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Greatest Extra Chapter 15- Royal Assent (2)

On the day of the attack on the Empire of Pilias, the white spear thrown by the Fifth Prince penetrated the darkness.

Everyone was shocked by the unbelievable sight that happened in front of their eyes, and rumors spread quickly coming from the mouths of those who stayed there at that time.

The same was true for the Red Tower.

While the master of the Red Tower fled with the Third prince, a High-Tier wizard of the Red Tower remained in the banquet hall to deliver him the news about it.

“It was definitely the Spear of sacrifice.”

His hard face and serious voice stated with confidence.

“Suddenly, the Spear of Sacrifice appeared?”

It was an incredible response, but Berenus Kyle, the Master of the red tower and the owner of the Meteor Fire, knew that the High-Tier wizard in front of him would not lie about such a serious problem.

He was also a person with deep knowledge enough to explore about “Spear of sacrifice.”

“This is unexpected…….”

“I didn’t expect the Fifth Prince, known for being a scoundrel, to find the spear of sacrifice…….”

“Watch your language, I’m sure you know the atmosphere around the Imperial City.”

Looking at the High-Tier wizard murmuring in a voice close to talking to himself, the Master of the Red Tower pointed out with a cold expression.

“Right now, the Fifth Prince is a hero among the Imperial City. His Majesty knows this very well. If you want to live long, you’d better hide your words.”

Not long ago, the Fifth Prince was nothing but a scoundrel.

However, the changes began a few months ago, and now his status has greatly increased as the Emperor was rescued from the banquet hall.

In particular, he was liked by those loyal to the Emperor.

Unlike in the past, the Emperor, officially began to defend the Fifth Prince, and no one in the Imperial City could find any excuses to ignore him.

“Furthermore, Elias. If what the Fifth Prince used is really the Spear of Sacrifice, you know that we have to fulfill our 2,000-year promise, and if we build up bad feelings, we will definitely lose.”

“What is the promise from two thousand years that everyone talked about?”

“It is a pledge that we must remember and must abide by.”

Berenus gave no further details, frustrating Elias, the chief wizard and leader of the Red Tower expedition.

Elias can’t ask this anywhere else, so it even made him crazier.

“Remember one thing, Elias. If the Fifth Prince has a Spear of Sacrifice, the Red Tower must stand behind him.”

“What? Are you really serious?”

Elias was surprised. He didn’t expect Berenus Kyle, the Master of the Red Tower, to drop such a bombshell.

“I mean it.”

“If we withdraw our support, the Third Prince will not stand still. Besides, isn’t he close to the Second Prince? At worst, their factions would move together.”

Everyone knew that the Third Prince was supported by the Yellow Tower and the Red Tower, and he was also close to the Second Prince.

“The Red Tower has yet to take a pledge of loyalty. I was just supporting him temporary.”

“The Third Prince would not think so. Now that the Blue Tower has decided to stand behind the Fifth Prince, he would feel even more impatient. He might think it’s a provocation. Do you really still have to keep the 2,000-year promise?”

Elias, the best wizard from the current generation, asked seriously.

His voice sank, his face hardened, and the air became heavy.

“Even if the day comes when the Red Tower falls, we must keep our promise from the two thousand years ago.”

At Berenus’ response, Elise was at a loss for words.

“I need to check.”

“Well, Master? You don’t think….”

“I’ll have to see him and see it for myself.”

Now that he had made up his mind, he was bound to act fast.

Berenus’ headed to the Fifth Prince’s Palace without any member from his entourage, as well as Elias.

The Fifth Prince’s Palace was packed with Imperial knights sent by the Emperor and nobles, who came to meet the owner of the white spear that penetrated through the darkness.

Seeing a procession of nobles lining up from the main entrance of the palace, the Master of the Red Tower sighed deeply and shook his head.

With so many nobles, it would be difficult to announce his appearance through tye imperial knights or any servants.

“As long as I don’t cross the inner wall, I will not have have any chance to meet the Fifth Prince.”

The Red Tower Master, who thought that crossing the outer wall would reduce his competitors, crossed the outer wall in discreet without any hesitation.

As he expected, the number of nobles who crossed the threshold of the main gate was not large.

Most of them seemed to have be moving in small numbers, even someone from a high rank.

Of course, all the great lordly men already stood behind the first or second prince, so the people gathered here were not talented even in the eyes of Berenus Kyle, the Master of the Red Tower.

“Sir Berenus Kyle, Master of the Red Tower.”

A lightly armed knight stood in front of Berenus.

Berenus’ was surprised at the sharp yet heavy low voice.

“Did you read this sign?”

The Master of the Red Tower looked at the sign in front of him, surprised once again that he had not detected the sign.

The knight in standing in front of him was a middle-aged knight with an appearance just like any other knight, but one thing that was unusual was that his left arm was empty.

‘Is he a member of the Fifth Prince’s Shadow Squad, that I saw at the banquet hall?’

Unsurprisingly, on his chest has a badge symbolizing the Imperial family.

‘He’s a one-armed man, but I never thought he’d be a high-ranking knight. The Fifth Prince must have really hiding his teeth.’

The Master of the Red Tower swallowed his dry saliva.

The high-ranking knight in front of him had a ferocious spirit and he was about to pull out a sword.

‘I didn’t expect this much…’

High-ranking Knights were not common, but Berenus had seen them from a few times already.

But compared to others, the spirit of the Fifth Prince’s Shadow quad in front of him was sharper and colder.

“Follow me.”

“Did you know I was coming here?”

There was no answer.

Gesteine, the Fifth Prince’s personal guard, turned around without saying a word and stepped inside the palace.

“You’re such a boring fellow…….”

Berenus breathed a short sigh and began to walk after Gesteine, who was ahead of him leading the way.

There was no more conversation.

The Master of the Red Tower asked a question to lighten the awkward atmosphere, but Gesteine was just walking like a machine not even responding once.

In the meantime, the two reached the side door of the inner wall guarded by another two armed guards.

A member of the Shadow Squad checked Gesteine’s face and then opened the tightly closed iron door.

“The Fifth Prince is waiting for you.”

Gesteine led Berenus to the meeting place of the palace.

Berenus’ took a step back from the door and said: “Are you saying that Raymond Pilius, the Fifth Prince, is inside?”

Berenus took it that way and without hesitation and opened the door.

As expected, therehe saw Raymond.

Behind Raymond, who was sitting on the sofa with a glass in his right hand, was the Blue tower Master, Lisefield Dior.

“You were later than I thought.”

A short phrase from Raymond’s mouth made Berenus nervous.

The young prince, who was once a scoundrel, seemed like he predicted that he will come.

He didn’t think he was bluffing.

He can tell just by looking at the Shadow Squad captain waiting inside the inner wall.

‘The Fifth Prince was scarier than I thought.’

Berenus thought it was necessary to revise his assessment of the Fifth Prince and slowly closed the door and showed courtesy to the Imperial family.

If he were still a scoundrel, he would have done it simply, but the Fifth Prince was now the hero who saved the Emperor.

Berenus, the Master of the Red Tower, needed to be polite as he could be.

It was a tearful development compared to the past when he was a scoundrel, let alone courtesy he would have ignored the Prince completely.

Raymond opened his mouth with a satisfied look on his face.

“Raise your head.”

It was a soft but moderately powerful voice.

Berenus Kyle, the owner of the Red Tower, slowly raised his head and was surprised again.

Five years ago, the Fifth Prince was weak and became a scoundrel after the third Empress died because of illness.

Berenus had seen Raymond in his old days as a brat. So he knew that the rumours were never exaggerated.

However, the current Fifth Prince did not have any of the images from what he could remember at that time.

He may have lost weight and became thin, but Berenus could feel the soft energy of mana in his body.

His meesed up aura was now in order.

‘He had changed so much.

I don’t know how many times I’ve been surprised just today.

Were he hiding his talent?’

It’s only speculation, but he doesn’t have a way to find out the truth.

“Are you here to fulfill your 2,000-year promise?”

“Did you know about that? Your Highness the Fifth.….”

Contrary to his surprised tone, he was not too agitated this time.

With the Blue tower Master, Lisefield Dior, he thought he would have heard of the promise from two thousand years ago from him.

“If you really own the Spear of sacrifice, you deserve it, but…….”

Otherwise, the master of the tower who made a reckless statement about the promise of 2,000 years ago should be held accountable, and in order to do so, it was necessary to first check whether the Spear of sacrifice was real or not.

As soon as the Master of the Red Tower carefully opened his mouth, Raymond hit the topic first.

“You want to check the Spear of sacrifice, don’t you?”

His appearance and force are not the only things that have changed.

Berenus nodded, admiring inwardly, and the Fifth Prince stood up from the sofa and Lisefield stepped aside.

“I can’t take it out very often, so make sure to see throughly.”

As he stretched out his hand and operated his vitality, a grayish white energy flowed out to form a spear.

With the majestic energy unique to ancient relics flowing thickly, Berenus felt his heart shake, even though Raymond consumed only little vitality to maintain the appearance of the Spear.

“It must really be the Spear of sacrifice.”

Berenus, the owner of the Red Tower, whispered.

A promise that has been passed down for generations.

Berenus, like Lisefield, also remembered the teachings from his predecessors.

“What are you going to do? Red Tower.”

A faint smile spread around Raymond’s mouth as he saw Berenus agonizing between the promise of two thousand years or the Third Prince.

It was not easy for Berenus to make a decision, although he was determined to abide by the promise of two thousand years.

The master of the Red Tower tried to hide his expression, but as time went by, his innermost thoughts were revealed little by little.

“Sir Berenus Kyle.”

The master of the calm voice was Lisefield. He stared at Berenus with a very serious face.

“You must remember the chilling aura of the spear. Didn’t the first tower masters promise this in front of his body?”

Berenus bit his lip to the point where blood leaked out at Lisefield’s words.

A clearer smile spread around Raymond’s mouth.

The old man was doing much better than he thought, then the conflict within Berenus’ has come to an end and it’s time to put a wedge in.

“Sir Berenus Kyle, Master of the Red Tower.”

“Yes, Your Highness the Fifth. I’m listening.”

“Have you already forgotten who saved the Red Tower and the Blue Tower until now?”

No, he didn’t forgot. He was just looking the other way.

Berenus bowed his head.

He remembered himself telling Elias, the best wizard, that he would keep the promise of two thousand years.

It’s only been less than an hour.

But now he was about to enter the path of a coward!

He whipped himself.

“Fifth Prince!”

He raised his head as if he had made up his mind and raised his voice.

“I’m not a coward.”

He had decided. Now it’s time to show his determination. He roughly removed the robed and badge from his chest, which was bestowed by the Third Prince.

“This is my resolution.”

“Well, Master Berenus. This is not necessary.….”

“Sir Lisefield. The information that I have already been here must have already reached the Third Prince’s ears.”

“I suppose so. The Assassins of the Second Prince is helping the Third Prince.”

After a brief conversation with Liseffield, Berenus’ eyes turned again towards Raymond, the Fifth Prince.

“The Red Tower remembers the promise of two thousand years! And I solemnly declare here that I will fullfil it from now on!”

Today, Raymond won over the Red Tower with the Great wizard Berenus.

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The Greatest Extra in history

The Greatest Extra in history

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One day, when I opened my eyes, I became the 5th prince of the empire that appeared in the novel. I was supposed to be happy. But the empire fell and the 5th Prince was horribly killed.


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