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Genius with a healing spirit shop Chapter 8

I opened my eyes to the sound of the usual alarm. It was 6 a.m.

After turning off the alarm, I cleared my mind for a moment. Yesterday’s memories came back as my consciousness slowly returned to my head.

I quickly fell asleep after eating a snack. It was because it was late and the contract consumed a lot of physical strength.


But there was no Aqua nearby.

I jumped out of my seat. Apparently Aqua, who was initially sleeping next to me, was not there.

“No way, was it a dream?’

My heart sank. My fingertips trembled without realizing it.

Then, I felt a bond of the contract in my heart.

Without changing my pajamas, I hurried to go to places to where I could feel the energy of Aqua.

Aqua’s energy was leading outside. I burst out of the door and looked around.


When I turned my head to the snoring sound, I saw a huge rubber basin for guests to wash the sand off their feet containing water .


Aqua was sleeping in it.


[Yum yum…]

Aqua’s face looked peaceful, floating on the water as if she waw taking a lower-body bath.


I crouched down next to her with a sigh.

‘I thought you were gone.’

I looked at Aqua’s sleeping face in relief.


Aqua, whose snoring face is cute, was smiling all over her mouth as to what she was dreaming of.

I stared blankly at the scene and reached out my finger and touched Aqua’s cheek without realizing it.

It was a chubby cheek that resembled a child who did not lose baby fat.

Poeing poeing-.

The ball flexed its fingers. It was a fun feeling like poking a water balloon with a finger.


As I fiddled for a long time, my short arm stirred through the air as if not to.

I wanted to say something, but I couldn’t say anything because I was sleepy, so I said, “Stop it.”


The figure was so cute that I couldn’t stop my fingers. This time, I grabbed Aqua’s nose with my index finger and thumb.


Aqua turned her head and slipped out of my finger.


I just couldn’t stop it.

Eventually, I kept flicking her cheeks until I got scolded by Aqua.

* * *

“Whoosh, whoosh.”

I ran along the sandy beach looking at the rising morning sun. I had a tire wrapped at my waist.

Even when I was at the Academy, I didn’t miss every morning’s training. I always set an alarm at dawn for that.

When a person pushes through their limits, they have a sudden surge of Strength. F-Rank is a bit better compared to ordinary people, but A-Rank or S-Rank was really superhuman.

Training is a must because I had to take classes among those peers.

‘And now that Aqua is with me, I have to work harder.’

I couldn’t be someone that will embarrass Aqua

Aqua was riding on my neck. I wanted her to go down as she would get dirty, but Aqua refused.

[I heard from the Undines that humans warm up when they exercise. What’s more, I’ll cool you down!]

Rather, she clung to me more by saying that. Thanks to that, I could run as cool as wearing a cool pack.

Running for about 20 minutes, I slowed down and took a breath.

After resting for a while, Aqua sounded a little hazy.


Aqua was looking at the rising sun.

[It’s like the sea is giving birth to the sun.]

“Ahaha, that’s a funny analogy.”

Perhaps with Aqua, today’s sunrise was more beautiful than usual.

The sky was divided into two colors. The sky in the direction of sunrise was red, but the sky above the sea was clear blue.

The two unlikely colors were naturally combined to color the sky beautifully.

The sunlight from the sun drew a long shadow of the cloud over it. Aqua muttered at the sight.

[I never thought the meeting of the sea and the sun would be so beautiful]

Aqua seems to be her first to see the sunrise down near the sea. Perhaps it was her first time to see the sunrise of the human world itself.

“Is this Aqua’s first time in the human world?”

[That’s the way it is.]

Only then did I understand Aqua’s ignorance of the human world yesterday.

“Is there anything you want to do in the human world?”

[What do I want to do?]

“You said it was your first time in the human world. If you have something you want to do. Or, by any chance, is there such a thing?”

[If that’s the case, I wanted a spiritualist!]

Aqua hugged my head tightly.

[Next, I want to be king of spirits!]

I laughed a little at the sudden huge aspirations.

But that’s what it has to be in order to have an aqua-like aspiration. It was an Aqua with a high Pride, so it would be better if she wished for that much.

“Then I’ll have to get ready.”


“Ready to become the Spirit of the Great Supreme Spirit.”

Aqua didn’t talk for a moment, but she put more strength in her arm that hugged my head.

[Great mindset!]

It was a voice full of trust and favor.

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Genius With a Healing Spirit Shop

Genius With a Healing Spirit Shop

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[Raise Me!] “Yes…?” [I said raise me!] And then my journey to raise the Supreme Spirit begun.


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1 year ago

— Thanks for the chapter~ ^^

1 year ago

“arousal strengthens physical strength”
Lol I’m not sure what word that’s supposed to be but arousal does not sound right

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