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A dungeon beneath my house let me gain 800% EXP chapter 127

“But if he’s successful in getting out of the way, he might be trying to retaliate against our guild.”

“He is attacking us?

“No one has ever broken a guild alone before becaming an S-class hunter. It’s no wonder he’s attacking us by causing friction among us and he’s so bold by being Cheongseong’s enemy.”

“Oh, well, maybe so.”

Koo Chang-hwan nodded his head at his fairly reasonable comment.

Not many people will rushed to break down a big guild, even if they were a S-class hunters.

There was nothing strange about what he did because he went crazy by becoming Cheongseong enemy.

“Maybe he will attack the guild while you are injured. This is his biggest chance, so I think it’s better for us to be prepared in advance.”

“No, you don’t have to. We can attack him later, but he won’t move now for a while.”

The power of the unknown transformation that the Necromancer possessed.

Koo Chang-hwan was taken aback with that skill because he had the ability to recover and to become physically stronger.

This kind of skill was never known to the public.

Even with such unknown skills, he was still severely beaten by Do Yoon-il, a chief executive from Cheongseong.

His opponent injuries on all over his body was so serious that Koo Chang-hwan could call his own injuries a cuter level.

No matter how he managed to escape, if he had been hurt that much, he would have to concentrate on recovering for the time being.

“There’s no point in wasting your energy.”

Right now they have didn’t have enough manpower to face this a single hunter, and the Buliryu guild still have his own rivals to face.

It is no strange that Guilds at the same rank would always face each other and in some cases, an all-out war is inevitable.

Even if nothing special would happened, Koo Chang-hwan will always be in vigilant and prepared.

Come to think of it, didn’t they just decided to push a guild away tomorrow?

“Oh, yes, the Aegis guild plan will be on schedule. There’s a rumor that their hunters are pretty good, but it won’t be a problem because there’s only a middle-rank guild.”

The Aegis Guild, which emerged a while ago, was expanding in a very fast rate by sucking other smaller guilds.

Even if it was a lower rank guild, it was necessary to retaliate as long as they touched a guild under their sphere of influence.

Koo Chang-hwan intended to attack them quickly.

The opponent has not yet settled properly, and the difference in size could never be reversed.

“Make sure you take care of the number of people. It’s much better to press it to the point where they feel like it’s too much than to get beaten off by attacking them off guard.”

“Yes, sir.”


Koo Chang-hwan entered his room.

Sitting on his desk, he turned around.

A window with an oriental theme was now in front of him.

A clear moonlight shone above the vast guild place.

“Yes, if anyone dares to challenge my guild, I’ll just crush him.”

Koo Chang-hwan’s mouth went up.

This guild was the result of his years of blood and strength in the fierce Hunter world.

He built his own mighty power throughout this generation.

Because touching a guild of this size was a burden in itself.

No enemy was able to beat them so easily.

Even if it was a strong nine-generation guild.

But suddenly.

An unidentified gas was arising

There’s no way he didn’t know anything because he is now inside his guild where outsiders wouldn’t dare to enter.

Feeling something strange, Koo Chang-hwan jumped up from his seat.

The view before his eyes was changing as he approached the window.

“That’s… that’s….”

Koo Chang-hwan’s eyes grew bigger when he looked out.


A wave of shadows appeared amidst the moonlight.

Now, the ground was full of large army of shadows with no end in sight was flocking.


The headquarters of Biryu Guild was a place where no one could access recklessly.

But now, the buildings were under simultaneous attacks from everywhere.

It was a disaster!

“Oh, my God!”

A group of hunters in black coats came inside.

They were now engage in fight with the hunters from Biryu Guild

Obviously, there were more Biryu guild hunters, but the fight right now was one-sided.

On the wave of such overwhelming attackers, they collapsed one by one.

“Darn it, I can’t stop it.….”

“Close the door!”


At the words of his colleague, the man blocked the door to the hallway.

They closed emergency lock on this specially designed door.

However, the Biryu guild members knew it wouldn’t last very long.

“What are you doing? Call for backup right away!”

“Darn it, I can’t get through!”

The man shouted very frustrated.

He had been trying to contact someone for a while now, but somehow he couldn’t reach anyone at all.

Even the emergency network, which is usually maintained 24 hours a day, has been cut off.

This didn’t make sense.

It was the emergency contact network created to respond to such attacks, but itbecame useless at tye moment of crisis.

This was impossible unless the main base of the Biryu Guild is under a massive attack.



A big ball of fire flew in and crushed the doors and walls.

This shocked the present guild members making them roll around the floor.

Some hunters even died.


“Ma, magic?”

The hunters dressed in black coats stormed through the collapsed walls.

All Hunters in the hallway have long been killed.

This was an overwhelming difference in skill.

The Biryu guild members instinctively felt that with the current number of people the possessed he alone could never beat them.

“Wait, this pattern… Are you a guild member of Aegis?”

“So, you know that.”

A man with white hair stepped forward.

It was Izuna’s minions, a vampire clan member.

It was known externally that he was Aegis guild executive member.

“This is natural because you were after us.”

“What? Don’t make me laugh. That kind of thing….”

“Tea… Team Leader?”

Opposite reactions emerged among the guild members of Biryu.

There were only a few guild members who knew about their attempt to attack the Aegis Guild.

Due to the nature of this operation, it was easier to keep it as secret as possible, so it was not delivered to the general guild members until the last day.

But their operations ended up in their opponent’s ear.

To be exact, Sung-hyun predicted their behavior without having to pick up any outside information.

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