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Greatest Extra Chapter 18- Soul Sword (2)

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Raymond ignited their spirits, which they had to let it down because of the pressure from the Heipel Empire, the Three Kingdoms alliance and the decline in their national power.

“I will send the First Prince to the Heipel Empire and the Fifth Prince to the Fresyria Kingdom to inform the two nations that the Empire is still alive.”

The Emperor, Ronald, declared.

Unlike the First Prince, who was supported by the military and was able to use the Mana Sword himself, he did not want to send the Fifth Prince. He was not yet able to protect himself to the dangerous border, but he had no choice but to send him.

The Emperor cherished the Fifth Prince, but more than that he considered the prosperity of the Empire and the Imperial family first.

The Second and Third princes knew the Emperor’s character, so they used the aristocrats to drive his opinion.

By now, the two princes, like the situation to go as they planned, would be sent. But they would have never thought that Raymond’s purpose to come out of the Imperial City, was to find the Soul Sword.

“One hundred army will be with each of them.”

At the end of his speech, the Emperor’s eyes were directed toward the First and Fifth princes, he showed his earnest desire for his sons to return alive.

An army of 100.

Although it was not a small number, it is not much considering the borders.

At heart, he was an Emperor who wanted to add more imperial troops, but the Empire was in a dire situation. In addition, if the number of imperial troops headed for the border was higher then usual, there was a high possibility of an all-out war going beyond to just some local war.

Unlike those in the military, the Emperor and some aristocrats choose to avoid large-scale wars beyond local wars.

“Also, we allow the mobilization of 50 personal soldiers, including the Shadow Squad.”

They allowed the mobilization of soldiers, except the Guard for escort, but also they could not allow for large numbers.

They just hope that the enemy forces would give up seeing the elite behind the princes.

“Where did the glory of the past go?”

The Emperor lamented in his heart.

The dignity of the Empire, which was the leading Empire since ancient times, can no longer be found.

Now, they are just prey waiting to be taken by the other countries.

As the Emperor living in the surrent era, he failed to revive the collapsing Empire. He has no face to show to his Ancestor.

“Your Majesty, I will surely return safe from the mission.”

He didn’t mention it any more, but he really meant to bring back the Spearhead.

“You can’t lose brother. I’m going to bring the Ranger’s flag back.”

Seraque, the First Prince said, smiling cheerfully.

The military figures responded by raising their fists.

This determined the good relationship of the First and Fifth princes.

In addition to the Imperial Army and the Shadow Squad, the elite knights of the military will surely follow behind the First prince, Seraque.

While, the Fifth Prince, Raymond, will be accompanied by promising wizards and excellent High-Ranking knights from the Red Tower and Blue Tower.

‘Is it time for the first volume to be in the middle of the book.….’

Turning a blind eye to the First Prince’s cheekiness, Raymond had a faint smile around his mouth.

Months have passed since transmigrating into the body of this spoiled Prince, and soon an event, rarely mentioned in the novel, is about to happen.

But he was calm.

‘I’m sure I’ll win.’

Raymond was eagerly waiting for the events to happen, and knowing the plot was a bigger advantage than he thought.

No matter what difficulties came, he was confident of overcoming them easily.

‘The same goes for the Kingdom of Fresyria.’

In the novel he read, there was also a scene in which the protagonist toppled the elite troops of Kingdom of the Fresyria.

Taking the Spearhead? This was nothing. He had the confidence to annihilate a squadron of lieutenants.

He was already excited about how the nobles will react to when he exterminate them and bring back the Spearhead.

* * *

They are always in the Vanguard. They becomes a sharp spear and first that stabs the enemy of the kingdom.

They do not run away, even the last man stands as a strong shield to the kingdom, holding out like a huge mountain range.

On the day of the creation of the 21 Generals, in the Kingdom of Fresyria they gave their oath to the King.

Upon hearing the oath, the First king of the Kingdom of Fresyria built 21 Spearhead and gave it to the 21 Generals.

And it’s been handed down from Generals to Generals for generations till this date.

As promised by the First king, whenever a war broke out, the symbol standing in the vanguard and defending the battlefield until the very end is the Spearhead.

“He said he’d take away such a huge thing.”

After the court meeting, the Blue tower spoke with a serious face in the carriage while returning to the Fifth Prince’s Palace.

The Fifth Prince was obviously a talented wizard and would always surprised everyone, but it was impossible to take the Spearhead from the Generals of the Kingdom of Fresyria.

“Aren’t you too scared, old man? The Generals aren’t ghost..…. There must be a way to bring them down.”

He was confident because the method was written on the book in great detail.

Again, he clearly stole the auther’s plot.

“Fifth Prince, the General’s has been defeated before but the Spearhead was never been taken away. They are people that value the Spearhead more than the safety of themselves and their commanders.”

“Whatever happens, this would be the first time.”

“Oh, my God, Your Majesty the Fifth. Please listen to me!”

Despite continuing to explain the fear for the Generals, Raymond was like an iron wall.

Eventually, Lisefield, the Blue tower, screamed and gave up.

The Master of the Red tower next to him smirked at the sight of blue tower.

“What’s so funny, Red Tower?”

“Aren’t you the one who is funny here?”


The eyes of Berenus Kyle, the Master of the Red tower turned toward the Fifth Prince in front of him at the question of Liseffield.

“The Fifth Prince shows such confidence, and isn’t it the duty of the servant to trust and follow their masters?”

“Well, that’s true, but…….”

“The Generals of the Kingdom of the Fresyria will be robbed of their Spearhead? And if we do that, wouldn’t this also be an honor to be a servant of the Pilias Empire?”

At Berenus’ words, Lisefield had no choice but to shut up.

What he said was a legitimate argument.

Those who are subjects must believe and obey their Lord’s will.

Berenus, the Master of the Red tower, had a lot of worries when he first joined, but now he was more supportive than Lisefield.

In a way, it was a natural response. As soon a he made an official declaration at the conference, he was completely abandoned by the Third Prince.

In order to survive, he have to stand by the Fifth Prince.

“Old man.”

It Liseffield turned his head. Raymond, the Fifth Prince in front of him, smiled softly.

“Yes, Your Highness the Fifth.”

“Have I ever let you be disappointed, old man?”

Disappointment? No, he haven’t.

Rather, he was always full of surprise.

He was surprised for the first time to see his Mana’s talent.

He kept his promise to rise to the rank of a Junior-Tier wizard within a week.

And when he penetrated the shadow curtain of the Dark Emperor and forced him to resign.

There was nothing surprising about everything that happened after the change of the scoundrel.

Lisefield shook his head after calmly finishing organizing his thoughts at Raymond’s question.

“I’ve never done that. The Fifth Prince always kept his word and surprised me.”

That was a satisfactory answer. The smile around Raymond’s mouth grew bigger.

“Then trust me and follow me, and a shining glory would always awaits us. I assure you.”

“Sigh, I can’t help it.”

Lisefield lifted the white flag. Raymond grinned as he exchanged eyes with Berenus.

“I’ll accompany you.”

“Me too of course. I am going to stand by the Fifth Prince…….”

When Berenus, who he had thought he would protect the Red Tower, said he was going to accompany the Fifth Prince, Lisefield was at a loss for words.

“Master of the Red Tower, shouldn’t you care about your Red Tower?”

“The elders will take care of it. And I think it is an important matter for a servant to stand by their Prince.”

In fact, he made this decision because he thought it would be more interesting than remaining in the tower but he couldn’t say it directly in front of the Fifth Prince, Raymond, so Berenus just swallowed part of his thoughts with a smile.

“Red Tower.”

“Yes, Your Highness the Fifth.”

When he was called in, Berenus answered with a slight bow.

“I’m sure you won’t regret that decision.”

Raymond pulled up the corner of his mouth. The conversation was interrupted and the carriage arrived in front of the Fifth Prince.

Now it’s time to hurry up and prepare to go to the border with the Kingdom of Fresyria.

* * *

The news that the First and Fifth Prince leaving the Imperial Palace spread through the black mountains and forests.

The border forces of the Black Forest cheered when they heard that the First Prince, supported by the military, was coming, but there was a sour response at the border of the black mountain range where the Fifth Prince was supposed to go.

The response of Marquis Crayer, who was ordered to accommodate Raymond, was not much different from the border.

Like the territory attached to the border, they were hoping for the First Prince, who was closely related to the military, to come.

So, he did not welcome the fact that Fifth Prince, who is rumored to be an incompetent scoundrel, to come.

Rumor has it that he saved the Emperor by defeating the Dark Emperor, but the glory was still overthrown by his scoundrel stories he had accumulated for the last five years. They were too much to change their perception of the Fifth Prince.

“Lord, the Fifth Prince has crossed the boundary of the estate with his entourage. I think he’ll be in the main city within five days.”

The old knight of the family bowed his head politely and reported. Marquis of Crayer was astonished.

“He had already crossed the boundary of the estate?”

“Yes, my lord.”

“Huh, this is too fast…….”

This is quite far from the capital. He can’t even use the expensive warp gate that can only be used by a small number of people because they’re moving with the army.

“I thought it would take another week…….”

“It is said that the Fifth Prince has reduced his resting time.”

For the first time, the commander of the Imperial Army often took a rest in consideration of the Fifth Prince, who had no marching experience.

This is because even if he ride a carriage, they cannot continue to move for a long time, they will consume a lot of physical strength.

But the fifth Prince, Raymond, who he and thought would be vulnerable because he is a wizard, neither rode the wagon nor needed a rest.

“You don’t have to treat me special, I’ll ride a horse same as the rest, and you don’t have to increase my break time. How can we afford to relax when the situation on the border is serious? We will join the army soon, the sooner we can arrive will be when we will be given a break.”

It was as if Raymond was declaring in front of the Imperial Army that he too was a man part of the war.

On that day, the commander of the Imperial Army abandoned all prejudice against the Fifth Prince.

He heard rumors that the Fifth Prince defeated the Dark Emperor at the banquet hall, but all the distrust that remained deep inside melted away.

As the Prince took the initiative in eating, sleeping, and moving with the knights, the morale of the Army increased, and their movement speed became much faster as trust relations were formed.

As a result, they were able to cross the boundary of the estate much earlier than expected.

“Is he different from rumors?”

Though it occurred to him for a short moment, Marquis Crayer shook his head soon.

“No way, it’s certainly an exaggerated rumor that he had beaten the enemy.”

The Marquis Crayer remembered the image of the Emperor he had seen every time he attended the palace for the past five years.

The Emperor who was getting thinner by the day. The Emperor who didn’t forget the brilliant Fifth Prince. The Emperor who didn’t let him go until the end.

Marquis Crayer still remembered it. It was hard to see his lord, who he had vowed to devote his allegiance, suffering like a servant.

“They will be here soon. Gather the knights and hurry up and prepare for protocol.”

He didn’t want to welcome him, but he is the son of the Emperor and part of the royal family.

“Okay, sir.”

The old knight in the corner bowed his head with his answer and left the office.

Looking at the tightly closed door, the Marquis bit his lips slightly.

* * *

As they entered the North, cold air came out to meet them.

It would be nice to have a thermal magic, but the author of this novel did not put a thermal magic setting on this fantasy cliche story.


It was fortunate that there was a ploy

 that he learned horseback riding from an early age because he was a member of the Imperial family. Thanks to this, he was able to ride a horse alongside the Army.

The problem was his lack of stamina. He drank so much during his youth as a spoiled brat that he just recovered in the recent months through both magic training and physical training.

He would likely to collapse several times a day in the midst of a forced march, but he endured it with his mental fortitude.

He can’t collapsed when he was the one who declared to march nonstop.

“The Marquis’s residence is near.”

Alex drove up to the side and reported. It was good news. But there was someone who welcomed the news more than Raymond.

“Well, is that true?”

It was the Blue tower. He was riding a horse with the Red Tower Master, following the Fifth Prince.

Since the Imperial family did not ride the wagon, the two tower master could not go comfortably. The problem was that their physical strength was at the level of a common soldier.

At the end of the journey, he had to hear the whining of the towers every day.

At least, the strong-natured Red tower Master was a little better. He held back silently, but he couldn’t help but smile at Alex’s report.

“The Imperial Commander.”

“Yes, Your Highness the Fifth!”

The commander of the Imperial Army came to the side. His chest had an Imperial soldier’s badge and a commander’s chest.

“Does the Marquis know I’m here?”

“Yes, I sent a messenger a few days ago.”

“But why haven’t any soldiers come to meet us so far when we’re just around the corner?”

Raymond said in a cold voice. The commander of the Imperial Army swallowed his dry saliva.

The Prince was only in his late teens, but they felt a little bit of the dignity as the monarch within him.

“I’ll be right back. We can stop moving for a while and wait for them to meet us up.”

It is a basic courtesy to send a soldier who will guide the nobles who entered the estate.

Noticing that, the Imperial Commander carefully suggested, but Raymond shook his head.

“The soldiers are dying on the border. There’s no time to lose, so let’s go.”

It sounded like he was willing to sacrifice his pride for the lives of the soldiers.

The commander of the Imperial Army was greatly moved.

“And I don’t think I need to.”

Raymond said with a smirk. From a distance, he could see Marquis Crayer’s flag.

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