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Genius with a Healing Spirit Shop Chapter 5

While I was out of my mind for a moment because of Aqua’s cheeks, Aqua turned again and tapped on the spirit shop window.
[Let’s find out what this is!]

“I have to.”

I managed to turn to the spirit shop, too.

Welcome to the Spirit Shop!-

When I touched the window that had been floating a while ago, the contents changed.

– We’ll give 100 coins to celebrate your first visit!-

When I touched it again, the notification window disappeared, and the spirit shop came to mind.

[Wow! That’s amazing!]

Aqua reached out and touched the spirit shop and turned it around.

I watched Aqua stretch out her short, chubby fingers to look around the store.

It was a shorthand that fits perfectly with the word “really brackish.”

Aqua went to the “Sales List” tab of the Spirit Shop.

Several items were listed on the sales list as square pictures.

The small name written on the bottom of the picture really felt like looking at a mobile game store window.

[This is all?]

Aqua looked at the items on the screen and asked.

“I think I can see other things if I grab the side here and scroll down.”

I taught Aqua how to scroll down.

[Oh! That’s a lot!]

As Aqua said, the Spirit Shop was selling numerous items.

Salt, candles, waterproofing, random boxes?

The spirit shop was selling all sorts of things. Even the quest was on sale.

Among there was one thing that caught my eye. It was a rough-looking stone, and the name “Spirit Stone” was written on it.

“Wait a minute.”

I heard that name in one of the classes at the Academy. As I recall, it was obviously a very helpful item for us.

I touched a picture of a spirit stone. Then a little window with details came to mind.

-Spirit Stone

-Stone filled with spirit energy. It recharges the spirit power of spirits.

-Price: 1,000 coins

It was an item that could recharge the spirit power of spirits as learned in class.


Aqua admired whether she felt the same way.

Aqua now was in the same state as a wild spirit. In other words, she is continuing her career by playing with her own spiritual power.

If the spirit power ran out, the only way left was to return to the spirit world.

‘But this will keep Aqua’s reign alive.’

I spoke to Aqua excitedly.

“Aqua, if I had this, I wouldn’t have to worry about you going back anymore.”

[Is that so?]

Aqua gently stroked the spirit shop window with a happy face.


Aqua patted the shop window several times. I was thankful for the spirit shop, too.

“The problem is the coin.”

The price of the Spirit Stone is 1,000 coins. On the other hand, all I had was 100 coins I just received.

‘There must be a way to recharge the coin.’

Just in case, I touched the bottom right of the spirit store, the part marked ‘100 coins’. Then the information window came to mind.

– You can charge the coin used in a spirit shop using the magic stone.-

[What’s the magic stone?]

“It’s a rock with the magic you can get from catching monsters.”

Monsters could be caught inside the gate, which was difficult to enter unless one was a formal hunter or soldier.

However, the stone itself was easier to find than the spirit stone.

In particular, students at the academy could communicate with a person who handled the Magic Stone by crossing a few bridges.

I smiled and hugged Aqua gently.

“Don’t worry—I can get the Magic Stone.”

[Good for you!]

Aqua smiled brightly, and then began searching the spirit shop again, she was very carefree.

In addition to the spirit stone, there were many useful items in the spirit store. Among them, there was an item that raised the rating of “Spirit Friendliness”.

-The blessing of the spirit world.

– Raise the user’s <Spirit Friendliness> to the Pinnacle.

-Price: 10,000 coins

‘I can’t believe I can raise the “Spirit Friendliness” rating to the Pinnacle!’

Spiritualist all over the world would scream if they heard about it. I, too, screamed inside.

At that time, Aqua pointed at something and screamed.

[Oh, I have to buy this!]

The item Aqua pointed to was a long tube reminiscent of junk food sold at stationery stores.


– Spirits snack. It’s a favorite snack for spirits.

-Price: 5 coins

[Zure! Zure!]

Aqua grabbed my arm and shook it. The pestering appearance made me smile around my mouth.

“Yes, let’s buy.”

I touched the product.

-Payment completed.-

The coin in the corner of the screen has been reduced from 100 to 95.


With him, light clumped up in the air and something fell off. It was a small tube filled with the contents of something.

I picked it up with my hand.

‘This is what you call Zuru.’

It’s the first time I’ve actually seen it, but I’ve heard it many times in academy classes.

As the explanation says, it is a snack that the spirits love.


Aqua reached out both hands to Zure. I smiled and handed the Zure over to her.

Aqua accepted the snack and rubbed it against her cheeks. A happy smile spread around Aqua’s mouth.

[Hehe! It was a shame, I couldn’t eat for a while!]

Aqua looked up at me as if he was about to eat Zure.

[Don’t you have anything to eat?]]


[Won’t it be fun to eat together?]

She was right.

“Then shall we go back home?” I asked with a smile.

[Oh, you mean the nest! Let’s go!]

I tried to get up with the Aqua in my arms, but changed my mind, and lifted her, and put her on my shoulder.


Aqua hugged my head a little surprised.

[What is this?]

“It’s a horse ride.”

[Horse ride?]

“Hold on tight so you won’t fall off.”

I got up from my seat.

Surprised by the sudden elevation, Aqua added strength to embrace my head. It felt as if I was sleeping on a water pillow.

After a few steps, Aqua quickly adapted and sounded excited.

[Oh! It’s high! It’s fun!]

Aqua grinned. I held onto her legs in case Aqua fell off and smiled with delight.

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Genius With a Healing Spirit Shop

Genius With a Healing Spirit Shop

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[Raise Me!] “Yes…?” [I said raise me!] And then my journey to raise the Supreme Spirit begun.


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