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Second Life Chance of the B Class Villain Chapter 3- Memory

Vitality: 3300/3300

Mana: 2400/2400

Concentration: 100%

Skill: Sense of Combat (B), Case (C), Murder (B)

The familiar list of letters and numbers that only awakened could see, emerged in front of Lee Si-Guk like a hologram.


For the first time today, Lee Si-Guk felt it was truly laughable.

He regressed with all his memories.

‘What if there was also that?’

Thinking so Lee Si-Guk called the status window with no hesitation.

Now all the power that allowed him to live as a B-class villain in his previous life appeared before his eyes.

‘Regression with every memory and every ability?’

He would never have believed it if it was Lee Si-Guk of his previous life.

But it had now become a reality before his eyes.

In the eyes of Lee Si-Guk, he saw a fly flying around the bathroom.

“Sense of Combat.”

Mana: 2160/2400

Ten percent of his Mana was consumed, his basic skills and Sense of Combat as a superhuman was activated.

At that moment, the world of Lee Si-Guk changed.

His whole body revived the power of the B-class villain trapped in the body of a 13-year-old child.

All the movements of the fly flying in the air where as if in slow motion.

Lee Si-Guk quickly reached out.

The flying fly was caught between his index and thumb.

Lee Si-Guk laughed as he looked at fly struggling to escape in his own hands.

With that, the child’s face made a creepy smile like a psychopath.

When Lee Si-Guk put more force between his fingers, the fly died.

“Ke ke ke ke.”

Laughter leaked out from the mouth of Lee Si-Guk.

He turned on the sink and washed his hands.

“All memory and my power remain the same, right? And I am only thirteen years old?”

Lee Si-Guk looked in the mirror, while shaking the water from the palm of his hand.

In the mirror, a 13-year-old young man had the look of a 38-year-old villain.

“This is reality, right?”

His smile became bigger.

Recalling his past life for a moment. He remembered a certain villain he met.


“Do you know what this means?”

The Class D villain, which Si-Guk doesn’t remember the name or face, always talked about philosophy.

It was what he said one day while having an after-party at the room salon, he asked the lady to work on it.

“I think, therefore, I am. Renee Descartes is famous for saying that. What does this mean? If I have doubts about everything in the world, I am in a meeting with the unchanging truth that is left in the end.”

That’s what it means……

At that time, Lee Si-Guk, who was listening to his words right next to him, only said a word when he saw the lady’s crumpled expression.

“What the fuck? Ah,

I don’t know why I remember that guy from my previous life.

Anyway, I’m suspicious, I’m distrustful. That’s why I exist.”

Lee Si-Guk smiled.

“This is reality.”

Lee Si-Guk have a small laugh, feeling as if the clumsy philosopher was smiling somewhere and out from his sight.

“Did you wash your hands?”

Lee Si-Guk smailed and noded at Nayeon’s question.

“Then eat the cake.”

Nayeon handed him a plate with a piece of cake on it. Lee Si-Guk returned to his seat after receiving it.

With the cake in front, Lee Si-Guk looked at the other people.

‘Angel’s Shelter. But none of the smiling ones here has ever been an angel.’

Without going too far, he himself became a Class B villain.

After killing a housewife in her 30s, who was disciplining her daughter, just because she was rude with him.

‘Joo Nayeon.’

Lee Si-Guk looked at Nayeon.

Nayeon was smiling innocently and eating snacks with her friends.

“Poor girl.”

Two years from now.

Nayeon, who became a middle school student, will date a senior who has the surname of Yang.

“He’s a jerk. Why are you dating him?”

Lee Si-Guk, who had several troubles with Yang’s gang, opposed the love between the two, precisely only Nayeon’s one-sided love because she was just an entertainment for Yang.

“What does it matter to you?” As always, Nayeon’s reaction didn’t change.

Eventually, Lee Si-Guk just watched her relationship without saying a word.

Soon enough, after six months of dating, Nayeon informed him about their break up.

And Yang, ganged rape her with his friend.

‘That’s when I beat him to the death.’

After that, Lee Si-Guk was suspended from school, and Nayeon refused to attend due to shock and did not leave the room for a month.

But it was only the beginning of her tragedy.

Since then, Nayeon has dated a few other. She only associated with people like thugs every time she dated.

“This time it’s real. Junki is a good person.”


Nayeon has constantly reassured him that her boyfriends were good but in reality either they were Yang’s deteriorated version or upgraded version.

Her body and mind became increasingly impoverished, and so was her adult life.

October 22, 2025.

The day when the future Lee Si-Guk bought drinks to celebrate Nayeon’s birthday.

“I probably sold my country in my previous life.”

She said after drinking 2 bottles of soju.

Lee Si-Guk consoling her, “Don’t say that, you’re a good girl.”

“If I had listened to you, would my life be a little happier?”

Lee Si-Guk did not answer that question.

The next day, Nayeon was found dead alonh the Han River and Lee Si-Guk cried hard during her funeral.

‘It was a sad memory.’

After recalling so, he shook his head slightly and took a sip of coke.

“And then I got angry and killed people.”

The eyes of Lee Si-Guk shifted from Nayeon to Pastor Jang.

Pastor Jang, who is sitting with the nursery school teachers while devouring the chicken at a very fast rate.

‘Pastor Jang Younghoon. He died because of cancer.’

In 2019.

Pastor Jang was diagnosed with terminal liver cancer.

Anyway, it was a foreseen diagnosis.

He was extremely obese in his early 30s, weighing nearly 150kg, and he was always looking for chicken, pigs’ feet, and all kinds of fattening things as a late-night snack.

Eventually, he left the angel’s shelter and entere a prayer house in the mountains of Gangwon Province.

And 2021.

He died while being in pain there.

‘The man was so nice.’

Pastor Jang was one of the few good men whom Lee Si-Guk had met in his previous life.

‘It’s rare to have anyone to kneel for a child who’s not even his own blood.’

After Nayeon was miserably abandoned by Yang and Lee Si-Guk knocked down Yang and his entire gang, Yang’s parents, who were almighty in the Geumcheon-gu area, shouted loudly, saying that Lee Si-Guk should be criminally punished.

At that time, Pastor Jang visited the two and managed to reach an agreement by kneeling, which allowed the level of punishment of Lee Si-Guk only to suspension.

‘It’s a shame.’

Lee Si-Guk shook his head.

Then the twin brothers, who looked just like clones, smelling each other’s fingers in his eyes.

The Kim brothers.

Their future wasn’t so bright either.

At the end of 2019, the two will be beaten to death by his future self.

It was because they were the one who introduced Nayeon to Yang and dropped her into the abyss.

Although they were a year older than Lee Si-Guk, they were no match to him, who had grown at a frightening speed in his first year of middle school.

‘What’s sad is, they died sooner than Pastor Chang.’

Less than a year after being beaten to the brink of death by Lee Si-Guk, the two die.

In the middle of the night, while driving on an 8-lane road on a motorcycle while drunk, they rammed into a sports car that was running recklessly, killing the two instantly on the spot.

Not just those people.

Lee Si-Guk caught sight of others one by one.

Their unfortunate future, the trials ahead, where still very clear within his head.

All of them were friends, seniors, and juniors at the orphanage.

And he has already seen all their futures in their last lives.

‘Everyone here ends up unlucky.’

Si-Guk emptied the coke.

Nayeon cam close to him.

“Why do you only drink coke? Aren’t you going to eat the cake? If you’re not going to eat it, give it to me.”

Lee Si-Guk handed over the cake to Nayeon, who spoke in anticipation.

Nayeon visibly liked it and went back to her table with it.

‘And me too……that’s what happened.’

Class B villain.

An awakened that everyone feared, despised, chased anywhere, anytime.

Although there were many places where they do as long as they had skills, they were nomadic people who were born to be hated.

Always anxious, always nervous, always worried whether the could see the sun rising tomorrow or not.

‘But this time, I don’t have to live like that.’

After the flashback of he previous life, Lee Si-Guk smiled.

He picked up a snack and took it to his mouth.

The savory taste spread throughout his mouth, pleasing his tongue.

‘Memories, abilities. It’s stupid to have this privilege and live the same as my previous life.’

Pouring coke into his empty glass, Lee Si-Guk thought.

‘Of course, I don’t want to live like I did in my previous life.’

He thought, closing the lid of the coke.

“Anyway, according to history, a gate will open for the first time on January 1, 2020, and awakened superhumans will appear from all over the world.”

Lee Si-Guk drank coke little by little from his glass.

‘And less than two years later, associations and guilds were established and organized.’

Lee Si-Guk emptied the glass.

‘And in 2028, the Russian president dies, and the Monster Invasion takes place, then the world was in chaos.’

A man flashed through his mind.

“When the world was in turmoil, a man proudly rise to the privileged class. And that man is now…….”


Looking at Lee Si-Guk, Nayeon thought. ‘There was a smile around his mouth.

What’s the point of laughing like that?’

‘Was it too good? This Birthday party? He didn’t laugh that much last year.’

Her thoughts, still young, were limited to that.


‘Why do you live alone like a freelancer?’

Lee Si-Guk had been working with him a few times, being friendly, calling him brother. It was a question that a grade C villain asked to Lee Si-Guk at a drinking party one day.

“Kim Yang-Gi is only a class C yet he reigns as the emperor of the underworld in Korea. Can’t you be the fist emperor in the three countries, not just Korea, but also China and Japan?”


Lee Si-Guk seems very simple for the C-class villain, who was sincerely thinking he should have a brighter path.

“It’s annoying.”

He meant what he said.

Ever since living in an angel’s shelter, Lee Si-Guk has been reluctant to hang out in groups.

It was because he hated the feeling of being bound somewhere.

So there were only a couple of friends who he shared similar tastes, and it didn’t change after becoming a villain.

Lee Si-Guk was a favorite mercenary for the bosses of the Villain Organization.

It was because he would leave without any threat to their position as soon as he completed the requested work and received the settlement.

“What if I lived as a hunter or as an agent?”

One day when he get drunk and ask himself that question, the answer comes to him quickly.

“Maybe I couldn’t live that life at all?”

Hunter or agent means having to be registered with a guild or association, and inevitably being bound to an organization.

Guild leader, association president, dungeon leader, villain arrest.

How long could Lee Si-Guk last in such a system?

Lee Si-Guk was consistent no matter how many times he asked himself.

And it didn’t change just because of the regression.


* * *

May 3, 2017, 00:03 PM.

When everyone fell asleep.

At the corner of a six-member bedroom filled with only the sound of children breathing and snoring, Lee Si-Guk rose quietly from his bed.

Confirming everyone was asleep, he moved silently.

When he left the living room, opened the front door and came out to the yard, the spring night air welcomed him.

After enjoying the heart-fluttering feeling for a while, Lee Si-Guk soon confirmed his condition again with a calm expression.

Status window.

Vitality: 3300/3300,

Mana: 2400/2400,

Concentration: 100%

Skill: Sense of Combat (B), Case (C), Murder (B)

Clearly his visible list of letters and numbers appeared.

The corners of the mouth of Lee Si-Guk went up slightly.

“Sense of Combat.”

Ten percent of the Mana was consumed, and the basic skill of all superman, Sense of Combat, was activated.

Class B superhuman strength was put into the muscles of his whole body.

His body became lighter and his senses were activated.

In that condition, Lee Si-Guk lightly jumped over the fence.

After a short period of looking under the fence, Lee Si-Guk immediately began to run northwestward.

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Second Life Chance of the B Class Villain

Second Life Chance of the B Class Villain

Life of a B Class Villain Act 2
Score 8.8
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
B-class villain Lee Si-guk, gained superhuman powers in a world where fantasy became reality. Due to an unlucky event, he was caught by the authorities and sent to death sentence at the age of thirty-eight. With all his abilities and memories, he returned to 2017, when he was thirteen, and still in the sixth grade of elementary school. β€˜I’m not going to live like that this time.’


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1 year ago

Thanks for the chapter! It seems the his background was shadier than I thought

1 year ago

Hmm. Is he going to be anti hero kind of MC? Upholding justice by killing those whose evil? πŸ€”

1 year ago

wait what? Russian president dies?! Isn’t he immortal?

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