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Genius with a healing spirit shop Chapter 7

Aqua tapped her stomach after emptying all the Zure.

[It was delicious!]

I was briefly struck by the empty Zure.

“Is this what the Spiritualist do?”

There was a reason why spirity didn’t care about gate hunting or anything, other than playing with spirits every day.

There was no way I could have seen such a cute creature next to me.

Thinking so suddenly made all the spirits in the world reprehensible.

“This is how all the other spiritualist lived, except me?”

I felt betrayed. I can’t believe they’re the only ones watching this nice and cute thing.

There were also spirits on YouTube, but the real spirits were incomparable to the video.

‘No, maybe Aqua is just exceptionally cute.’

In the first place, Aqua was different from other Undines with her body shape. Aqua’s cuteness was Aqua’s cuteness.

Thinking so suddenly reminded me of what the professor said when I was taking a spirit study class at the Academy.

Be careful not to lose your reasons.
Ninety percent of the Spiritualist fight starts with whose Spirits are cuter.

After reviewing the class for a while, I shook my head.

‘No, it’s a fact that Aqua is cuter than other spirits.’

If the professor had seen Aqua, he would have agreed with me.

The ramen is cooked while I’m thinking like that.
“Well, shall we taste the ramen that Aqua cooked?”

[Oh! Is it done?]

With Aqua’s anticipated eyes, I opened the lid of the cup noodle.

The soup was just below the lid. The line was well over the mark.

It’s almost Han River.

I didn’t have time to tell Aqua about water control a little while ago when she poured water.

‘What’s the point of that. Aqua’s sincerity is more important.’

It was overflowing, so I picked up chopsticks carefully.

“Looks delicious?”

[Hee hee hee!]
[Help yourself!]

Aqua looked at me with a look of anticipation. I put a spoonful of ramen in my mouth with a more exciting gesture to respond to the look.



I was genuinely surprised. The condition of the noodle was not normal ramen. I thought I was eating something chewy and firm like I was eating naengmyeon.

I then took a sip of the soup.


With just one spoonful, I unconsciously sounded like a 60-year-old old man in a hot tub.

It must have been bland. There was a lot of water, so it was bound to be bland.

But the soup was so clear and deep. It was a bland but deep taste that I felt when I first ate Pyongyang naengmyeon.

[Is it good?]

“It’s so delicious!”

[You’re such a baby! This is also my first time cooking!]

Aqua crossed her arms and held her chest straight forward.

It was a cartoon-like pose, but it was enough to express her full and overflowing pride.

“Have you ever cooked in the spirit world?”

[I didn’t!]
[I’ve never heard of the word “cooking” from Undine who has been to the human world before!]

As expected, the basis of cooking was water. Aqua, who didn’t initially know about cooking, actually cook something delicious with her water.

[Human beings love healing water]

At the word “healing water,” I almost heard a squirt while drinking the soup.

“Is the water in here something that can heal?”

[The best healing water ever made by this body!]

Healing water is a panacea made by the spirits of water, and its healing power itself is one level lower than that of potion, but it was superior in its universality.

It is a valuable water that many guilds and companies are scrambling to purchase, and it has also been a reliable source of income for water spirits.

In other words, it was expensive.

‘How much was the healing water?’

The healing water was at least 100,000 won for a bottle of 100 millimeters. This Han River cup noodle contains 400 millimeters of water. I mean…

“400,000 won.’

The monthly rent for the dormitory I lived in was 200,000 won a month. I’ve been eating cup noodles worth of two months now.


I was amazed.

‘This Ramen is also expensive.’

For the first time ramen, which usually costs 1,000 won at the most, would change its taste if it went up to 200,000 won if value.

I reached out to the coke I had just taken out to thank you for showing me a new indicator of the dish, Ramen.

“Well, Aqua should try drinking the special water of the human world.”

[Oh, I almost forgot!]

I took the lid off the coke can and handed it to Aqua.

Aqua received a can of coke and looked at it with curious eyes.

[What an amazing bottle of water!]

Aqua grabbed the can with the same size as her forearm with both hands and sniffed.

[Oh, it’s not only sugar but also carbonated!]

“Do you know carbonation?”

[Of course! There’s sparkling water in the spirit world!]

Then she curiously tilted the can of coke.

Oh my god!

It was just a sip. Aqua trembled with just that.


Aqua trembled from the end of the bridge to the tip of her head and fell sideways. I burst out laughing at the sight.

“You’ve only had one sip!”

It’s also a sip with that little mouth. Did she drink 20 millimeters? Aqua wheezed herself up.

[Carbonation in the human world…… powerful! It’s not even comparable to the carbonation of the spirit world!]

Then she tilted the can again and started drinking coke.

Oh, my god.

However, she couldn’t swallow it twice and took off her mouth again.


Then she grabbed her throat and rolled over the table.


I burst into laughter once again at the sight.

Aqua was able to finish a whole can of coke after rolling around for 10 minutes.
Aqua, who emptied all the cans, gasped and held the empty cans high up in the sky.

[I Win!]
[Carbonated water in the human world, it’s nothing!]

Aqua’s body was swaying and colored black. Cola was mixed in her body made of water.


I burst into laughter once again.

[What’s so funny!]

Aqua belatedly checked her physical condition.


I burst into laughter once again at the dazed voice.

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Genius With a Healing Spirit Shop

Genius With a Healing Spirit Shop

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[Raise Me!] “Yes…?” [I said raise me!] And then my journey to raise the Supreme Spirit begun.


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— Thanks for the chapter~~~!! ^^

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