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Greatest Extra Chapter 16- Royal Assent (3)

“The assassins who followed the Master of the Red Tower to the Fifth Prince’s Palace have been confirmed.”

A cold-looking man bowed his head in front of the Third Prince, Aloken, and reported.

He was a skilled assassin who came from the Second Prince to help Aloken.

“This….I wouldn’t have been hit at my back of if I hadn’t put surveillance on him, right?”

Aloken said.

Since he was a child, he was very suspicious when the Second Prince sent assassins to him, so it was almost as if he had been scheduled from the beginning to be monitored by his men.

However, it was a pity that he had no idea that the surveillance of his men was being reported to the Second Prince continously.

The Third Prince, Aloken, was smart enough to rise to the rank to a superior wizard at a young age and had a good affinity for Mana, but unfortunately he had a strange leap of faith in his brother, Deneb Pilius, the Second Prince.

And the reward for that faith was endless surveillance.

“Do you know what has been said in court meetings in these recent days?”

“I haven’t heard of it.”

The black-clad assassin answered Aloken’s question, shaking his head.

The court meeting was not his area.

“Some says that Raymond should be crowned the Crown Prince.”

“That’s not gonna happen.”

“Yeah, that won’t happen. But that’s not what I want to say.”

The glass which had been filled was already emptied.

The corners of his mouth twisted, perhaps uncomfortable, even though he drank a strong drink at once.



“Shall we participate the Court meeting?”

When Rayman asked playfully, Lisefield, the Master of the Blue tower, opened his mouth with a smirk.

“I’ll prepare a wagon.”

It is common to put flags representing those on board in the nobles’ wagons.

The Master of the Blue Tower will take the opportunity to call the court meeting to officially announce that the Blue Tower will be siding with Raymond.

Court meetings are generally attended by many nobles.

They will all be seeing the flags of the Red Tower and the Blue Tower, which will be hung on the Fifth Prince’s wagon.

“The carriage will become crowded wity so many people, anyway let’s get on.”

Raymond grumbled as if he were complaining, but Lisefield saw a faint smile spread around his mouth.

“What are you doing? Get on board, I don’t want to be late!”

The Fifth Prince, who got on the wagon urged.

The Blue Tower Master climbed into the carriage with a smile, and the Red Tower Master followed with a tensed face.

Along with four members of the Fifth Prince’s Guard on horseback and Gesteine driving the carriage, their security was very tight.

Gesteine, who confirmed that the formation was properly formed, sent a departure signal, the carriage began to advance toward the palace.

“The security is very strict.”

Alex, sitting on the curb, said.

The inspection at the main gate of the Imperial Palace was very strict, and the many imperial knights and soldiers were patrolling with a sad spirit.

As soon as they crossed the threshold made the atmosphere more heavy.

Gesteine, who was driving by the carriage, glanced around and opened his mouth with a calm look.

“Not long ago, the Emperor was attacked. I don’t think this level of security is enough either.”

That was a high-ranking knight answers.

Alex let out a short, indisputable sigh.

The conversation between the two was over, but another conversation was about to begin inside the carriage.

Amidst the continued silence, the Fifth Prince, Raymond, opened his mouth first.

“Do you know why I was called for a court meeting this time?”

After being attacked at the banquet hall, he was silent and immersed in training afterwards, so Raymond was not told about what was going on in the palace.

He read up to the third volume of “The fallen Empire” and memorized the author’s book’s settings, so he roughly knew about the situation going at home and abroad, but he wanted to hear more information from the Master of the Red Tower or Blue Tower themselves.

“Maybe it’s because of the Heifel Empire and the Kingdom of Fresyria. They say they’ve deployed additional troops on the border.”

It was Berenus Kyle, the Master of the Red Tower, who answered the question.

“Did the Northern Central Army move toward the border?”

“Yes, Your Highness the Fifth.”

“There must be a friction on the border.”

Although it is said that the Black Mountains and the Black Forest are forbidden zones, it was not difficult for any of the excellent range mages of the Heifel Empire and skilled mercenaries of the Fresyria Kingdom to sneak over.

A large number of people would find difficult, but a small number will not.

“There are already large and small skirmishes on the border with the Heifel Empire.”

This time, Lisefield replied.

“I heard the other prince were called, too.”

“Yes, all three of you have been called to a court meeting, except for His Highness the Fourth.”

At the end of Lisefield statement, Raymond could guess the Emperor’s thoughts.

It was clear that they would send an Imperial family member to boost the morale of troops deployed on the border.

He was thinking about how he could get out of the Palace, but it would now be easier than he thought.

‘If so, I must go to the border with the Fresyria Kingdom, to make sure of……!’

The Black Mountains, along the border with the Kingdom of Fresyria, is where the “soul sword” was asleep.

“We’ve arrived.”

Outside the carriage, the Shadow Squad announced their arrival.

When he opened the door and got off the wagon, the imperial knight who came out to meet Raymond raised his right arm over his chest politely as a salute to escort an imperial family member.

Thanks to rumors that the Emperor was saved from the banquet hall attack by Raymond, the imperial knight’s eyes on the Fifth Prince were now more favorable.

“Fifth Prince, I’ll show you the way to the conference hall. Only till the door of the conference hall is allowed to be accompanied by the Shadow Squad.”

As he nodded slowly, the imperial knight took the lead and moved on.

Raymond walked behind and looked around.

He saw carriages of nobles gathered in front of the tall building.

From the eyes of some aristocrats gathered near the wagon, the flag of the Blue Tower and the Red Tower hung next to the flag of the Fifth Prince.

“Was it true that both of the tower stood behind His Highness the Fifth?”

“There’s also the flag of the Red Tower.”

“What the hell has happened in the last few months?”

The nobles chattered.

There were many positive comments, but there were also a lot of negative comments.

But Raymond ignored their conversation and continued to walk forward.

Gesteine, who was about to refute at their words, also followed without saying a word as his lord didn’t care.

“That’s all I can show you.”

When he reached the door of the conference hall, the imperial knight bowed his head and stepped down.


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The Greatest Extra in history

The Greatest Extra in history

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