They say that even if you go into the tiger cave, you will live if you are clever. If you solve it one by one, there will be a way. Should I see the status window first, right?’

Kangmin said, “Status Window.” Then a blue window appeared in front of him again.

<Status window>

Name: Choi Kangmin.

Skill (1/3).

– Language (S) (LV.1)

Unique Skill:

– Parallel World Movement (SSS) (LV.1)

– Weight limit: 10kg.

– Cool Time: 5 hours and 48 minutes (temporary)

Points in possession: 1.

The status window was simple. Only his name and skill appeared.

Anyone who has played games could recognize it right away.

However, there was a tab of ‘More information’ below it. It seemed that he would be able to read more information.

Kangmin took a closer look at what appeared in the status window. Like a game, when he pressed the message for a few seconds, a more detailed explanation window appeared.

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