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Genius with a healing spirit shop Chapter 9

Watching the sunrise with Aqua, I made plans for this vacation one by one.

‘First of all, we have to save up Magic Stone.’

We could increase Aqua’s current time only if we bought a spirit stone at a spirit store with Magic Stone.

It just so happens that I knew someone who could provide Magic Stone without much difficulty. It was a close colleague of the Academy.

‘And then be strong.’

Having signed with Aqua, I could feel the great spirit power of Aqua.

Aqua really was a spirit worthy of the word Supreme. Besides, she had a dream of becoming a king of spirits.

I had to be strong to be a spiritualist suitable for such an Aqua.

‘Cause I happen to have a trait that can help me grow.’

Items weren’t the only ones sold in the spirit store.

-Random quests sold. –

-We sell quests to grow spiritualist and spirits.-

‘Quests are the best for level-ups.’

There were two main tabs for the Spirit Shop. They were the “Sales List” tab and the “Quest” tab, which showed all the items on sale.

The Spirit Shop was also a commodity for sale, as was its name.

-Random quests sold. –

-We sell quests to grow spirits and spirits.-

-Quests change every week, and the first quest is free of charge.-

[What’s a quest?]

Aqua, who was looking into the spirit shop with me, asked.

“It’s like asking a favor. When the Spirit Shop tells you to do something, you get rewarded for it.”

[Oh, is that a reward for growth?]

“That’s what it is.”

[What an amazing spirit shop!]

The Spirit Shop was classified as a unique characteristic. Unique characteristics often had novel powers or functions compared to general characteristics.

“Then shall we take a quest?”


Touching the window, a free quest was registered on the Quest tab of the Spirit Shop.

-Looking around the human world. –

– Show the human world around for your first-time spirit.-

– Compensation: Spirit Growth. Spiritualist Foundation Growth.-

The quest was simple.

Show Aqua around the human world?

It was so simple that It was a little embarrassing.

I thought of a quest such as stretch my arms 500 times or catch 100 monsters.

In fact, there was an awakener with unique characteristics that strengthened in that way.

[Is this a view of the human world?]

Aqua raised his hands in excitement.

[We’re going to play!]

I smiled at the sight.

‘Yes, it’s not bad that the quest is simple.’

There was no reason to refuse if I could grow up just by having fun with Aqua.

I read the rewards section of the quest window once again.

‘Spiritualist foundation Growth and Spirit Growth.’

My heart pounded.

How will I grow up once I complete that quest? How will Aqua become stronger?

My heart swelled with anticipation.

* * *

My parents’ lodging house was a two-story building.

On the first floor, it consisted of a women’s quarters of our family, a cooking area where guests could use, and a laundry room, the guests’ accommodations were concentrated on the second floor.

I entered the bathroom to wash away my sweat.

[Are you trying to wash up?]
[I can wash you up!]

The water spirits were able to wash away the dirt and sweat in an instant. Water spirits used to wash at a gulp that way.

I smiled at Aqua’s thinking level.

“That’s nice, but why don’t I wash it the way we humans do today?”

[The way humans do?]

“Don’t you want to know how we use water to wash our bodies?”

[I am Curious!]

Aqua even glistened with her eyes.

I turned on the shower with a smile. This would surprise the spirits of the water.


Aqua was also surprised and looked at the shower.

[What is this?]
[This not a spirit, it’s not magic, it’s water! Is this what science is about?]

Aqua had never used a faucet or a shower yet.
Yesterday’s ramen was cooked with her own healing water.

“Science is science. It’s got a lot of technology.”

I took the shower off the rack and handed it to Aqua.

Sitting on the tile with her butt down, Aqua grabbed the shower with her small hands and looked at the stream of water spewing sideways as if it were strange.


The novelty in her eyes slowly changed to curiosity and favoritism.


Aqua tightened her eyes looking at the shower.
Then, the water from the shower stopped. It was the power of the Spirit of Water.

[Ha! It’s the Spirit’s victory! It’s not much of a science thing!]

Aqua shrugged her shoulders and raised her nose.

I laughed at the sight and turned off the faucet on the wall just in case the shower broke down.

Aqua, who was suppressing the water in the shower, seemed to feel it.

[Huh? What?]
[It has already lost its fighting spirit?]

Aqua, who didn’t know the structure or principle of operation of the shower, looked elated as if she thought that the shower had surrendered.

Aqua turned the shower around with a facile face, and the head of the water came close to her face.

At that moment, I got playful and opened the faucet.

Shoot! Shoot!

A sudden stream of water poured down Aqua’s face.


Aqua was flustered and let go of the shower. The shower on the floor wriggled like a snake and spilled water everywhere.

[Moo, what is it? Are you angry?]

Aqua hid behind my back in amazement. I grabbed the shower, trying to hide my face that was bursting with laughter.

[This is my Spiritualist! I can’t believe you’re taking it down at once!]


I couldn’t hold back and burst into laughter.

[What? Why are you laughing?]

After a long laugh, I put the Aqua on my lap and taught her how to use the shower.

[Oh, water comes out when you put this up…]

When Aqua raised the handle of the shower, the shower threw up water.

[If you lower it like this, the water won’t come out]

The shower stopped sharply when I lowered the handle.


Aqua kept her head down for a long time, wondering what she was thinking. Then she jerked her head at me.

[Did you make fun of me?]

She caught something I didn’t want her to caught. I let out a sigh of sadness inside.

Aqua puffed up her cheeks loudly.

Even though I knew it was an expression of anger and betrayal, it was so cute that I almost reached out and poked her cheek without realizing it.

I apologized to Aqua for enduring the desire with my superhuman patience.

“Sorry. I didn’t mean to. I turned it off because I thought it might break down if the water got stuck in the shower, but I turned it on again because you looked disappointed.”

It wasn’t a lie. The neighborhood was a little remote, so if it broke down, my father or I had to fix it.

It doesn’t matter if I were fix it, but I was worried that my father would try to fix it by himself without telling me. In case I get hurt.

But despite my desperate excuse, Aqua’s cheeks grew bigger.

I wondered if I should burst into laughter.

Then, something flashed through my head. During the academy’s class, the professor once told me how to soothe the sulky spirit by chatting.

“I’m sorry. If we go out, I’ll buy you a nice drink.”

[You think I’m am easy to persuade? I’m not attracted to anything but food!]

“It’s better than yesterday’s coke.”


I didn’t miss Aqua’s slight wobble in the eyes.

“It’s a national drink that’s more popular than coke in our country.”

[……National Beverage?]

“Maybe you’ll fall in love with it.”

Aqua was still glancing at me, but the swelling was gradually decreasing.

Then she turned her head with a throbbing sound. It was a bonus to mutter as if to listen.

[Letting go of the Spirit’s mistake is another thing that the Supreme Spirit has to do.]

“Hey, as expected, the Spirit of Water has a wide mercy.”

I comforted Aqua hard and thanked the professor inside.

As expected, learning has always been right.

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Genius With a Healing Spirit Shop

Genius With a Healing Spirit Shop

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[Raise Me!] “Yes…?” [I said raise me!] And then my journey to raise the Supreme Spirit begun.


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1 year ago

— Thanks for the chapter~ ^^

1 year ago

One issue I’ve noticed with the translation, the mc keeps getting referred to as a spirit instead of a spiritualist, which is an important distinction as Aqua is a spirit, and he’s her spiritualist or contractor.

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