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Genius with a Healing Spirit Shop Chapter 6

The journey home was short notice.

[This is home!]

Aqua looked around the house diligently.

[It’s a nice place full of warm energy!]

Traces of my parents were all over the house. I felt better and headed to the kitchen with Aqua on my shoulders.

I searched the cupboard in the kitchen for snacks.

My parents didn’t really like junkies, so the cup noodles I bought the last vacation remained the same.

‘I’ll have to eat this.’

I turned on the pot and opened the cup noodles.

[What is that?]

“It’s ramen.”

[Oh, that’s what ramen is!]

“Do you know about it?”

[I’ve heard a lot from the Wonders! It’s one of the spirits’ favorite foods!]

Aqua jumped off my shoulder and landed gently on the table. Aqua asked while looking at the cup noodles as if it was something amazing.

[Are you cooking now?]
[How do you do that?]

“You can pour hot water here.”

[It needs hot water?]

Aqua glistened her eyes and put her hands together over the cup noodles.


Before I said anything, hot water formed between Aqua’s hands, and it was dropped on the cup noodles.


Aqua looked back at me with arms folded with triumph.

[What do you think?]
[My cooking skills!]

Aqua’s nose is raised.

I laughed quietly. What Aqua did now was not something to hear in the cooking world.

However, seeing her so proud made me wonder if she could do anything.

“Great, Aqua.”

I reached out and stroked Aqua’s head.

Aqua’s hair was soft and smooth as if stroking seaweed in the water.


Aqua looked surprised and soon her face melted gently.


Aqua, who had a hazy expression on her face, made a [Purr] sound and straightened herself up and pushed my hand away.

[Don’t touch my head!]

I asked, cleaning my hand in regret.


[Dignity of the highest spirits will perish!]

Pride was a strong trait of Aqua.

“It’s okay in front of me your my spirit.”

[But you can’t!]
[The hair is not allowed! It’s forbidden!]

“All right.”

I nodded my head obediently. There will be plenty of opportunities in the future anyway.

I closed the lid of the cup noodle with aqua water.

“Now I just have to wait three minutes.”

[Should we wait?]

“That’s the time it takes place to cook.”

I sat on the chair and took my hand from my pocket. Aqua jerked her head at me when he heard the rustling of the Zure bag.

I took out the Zure with a smile.

“Shall we eat this while we wait for the ramen to cook?”

[But wouldn’t it be delicious to eat together?] Aqua asked in a flash.

“Don’t worry—you have more to eat.”

I opened the refrigerator and took out a can of coke. Aqua’s eyes are round.

[What the hell is this?]

“It’s delicious water. Now, let’s start with Zure.”

[I see!]

Aqua sat on the table with her butt down and took the whole tube to her mouth.

However, she drank a few times and took out the Zure.

[What is this?]

Aqua poked at the vinyl wrapped around Zure.

The spirit system was a place of nature at the beginning of the world. They have never seen vinyl before.

“I’ll open it for you.”

I was handed a churros-like snack and ripped off the top of the vinyl with my fingernails.
A transparent, sticky liquid began to flow out of the tube.

“Is this the sap of a spirited water?”

As I looked at it for a moment, Aqua snapped at my hands as if she couldn’t wait. And bit the end of the tube as it was.


At the same time, my heart sank. I pressed my left chest empty-handed.

Aqua ate the contents of the tube diligently.

When the amount of Zure was insufficient, I pressed my hand to squeeze more Zure, and if the angle was uncomfortable, I turned my head around.

Hoot! Hoot!

She was so cute that my heart almost ached.

But I couldn’t take my eyes off Aqua.

The world’s serious eyes focused on food, the cheeks every time I munch, the hair that automatically flutters as if it reflects the good mood, and the position of my hands on top of that, holding my heels as hard as I can.

‘Is this a spirit… !’

It wasn’t the cuteness of the world.

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Genius With a Healing Spirit Shop

Genius With a Healing Spirit Shop

Score 6.2
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[Raise Me!] “Yes…?” [I said raise me!] And then my journey to raise the Supreme Spirit begun.


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