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Suddenly a husband and Children Chapter 11- End of Act 1

“We can’t divorce! We won’t! How can we….”

Estella’s mouth was blocked by the big hand of Izak. Estella struggled to get his hands off, which blocked her nose because she was suffocating.

“What if they wake up?”

Izak frowned and said.

Estella slapped his hands as if indicating that she was suffocating, Izak quickly withdrew.

“I didn’t know they were sleeping. Anyway, we can’t divorce.”


“If I did something wrong, I can fix it, right?”


Izak’s small laugh sounded empty.

Estella was so determined to fix everything she did as if there were still something left to fix.

“I said that fixing it won’t solve the problem. You’re not the problem, I’m the problem. I’m just tired of this.”

Estella’s body flinched at his firm words of unwavering acceptance.

“Well, what if I don’t let you get tired? I can make you so happy that you might forget all the scars you have received from me.”

Izak sighed at Estella’s words.

“I feel like I’m talking to a wall. I think it’s right to say that a 19-year-old is immature. Yeah, I really believe that you’ve leaped from the past to the future.”


“I made it clear. I’m done with you playing with my emotions.”

“…give me a chance.”

Estella’s eyes are starting to get moist.

She really could not let him go with their kids.

She doesn’t have any clue how much the past Estella wronged him before, but she still hoped that she could fix it.

“I told you, I had a crush on you for five years. I don’t remember, but my past hurt you. Unlike that, I still love you. So what am I supposed to do? Of course, I can’t help but hang on to you.”


“Give me a chance. Just during this divorce period.”

Estella looks up to him with moist eyes, pulling slightly at the hem of his clothes.

She used her lethal move to please!

Estella was really going all out.

Izak looked down at Estella with a cold look as if he didn’t intend to be swayed by her.

“This is ridiculous. The woman who looked at me yesterday was cold. Now she is asking for another chance.”

This was very frustrating and crazy but… Somehow deep inside him, he felt pleased.

Izak smiled sarcastically at his complex emotion.

“Opportunity, I’ll give you.”

Estella’s face bloomed at his words.

“I hope you can get hurt as much as I’ve been hurt.”


Izak said so and then walked past Estella.

His expression was so cold and scary that Estella went stiff. He looks as if he’s trying to get revenge for himself.

Estella was a little afraid, but soon she mumbled, rubbing her arms.

“Well, at least I’ve got a chance.”

Estella is confident. Of course, she was a little afraid of Izak’s reaction earlier, but she was confident enough.

‘Even if I did something wrong in the past, it’s possible if I do well from now on. Who am I? Estella de Messian.’

Of course, the biggest obstacle is not being able to gauge how much she has done wrong.

“I can’t even ask him every single thing I’ve done wrong….’

Well, it would be better than doing nothing.

Estella can never let go of Izak or even their cute twins. This is an opportunity given by God. Continue the happy marriage with Izak, and correct her past mistakes!

The male lead’s regret ended up with a happy ending that finally regained the finale loved! In this case, she was the male lead who regretted it.

Since that day, Estella tried everything to make up for her past wrongdoings to Izak. When she had a passionate crush on him, she gave him clothes, shoes, and accessories according to his taste. So she started doing what she did before. She even gave him a big amount of money to buy a ship for him, who was interested in trading ships before.

But exactly after two weeks…

“How… how can he be so cold? What’s going on? He is like a wall. I feel like I’m confessing my love to a wall.”

Estella murmured as she sat on the sofa, shocked. The nanny, who was watching from the side, said a word.

“Princess, you can’t win a man’s heart with material things.”

“What? Then what should I do then? He don’t seem to want to talk to me, but what did he want me to do if he don’t accept this sincerity? Anyway, humans can’t be so strong. Soon Izak will fall to me again with my sincere love.”

“…Princess, your highness… I think you’ve gone back to your nineteen years old self, no matter how much memory you have lost, you still have to do the basic things as usual….”

“What do I usually do?”

“You are always neat, cool, and cultured. You stopped choosing words like that in the first place.”

“I’ve been such a grown-up?”

“…Adult, Princess. It’s not good to educate your children if a mother of two is hanging on the sofa like this or using unkempt words.”

The nanny was always nagging. Estella stared at the nanny who started nagging again today.

“But, nanny. I used to be like this.”

“You grew up as you grew older.”

“But I wasn’t the kind of person who was cold-hearted, and I wasn’t the kind of person who was very demure.”

“You’ve changed your mind since you got married.”


When Estella persistently asked, the nanny seemed to think deeply only then.

The nanny went back a long time and compared Estella’s immature past with her behavior in recent years.

“Surely, you’ve changed a lot. I was glad that you finally grew up.”

“Nanny, I heard I did a lot of mean things to Izak. Is that why I changed my personality?”

“Oh, don’t ask me about your husband and wife businesses.”


Estella stood up and pressed the nanny as if to think quickly.

“Oh, how dare I interfere in the affairs of the princess and her husband. I’m just watching.”

“So, tell me what you’ve been watched? You must have know how I’ve been to Izak in the past, so I can recall it myself so I can put a period to it.”

The nanny didn’t seem to want to speak from the bottom of her heart. But is there anyone else besides Izak who knows her well? Estella was feeling guilty but she kept picking up on the nanny.

Finally, the nanny opened her mouth.

“Princess… You wronged Izak many times, in your marriage… As a mother….”
The nanny looked at her and started to speak.

Estella even encourages her more.

“You’ve done a lot of mean things….”


“Oh, well, I can’t even count….”

“You have to tell me that so I can reflect on myself.”

At Estella’s words, Estella’s brutality poured out from the nanny’s mouth.

“…you brought other men to the mansion every day… And you were always inside the room for a long time… All the servants did not dare to stop you and Izak couldn’t let himself prevent you. Of course, no one saw the scene the direct extramarital affair, but…”


Isn’t this totally something difficult to fix?

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Suddenly I Have a Husband and Children

Suddenly I Have a Husband and Children

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: , Released: 2020 Native Language: Korean
When I woke up, 7 years later. Suddenly, I have a husband and children. Izak, who I had a passionate crush, became my husband. This gracious situation made me realized that I have given birth to twins! I thought it was a happy situation… but why are we now in the middle of divorce? Divorce before I can enjoy my marriage. I don’t even remember how twins were made. Estella, facing a divorce crisis, tries everything she can to change the cold heart of Izak…! “Chew, Papa and mom.” “Mom likes Papa, don’t you like her?”” A lovely mother, a twin, who claims to be Cupid. “Well, not now, though! I’m not ready yet!” “What? Did you think that the twins came down from the sky?” “I told you we should talk!” “I thought it was a body conversation.” I’m talking to my ex-friendly, cold-hearted husband, who I was trying to communicate with. “This guy is supposed to love me anyway.” The seven-year warp marriage of Estella, the beloved princess of the Messianic Kingdom, who has no basis for her unfounded confidence


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