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Genius with a healing spirit shop chapter 42

After the tables and broken bowls were sorted out, the second game wilk now start.

“The game we’re proposing is… The sun and the clouds!”

The fire brigade leader crossed his arms and told the story of the sun and clouds.

The undines listened to the leader in order to win the next game also while the salamanders intended to win this time.

The sun and clouds was also a famous fairy tale.

The story is about the clouds that blew the wind and tried to take off the traveler’s clothes, but the traveler took off his clothes because it was so hot under the warm sunlight.

“The lesson of this story is! Sometimes tenderness is the answer rather than toughness!”

The leader flicked his finger.

Then another fire spiritualist brought two thick coats.

The head of the fire brigade wore one and handed one to the water community leader.

“I and the water spiritualist leader will stand between the undines and the salamanders, respectively. When the game starts, the Spirit who takes off the coat first, wins!”

The Water community leader stood among the salamanders with his fur, while the fire brigade leader stood among the undines.

“Of course, you can’t hurt us! Remember that the lesson of this story lies in tenderness!”

The undines tilted their heads at those words.

It seemed to difficult to undress using tenderness.

Salamanders, on the other hand, were flapping their tongues with confidence.

‘I’m sure this is a game for salamanders.’

In the first place the answer was already in the answer itself.


At that time, Aqua smiled quietly as if she already knew the answer.

“Do you have a good move?”

[Good move? Of course there is! We are Water Spirit, a being already soft by itself! No matter what we do, it’s not against the rules!]


Is that how Aqua interpreted it?

I tilted my head in confusion.

While thinking about whether this should be called a childlike creativity, the fire brigade leader started the game.

“Well, go!”

At the same time as those words, salamanders wrapped fire around the water community leader.

On the other hand, the Undines just stamped their feet as if they didn’t know what to do.

Aqua stepped forward and asked the fire brigade leader.

[What’s your spirit power supply?]

The fire brigade leader first bowed to Aqua curiosly.

This was his first time, noticing Aqua’s unique appearance.

“If you’re asking for my grade, it should be A.”


Aqua slowly began to count with her fingers.

[F, E, C, B, A…… A! 4 rank higher than Hyunwoo!]

“… don’t you think there’s an alphabet missing in the middle?”

[Then you don’t have to cut me some slack!]


Aqua continued, twirling her arms.

[Don’t even try to escape! If you do that, you might get hurt.]


Even before the fire brigade finished asking, the water in the fountain soared up into the sky.


Everyone looked up at the sky in surprise at that sight. The fountain looked like a waterfall running backwards.

Aqua reached for the fire brigade leader.

The water that rose into the sky poured down at Aqua’s touch toward the fire brigade leader.


The leader of the firebrigade cast a spell in surprise.

There was now a huge <Shield of Fire>.

But it was useless in front of Aqua.

Aqua divided the pouring water into two branches and easily avoided the Fire Shield, and tied his body tightly with a rope before the fire brigade leader could do anything else.

I was amazed by the natural and high-quality water control that took place in an instant.

‘Even the high-class undines can’t control the water that fast.’

I knew Aqua was strong, but I didn’t know she would be this much strong.


The fire brigade leader’s salamander must have thought that his owner was in danger so fired at the aqua.


He was a high-ranking salamander.

Indeed, the salamander’s fire was so powerful that it was comparable to a Dragon’s breath.

Even the faces of the Spiritualist away from them, turned their faces red in an instant.

But Aqua wasn’t nervous at all. Rather, she shook her hand lightly as if he was an annoying fly.

[Stay still!]

At Aqua’s touch, half of the rope tied to the fire brigade leader spread wide and swung sideways.


The water cut off the waist of the fire that the salamander breathed out and created a huge shield.

Now, the Salamander’s fire could not pierce the shield.

“What, what, what are you trying to do?”

The Fire brigade leader’s eyes trembled at his whole body trapped inside the water shield. It must have been his first time experiencing it.

He was shaking his head hard as if he was begging towards Aqua to let him go.

[Don’t worry!]

Aqua took a step closer to the fire brigade leader.

The leader was shaking his head from side to side in fear.

Aqua stood behind the leader’s back and stretched out her hair.

The hair stretched long and took the shape of the hand and grabbed the coat worn by the fire brigade leader.

[I’m just trying to take your coat!]

Then she tore it down hard.


The clothes was now simply torn.

Not only the coat but also the red t-shirts were torn, exposing the leader’s bare back.

There was a moment of silence. And a cheer broke out among the Undines.

[We won!]

[We won!]


The undines hugged Aqua, flapping their bodies.

[Hahaha! I told you to trust me!]

Aqua hugged the undines and rubbed their cheeks.

Jelly-like cheeks were closed to bursting.

However, the spiritualist were silent. Everyone was looking at Aqua, but no one could easily open their mouth.

One of the fire spiritualist muttered in a daze.

“……Did that spirit just overpowered an A rank spiritualist alone? And together with a High-class salamander..…?”

This sentence represented what was on everyone’s mind.


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