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Superstar From Age 0 Chapter 108

As the drama, My clinic, airing approached, KBC channel started promoting it. They promoted it harder than any other drama.

T/n: promoting harder means that in every ads break of the other drama currently airing, they didn’t forget to add the teaser/trailer of My Clinic. This cases usually happened to drama with 15% above rating nearing it’s end.

It was more rewarding than ever because the public’s response was hot as it was being promoted.

Park Seo-jin of Brown Black, who is active as a solo singer, sang the OST of My Clinic.

The sound of a heavy drum rang as the teaser for the drama started.

Like a book on the first page, an ancient writing of “My clinic” appeared on the screen.

When the page was turned, the next page scene started with Lee Ji-seok treating patient, the next with king Taejong, who pulled out a sword with a terrifying face. For the next scene there weren’t any pages turning sounds but only the melody of the OST rang while the characters line are given emphasis. All the important characters are highlighted in the teaser.

The teaser was now over. After announcing the broadcast date, the next advertisement came out.

– What about Prince Sungnyeong?

-Excuse me! I think you forgot someone!

-I was waiting for the Prince, but you can’t it him out like this?

-Why there’s no Lee Seojun in other promotional videos either!

* * *

“Daho. Today is the last day, right?”


At Seojun’s question, An Daho nodded. Today’s shoot was the last one before it would be aired in the TV. An Daho took out his cell phone and checked it again even though he already memorized Seojun’s schedule.

“We would have an interview on Monday and the drama will air at 10 p.m. on Wednesday and Thursday.”

“Finally, we’re on V LIVE!”

“I know. Everyone is crying and waiting.”


Seojun also read the post of his fans on fan cafe. There were many fans who cried, saying that they waited for two months from February to April because they promoted it already back then and but how come he did not appear in the promotional video. They can only be comforted after seeing some behind the scenes photos.

“Jong! The shooting will now begin!”


During the filming of the My Clinic, Seojun filmed with Prince Chungnyeong and Queen Taejong. As for the main character, Lee Ji-seok, was always with him in most of his scenes.

Kim Jong-ho, who is generous to those he likes, started calling Seojun “Jong,” the name of Prince Seongnyeong.

When Seojun realized that he was called with another name, he said to Kim Jong-ho.

“Don’t you think Jong sounds like a puppy’s name?”



“Then should I call you Jong-ah from now on?”

T/n: Suffix -ah added at the end of the name is like calling Seojun ‘Dear Seojun’.


Everyone burst into laughter at Seojun’s frightened appearance.

Park Do-hoon, who came to watch Seojun filming, also laughed together with the staff.

Director Choi Min-sung, who finished laughing his ass off, clapped his hand to attract all the attention. The laughter subsided at his voice.

“Everyone let’s get back to shooting and finished this scene before the airing. Let’s all work hard until the end, fighting!”

Applause erupted from all over the place. Seojun clapped his hands hard too.

“Let’s start filming!”

Everyone went back to their places at the voice of the Assistant director.

Seojun also headed to the filming site. The staff waiting in front of the filming site sprayed a little water on Seojun’s face.

“Spray it again when dries up.”

He headed inside with a small sprayer handed over by the staff. The filming location was the palace of Prince Seongnyeong.

Seojun lay on a soft bed, he covered himself with a warm blanket. The spray was hidden inside the blanket so it will not be caught on the screen. He also his a hand mirror given by An Daho, he will be using that to checked if there were any water droplets on his face.

“Are you ready?”



Seojun and Lee Ji-seok answered in unison. Choi Min-sung at the cameras and said.

“Ready, action!”

King Taejong and Queen Taejong stopped by Prince Seongnyeong’s place on the news that Prince Seongnyeong has a high fever. Doctor Heo Yoo-seon stood in the corner to avoid King Taejong and the Queen.

Prince Seongnyeong was lying on the bedside, he looked at the people who came inside and welcomed them.

King Taejong and the Queen quickly sat next to Prince Seongnyeong and became heartbroken at the sight of his forced smile.

“Prince Seongnyeong. Your mother is here.”

“Prince Seongnyeong. Did it hurt a lot?”

“It’s okay… I am okay.”

Feeling sorry for their youngest son, King Taejong and the Queen held Prince Seongnyeong’s hand without saying a word. His hands were hot and his face was red because of the fever.

Kim Jong-ho and Lee Ji-hye wondered if the hotness on Seojun’s hands were real. Was he forced to act even though he has a fever?

“Cut, OK!”

As soon as they heard the Director’s cut, Seojun’s face returned to normal.

Kim Jong-ho and Lee Ji-hye, who witnessed the change, were speechless.

The body temperature of the hand they were holding was surprisingly not hot anymore.

“Seojun, can you also control your body temperature?”

She may be silly asking such question, but Lee Ji-hye had no choice but to say so.

Seojun flinched at her question. How did she know?

[The core of red slime]

He was using the core of the red slime.

The core of the red slime, which uses fire as a means of attack, was hot.

While holding the core, it will create resistance to fire and naturally his body become very hot.

The temperature intensity can be adjusted.

The core of the red slime can also be used as a heating device.

Since it was from a lower class of species, it was not possible to emit flames out from his body, but it was possible to control his body temperature.

When asked by Lee Ji-hye, Seojun had no choice but to smile as if he didn’t know what she was saying.

That’s how the last shoot ended before the drama airs.

The actors of My clinic decided to have dinner together.

Kim Jong-ho called Park Do-hoon.

Park Do-hoon, who always carried the script when filming, came also to the restaurant today with the script in his bag.

Kim Jong-ho and Lee Ji-seok smiled happily at Park Do-hoon’s appearance. He was now quite relaxed.

“Hello, Do-Hoon!”

“Hi, Seojun. Did you finish your shootinh well?”

“Yes. How was your interview?”

Park Do-hoon sat next to Seojun. The pattern of the young lion shining on Park Do-hoon’s head stood out. It was a sign that Park Do-hoon belonged to Seojun’s group.

Seojun predicted that Park Do-hoon would regain some confidence and leave the group after filming all the episode of the My clinic. This seemed to be part of the young lion king’s instinct to know the right time for a member of the group to leave.

After a while, their foods came out.

Their managers settled all in a different table.

Lee Ji-seok was eating hot ramen and listened at the discussion of Ji-hye and Kim Jong-ho about Seojun’s body temperature.

“If he really can control his body temperature, he would be able to use it at his advantage to play tricks.”

Actors and managers burst into laughter. Seojun, who was diligently separating bones and flesh, shook his head.

“I don’t pretend to be sick.”

“At your age, I don’t want to go to school, so I’ll pretend to be sick once or twice.”

“Mom and dad will be surprised. I’ve never been to the hospital because I was never been sick.”

“… What?”

The actors and the managers who were eating samgyupsal in the back were surprised and all look at Seojun’s manager. An Daho nodded. Seojun parents has already informed him that Seojun has never been sick.

This was all possible thanks to his ability.

When he was a baby, he had never had a fever or a mild cold that anyone would have experienced at least once.

Due to the faster development of his motor skills, he did now fall while playing, so there wer no cut or wounds.

“I’ve done many medical checkup and vaccination to see if I am really okay but because I’m too healthy, I’ve never been sick.”


“Yes. So my mom and dad would be really surprised if I pretended to be sick.”

It will not end to just a simple panic. It wil become a real mess if Seojun, who had been very healthy so far, will suddenly become sick.

“So I can’t pretend to be sick. Since I don’t want my parents to become worried.”

“Wow. Seojun is such a good son.”

While eating samgyupsal, the four actors and Seojun talked.

Among the many stories, the most interesting topic for the five actors was obviously about acting.

“Immersed acting. Somehow, it was easy to get into character when they are acting with Seojun. If someone is so immersed in front of them, it would be easier to get into character.”

“Didn’t you feel the same way? That’s why I wanted to act more with Seojun. He really looked like a prince in My clinic.”

While filming with Seojun, Lee Ji-seok became more easily immersed in the acting of Heo Yoo-seon’s character. He would always try to act without forgetting the feeling after the scene but without Seojun it was more difficult to get in character.

When Kim Jong-ho and Lee Ji-hye shoot with Prince Seongnyeong today, they felt like Seojun was really their son.

Park Do-hoon was relying on him because of his ability, but deep inside he sees Seojun as a younger brother who he could depend on.

“Was it because of the method acting that it felt like his body temperature was high?”

At Lee Ji-hye’s words, everyone nodded, saying that could be the case.

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Superstar From Age 0

Superstar From Age 0

Gong Salbuto Syuposeuta, Korean Idol
Score 8.4
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2019 Native Language: Korean
He had lived a thousand lives… some were long and precious and some short-lived, forgotten in the back of his mind. This time, he was born as baby Lee Seojoon. Elves… fairies… slimes… gift box… devils… he’ll use the mystical abilities from his past lives to captivate and capture the hearts of the people and become an idol, a superstar. Using the memories of his life akin to a fairy tale, he’ll become an idol that will be remembered in the annals of history.


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