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Genius with a healing spirit shop chapter 41

The man rose from his seat and approached the Fire Spiritualist.

“Welcome. Fire Spiritualist community Moderator.”

Then a Fire Spiritualist, standing at the front, smiled cheerfully and shouted.

“I’m not a Moderator! I am the Commander of the Fire Brigade!”

This was their concept, though all the Spiritualist actually like to role play.

The Water Community Moderator asked with a smile.

“Are you here to perform the Song of the water and fire?”

“The song of Fire and Water!”

The rivalry electricity appeard in both of their eyes.

“The Song of Water and Fire” was like a small sports day where the Spiritualist’ Spirits play simple mini-games to decide victory or defeat.

It was an event made solely to entertain the Undines and Salamanders, but it was also a matter of the pride as a Spirit. (TL: In this case the Spiritualist are the cheerleaders. That’s why it was called Song of Water and Fire, by the spectator and later adapted by the Spiritualist.)

“Are the rules still the same?”

“If we win, we use this outdoor cafe and fountain. If you lose, I’ll prepare you a buffet.”

“Okay, you’d better set aside your money for the Fire Spirits in advance.”

“Whoa! What a humorous joke!”

Both leader smiled fiercely at each other and turned their backs and returned to their respective camps.

Before I knew it, the Water Spiritualis and the Fire Spiritualist gathered opposite to each other from the outdoor cafe.

The corner of the cafe owner’s mouth smiled till it reached his ears at the sudden increase of costumers.

[What? Are they going to fight each other?]

Aqua looked up at the crown halved into two groups and asked.

“Fight…….yes, we are going to fight.”

The water spiritualist leader said with a serious face.

He looked so serious that I wouldn’t have realized he just said a joke.

But for spirits full of competitiveness, it certainly ignited their inner spirits.


“Where did they hear the information? They would always crash gate themselves into our meeting place and fight. If we lose, we can’t go into the fountain anymore.”

(TL:The forum where he posted the meeting place is open. He knows it. He just said it as an expression.)

[We have to win, Aqua!]

[Last time we lost, we lost the pool to the salamanders!]

[They also made require us to follow a ridiculous punishment of shouting “Hooray for Salamander” three times to get into the pool while following them as maids!]

The Undines puffed up their cheeks and vowed to win.

[Lost last time? Just wait! We will win this time!]

Aqua, swept away by the atmosphere, was looking at his enemies with dignity, like a warrior going to war.

[I will surely win by the name of the Supreme Water spirit, the greatest spirit among them all!]

[Let’s win!]

[Press the salamanders flat on their noses!]

The Spiritualist gazed proudly at their cute Undines, uniting, as if they are preparing for war.

“What are the rules?” I asked the moderator.

I’ve read it a few times in the community, but it’s my first time participating, so I wanted to hear it myself.

“Depends. We usually decide alternately who would create the rules. In order to break a tie we decided to do 3 games.”

In the Get together news I read before, they would usually played tug-of-war or treasure hunt. Maybe they would do other events this time.

“Are you ready for the game?”

“Of course.”

* * *

The first game was proposed by the Water Spiritualist.

The leader took out two pairs of pre-prepared bowls.

One was a bowl that looked like a glass bottle with a narrow snout, and the other was a plain wide bowl.

Naturally, the concentration of all the audience, either Spiritualist or Spirits, was focused there.

“There’s coke in this bottle and bowl. The one who empties the contents first using the spirit power wins.”

All the spirits were very attentive to what would the rules be, Aqua was in the same situation while being my arms.

“The name of the game is ‘Fox and Crane.’ One day, a fox invited a crane to his house…….”

The water spiritualist naturally told the story of the Aesop fairy tale called ‘Fox and Crane’.

The crane was famous for being able to eat food in a long whistle bottle, but find it difficult to eat food on a plate, and on the contrary, it was easy for foxes to eat food in a plate and difficult to eat food in a whistle bottle.

“I think the lesson of this story is that there are different solutions to every problem.”

I nodded without realizing it.

It was because I admired the natural educational scene.

The spirits were forced to listen more to this story, wondering if there were hints present to win the game.

The song of water and fire had a long history for a reason.

What better time for spirits to have both fun and learn about humans?

“Well, let’s get ready for the game, shall we?”

Fire Brigade Leader and the Head Butler of the Water butlers put two tables near the fountain and placed a set of glass bottles and plates on top of them.

Salamander and Undine split up and surrounded the table.

The Water Spiritualist, acting as a referee, looked on both sides and raised his hand.

“Ready get set go!”

At the same time as he finished saying his phrase, water and fire flew into the glass bottle.

[Use your Spiritual powers to get the coke out!]

Following Aqua’s order, the Undines simply manipulated the coke inside the glass bottle and pulled it out from the bottle.

The coke on the plate was easier to be pulled out.

There was nothing left because they were swept up with water.

In less than three seconds, the Undines finished all the coke.


On the salamander’s side, it was all a mess. The coke on the plate was somehow evaporated but the glass bottle broke under the immense heat.

The Water Spirit has a bigger advantage in this game proposed.

The referee raised his hand as if he had nothing more to see.

“The Water Spirit!”



[We won!]

The Undines embraced each other and embraced Aqua and rejoiced.

The salamanders in the shape of a large lizard flapped their tongues quietly.

They seemed to be sullen.

In front of such salamanders, the head of the fire brigade appeared and raised his hand to the sky.

“Don’t be discouraged, children with the potential of dragons! The fire brigade burns twice!”

Salamanders’ tongue was flicking at high speed as their confidence was regained.

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Genius With a Healing Spirit Shop

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