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A dungeon beneath my house let me gain 800% EXP chapter 126

The middle rank guilds occupying one area were successful enough to establish a name for themselves.

They have the surrounding areas recognition and were able to influence them as much as they like.

However, the situation was completely different when it comes to large-scale guilds that occupied the country on region-by-region basis.

Rather than just a regional guild, the influence and power to lead their affiliated guilds has also changed.

Although middle-rank guilds are led by either A-class or B-class hunters, this depends on their sizes at best.

However, to maintain the power as a large guild, a minimum of S-class guild leaders were needed, and also atleast several A-class high-ranking hunters beneath the leaders.

Naturally, the difference between ordinary employees and hunters underneath them was even more noticeable.

Being classified as a large guild means that it has become a force that can not be ignored in any domestic situation.

They were now in a beyond the normal guild category and one of the leading forces in the entire Hunter industry.

Even if they fall short of any great Guild here in tye country, needless to say Biryu Guild still reigns as a large guild.

“This is your vehicle. Let me through!”

The home of the Biryu Guild, which is heavily guarded.

Their head quarters was located in the middle of the mountain and possess a very large piece of land with several buildings.

A black car was currently parked in front of the biggest building.

Koo Chang-hwan, the guild leader of the Biryu Guild, got out of from the black car.

Then a man, who came to greet him, bowed his head.

“You are back?”


“You’re a little late.”

“I’ve heard that you had a conflict with a class S hunter.”

The man sneaked a peek at the clock.

It was now late, it has been a long time since the sun has set.

Considering the time that an S-class dungeon appeared and the conflict with another hunter, it was quite late considering that they left the Head quarters earlier this day.

“I’ve been looking everywhere for a runaway rat. In the end, I couldn’t catch him.”

Koo Chang-hwan replied with a frown.

He thought that if he remained inside the dungeon, he would have find him, of course, the Cheongseong guy, who stormed amidst their battle, took the initiative of searching for the rat.

‘What the hell were they doing?’

Recalling of what happened during the day, Koo Chang-Hwan gritted his teeth.

Hunters from Cheongseong entered the dungeon and even set up some hunters to guard the entrance, but those hunters replied that they didn’t encounter any hunter going out from the dungeon.

It was as if the necromancer disappeared in the air.

The hunters that guarded the entrance weren’t low ranking, even if the rat was higher class then their’s, there was no way that they would missed seeing him go outside at all.

“So you’re saying he didn’t leave any trail that even you couldn’t track him at all?”

The man opened his eyes wide in surprise.

Their guild leader Koo Chang-hwan had the best ability to track any escaping enemies.

Koo Chang-hwan’s ability was a very remarkable characteristic of an S-class hunter.

Any people he had faced in person, he would be able to chase them till the end of the earth wherever they ran away as long as they had a trace left.

However, his ability did not shine this time.

No matter how many times he looked around the dungeon, there was no trace left, so he couldn’t find him at all.

He would have never thought he’d miss an opponent that he even fought with.

“When he disappeared suddenly at the end, there should have been at least a trace of him coming inside the dungeon, but he there wasn’t any.”

It was not like he had the ability to move through space.

Although it was very rare, there were people who possess, and especially there was nothing impossible for a job class like a necromancer.

However, there were many conditions and restrictions attached in order to use such skills regardless the type of any space related skill.

It is impossible to move freely without leaving a trace.

“Doyoon-il… if the idiot hadn’t stepped up in the middle of our battle… I wouldn’t have given him time to run away, but they just cut in.”

Koo Chang-hwan uttered with a voice full of annoyance.

He stretched his feet rather nervously as he entered the guild building.

Suddenly, Koo Chang-Hwan grabbed his chest at the sudden pain.


“Are you all right?”

“That’s enough, don’t make any fuss.”

Koo Chang-hwan frowned and said.

The pain cane from his injuries during the battle today.

In addition to possessing the body of an S-class hunter, he also drank healing potion to recover his flesh and for his bones to be re-attached again.

But that didn’t mean that he was completely back to normal.

Every time he moved his body, there was still a slight pain left.

“Did you get the potion?”

“Yes, I’m trying to reach out to the black market, but it’s going to take at least three days to get the product.”

“Three days? Damn it, I’ll owe you when I recovered.”

Koo Chang-hwan’s healing potion was expensive enough.

Not only for ordinary people but also quite a few hunters has it because it’s expensive price.

However, no matter how effective the healing potion was, it could not completely cure the aftereffects of deep wounds.

Either way the best healing potion, not the usual one, was still different.

Unlike any other hunters, Sung-hyun would always drink the best potions and drink like juice.

On the outside, the supply and demand shortage was so severe that even S-class hunters could not get it on time because the quantity was always insufficient.

In the first place, a top alchemist could only produce one after numerous failures with the best materials.

Yet the efficacy of alchemists were far less than vampires who lived in their dimensions.

“In Korea, the nine guilds that produce supplies are being swept away… In the first place, alchemists with that kind of skill are mostly monopolized by themselves.

“I know that, you son of a bitch.”

Koo Chang-hwan didn’t think he would be able to get it easily anyway.

However, he couldn’t help but being annoyed at the thought that his tomorrow’s schedule would be disrupted.

“The aftereffects will be gone in a day or two, so that’s fine. But that son of a bitch must be caught. We can’t just move on like this.”

“Shall dispatch the guild members?”

“Yes, let them search in the surroundings area before he fall into the hands of Cheongseong. He’s a guy who would even go against Cheongseong, so it’ll be hard to move openly, but they would put more pressure on him and taking advantage of this we could caught him.”

Koo Chang-hwan had no intention of letting go of the Necromancer who had fcked him.

He planned to put a huge bounty on his neck.

Of course, no matter how high the bounty is put on an S-rank hunter, which crazy bounty hunters will come at him anyway.

This is just meant to put a lot of pressure on him.

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