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Suddenly a Husband and Children Chapter 10

This song is perfect for Izak.


“Lucy, Daddy’s not crying. Why did you think so?”

“Yeah, because– because– Dad– here, like this! Like this! Your face is crumpled.”

Lucy said so, while pointing at his forehead with her two fingers.

Izak smiled and messed up with Lucy’s hair.

“Daddy had that scary look on his face?”


“Sorry, I won’t do it anymore.”

Izak stood there for a while, stroking Lucy’s head. He was looking down at the floor for a long time, as if he were lost in thoughts for something.

Estella. She was the person that treated him very different from a human being.

They got married somehow and had children, but their relationship were worse than other, they were just a show off couple.

His relationship with Estella was so cold that he thought he might have been taken her as a prisoner.

Estella’s silver eyes, were colder than ice and pointed at him like ice spears.

Her eyes were the same as the eyes of their children.

Even though she was interested in them for a short while, she was still busy doing her job.

In the end, the children were always been taken care by the nanny or himself.

Was it his own illusion that if they had children, their relationship would improve?

The mother that gave birth to Lucy and Ruth felt awkwardness, but the children were still overjoyed by a simple interest their mother had shown to them.

Izak tried to fill in for the gap of a mother’s love, but was it also lacking?

‘Estella’s always been busy, so I understand. But–‘

Aside from being busy, she was not interested in their family in the first place.

There were many problems between the two, other than that.

It has been a long time since the couple did attend a banquet due to the enormous discord between them.

Estella was the first to give up on their relationship beyond fixing.

It was even a week ago that the divorce papers were submitted.

What did Estella say then?

‘Izak, I don’t think I can live with you anymore. I’m immigrating abroad. Remain with the children. I will give you enough money. I’ve already looked for houses abroad, and I’ve already prepared all the servants.’

‘What do you mean?’

‘…I’m saying we should divorce.’

Estella prepared everything and only informed Izak.

‘Another man… Was there another man?’

At his words, Estella sighed silently.

She looked as if she didn’t felt remorse or guilt.

She was always like that. In the past or in the future, she was always like that.

Now, she don’t remember anything.

She thought she leapt from the past to the future.

She feel like she was here to make up for her mistake.

She still love him.

He wasn’t happy to hear that from her now. If he was still the same before…

He might have forgiven her immediately but now it’s different…

They can’t be happy anymore. Izak has also given up his marriage with Estella.

She was planning to go abroad immediately after the divorce either way, so this is good for them.

Right now, he just finished organizing all his emotions, but… it’s just felt ridiculous hearing all her words about time leap and fixing her mistakes.

‘She wanted to make up for her mistakes? Then she shouldn’t have given him love. No… I think meeting me in the first place was her biggest mistake.’

He shouldn’t have expected anything. How many years have he spent with this faint expectation?

How many times have he been repeatedly hurt by her because he still couldn’t let go his past feelings for Estella?

The Estella who proposed to him at the age of nineteen was no longer here. It just vaporized in to nothing.

‘Izak, can you trust me and wait for me at any moment? You have to do that at any cost. Because I love Izak very much.’

It’s the first time he had ever been proposed to by a woman, so Izak nodded. Estella smiled shyly and put the ring on him.

Both of his parents died unjustly due to treason charges, and his younger sister went abroad.

He thought Estella was the only one who would be good to him in the whole Kingdom of Messian, but that illusion shattered.

They were happy for a year after getting married.

It was very peaceful.

Soon he heard about Estella’s pregnancy. When Izak thought they were at the peak of their happiness, he found out the secret that his wife had been hiding.

The secret meant betrayal to him.

Estella closed the investigation even though she knew Izak’s parents were unfairly charged. It was also Estella who sent his sister abroad. His lovely wife who proposed to him sweetly.

“Papa? Papa!”

Ruth slapped Izak in the face and brought him back to reality from his thoughts. Izak quickly came to his senses and withdrew himself from fiddling with the wedding ring.

“…You’re bad, Ruth. Why hit your dad in the face like that? Huh? You will going to get in trouble.”

Izak said and bit Ruth’s nose without hurting him. Only then did Ruth started laughing to see as if his usual father returned.
Izak also hugged Lucy, who was whining for a hug, and headed to the children’s room.

He laid the children on a big bed.

It was time for them to take a nap.

Izak even took off the children’s shoes and covered them with a blanket.

Gave a little kiss on the forehead and Ruth said.

“Papa, I want to play more.”

“Let’s take a nap first and play after. The sleep fairy wants to come and see you now.”

“Oh… I had a good time playing today.”

“Did you enjoy hanging out with your mom?”

Ruth held onto the blanket, crying as if he was disappointed. Then Lucy cut in loudly.

“Yes! Mom loves macarons! Ruth, do you want us to make another one?”


“Okay, let’s make it after you wake up. Mom will be glad too.”

“Oh, yeah!”

“Then you can make me some medicine to digest!”

The excitedly speaking children soon yawned and fell asleep when Izak tapped their stomach a few times. Izak smiled faintly as he looked down at his children who fell asleep at the same time as twins.

Izak left the room while lowering the sound of his steps. When he heard the door closing, he thought they might wake up but he checked that they didn’t, he fully closed the door and turn around.

Estella was standing right behind him.

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Suddenly I Have a Husband and Children

Suddenly I Have a Husband and Children

Score 7.6
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: , Released: 2020 Native Language: Korean
When I woke up, 7 years later. Suddenly, I have a husband and children. Izak, who I had a passionate crush, became my husband. This gracious situation made me realized that I have given birth to twins! I thought it was a happy situation… but why are we now in the middle of divorce? Divorce before I can enjoy my marriage. I don’t even remember how twins were made. Estella, facing a divorce crisis, tries everything she can to change the cold heart of Izak…! “Chew, Papa and mom.” “Mom likes Papa, don’t you like her?”” A lovely mother, a twin, who claims to be Cupid. “Well, not now, though! I’m not ready yet!” “What? Did you think that the twins came down from the sky?” “I told you we should talk!” “I thought it was a body conversation.” I’m talking to my ex-friendly, cold-hearted husband, who I was trying to communicate with. “This guy is supposed to love me anyway.” The seven-year warp marriage of Estella, the beloved princess of the Messianic Kingdom, who has no basis for her unfounded confidence


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1 year ago

I love story, this different from other, usually ML is the one who made mistakes in the past, so the readers will hate him so much 😅 but here FL is the one who made mistake. I hope you continue this project. Thakyou for translating. 😊

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