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I am just an ordinary office worker Chapter 17

While Lee Sung-han was enjoying the weekend, a new forum topic on caused an uproar.

The thread can only be accessed by players in

The forum of the website is usually used to share knowledge about quests and monsters. It’s a place full of threads asking for advice.

On the forum topic, where many people choose to remain anonymous, a new topic was posted.

[Titled: New findings I am quite baffled of.

Author: Jun

There’s no one who isn’t aware of the new sub-quest of “Finding Ian.”

Recently I have been in search of new clues and I happened to get a book this time.

It was a book about Edward Alvaro, the current emperor.

The current emperor was crowned Emperor, about 25 years ago, at the age of 28.

What’s surprising was the war that lasted almost 10 years before then.

I know reading about history story is boring, so I’ll summarize it and get straight to the point.

In the book that I read, there was someone who could be considered the hero.

He’s a commoner, and he’s from Veraford.

The current emperor appointed him as a knight and helped him participate in the war, as you know, commoner aren’t allowed to participate.

Did you get what I am pointing at?

That’s right. It’s him! That commoner is Sir Ian.

It is said that he still uses the name Ian without his last name.

The current emperor tried to grant him the position of Count and give him a estate, but he refused and returned to his hometown of Veraford.

Of course, everyone seems to treat him as a temporary aristocrat.

Anyway, he’s not only a hero to La Elta but also to the people of Veraford.

Unlike now, Veraford before was an abandoned place where the monster might break out at anytime, however, Sir Ian almost annihilated the monster and now Veraford is safe.

According to a villager I talked to, Sir Ian has left Veraford in order to subjugate monsters.

He also said that the largest mansion in Veraford is the property of Sir Ian.

I went to see him first, but the butler said that he isn’t currently there.

All right, everybody, complete your quests~]


– Is the info reliable?

– No, no. I think this is real. It’s written by Jun. His title is Reading King, so this information should be quite accurate.

-Thank you.

-Thank you for the information. Let’s try to complete the quest.

[Titled: I recently read this novel

Author: Anonymous

Has anyone read the novel “50 Years in La Elta”?

I don’t think many have read it so far.

This is the link.

I knew that I heard the name Ian somewhere, and when I came back to read some novel I stumbled on this while searching on my reading list.

The protagonist is named Ian, his hometown is Veraford and he is a commoner knight

The novel is all about wars and fighting monsters.

There’s a part about refusing to being the count and coming back to Veraford to live in his mansion.

Did you know when this novel was written?

3 years ago…]


-When I read how the author write, I immediately drop it.

-The author must have picked up a history book and copied it from somewhere.

-So did a player wrote this?

-Hey, but isn’t everything written here true?

-No way, only basics information are true, and the rest is fiction.

-I used to read this novel. Just the first episode. I asked about Ian’s habits in the first episode, but the author didn’t answer…


Several similar posts were posted and the forum topic was noisy for a while.

Most people say that the player happens to have some good information and wrote the story.

However, two days later, a new post was posted.

[Titled: Transcendental Guild Member

Author: Anonymous

First, I’ll certify you as a member of the Transcendental Guild.

(Personal ID hidden)


If you don’t believe me, I’ll take a first come, I’ll post more proofs.

I read the trending novel yesterday.

In the 23rd episode, Ian’s sword smith was in Veraford, so I’ve been there.

You know the blacksmith’s on the left-hand side of the quest board?

I asked him about this blacksmith from the the novel, and he said it was his father.

He’s lying on bed, and I barely met him after 10 sub-quest that his son gave me.

When I asked if Ian’s sword was made by him, he was so surprised because he was the only one who knew about it.

Now, the question is… How did the author came to know it?

The name of the sword in the novel is correct, and the ingredients are correct.

I don’t think this is an ordinary novel.

We’re looking for the author in our guild, too.]


-How come you are from Transcendental Guild if each of their rookies has set dates to enter La Elta?

-I could go immediately because the dates overlap. If you don’t believe me, here is a photo of my sched. (Picture)

– Anonymous, please shot yourself on your forehead and prove it!

– Are you out of your mind?

– Next to your ID, take a picture of yourself with a V and write today’s date.

– Here you go. (Photo and date while face is hidden behind a bear emoji)

– Wow, then this is certified from Transcendental Guild.

– If this is true, shouldn’t we start with that novel as a clue?

– I can’t believe you’re a Transcendental Guild member.


[Titled: The author of 50 years in La Elta]

Author: Anonymous

The only people who knew about the sword were the blacksmith and Sir Ian, and if the blacksmith had never spoken about it to anyone else, it would have been Sir Ian.

That means that the writer knows Sir Ian.

The possibilities are as follows:

1. It’s Ranker.

He may be an unofficial ranker or a top ranker who secretly dreamed of becoming a novelist. Sir Ian, seem most likely to have met with him and heard this from him. He wrote a novel based on that, and sadly, sadly, no one wanted to read it.
However, considering that novel was written 3 years ago, it doesn’t make sense that even if he were an early awakening player, he became close enough to meet Sir Ian in person to listen to his personal history.
I don’t think this os possible even if it is the great Lee Sung-hyun.

2. Skill Capability

You know, there’s a prophecy skill. Maybe not the future, it’s the past. It’s a little different
He kept dreaming Sir Ian’s past, and he tried writing it as a novel because he my think he got some novel inspiration, and not exactly a skill.
Maybe he didn’t now he’s capable of that. Sometimes hidden skills are not registered in the status window. Something that requires certain conditions to be achieved or something like that.

3. It’s a regressor.

This sub-quest and other related future players.
That’s why he knew all the details.
He got back in time and gave us a hint.
He may want us to met Sir Ian and finally finished this La Elta

4. Sir Ian has moved dimensionally.

Sir Ian moved to Earth or was reborn in Earth.
Why is such a great person so bad at writing? He only held a sword in his life, so he had never held a pen.


-What’s number three and four? Stop reading novels.

-Has anyone been reading memories or talking nonsense lately? I really doubt that the one who wrote that is Sir Ian. LOL

-There’s a possibility of number two, but… Hidden Skill. Isn’t that a rumor?

-Just a rumor. It’s a piece of crap that came from a kid in America whining to the state that he had a hidden skill and that the way to unlock it was to spend 100 million dollars.


When the novel, which received no attention initially, got a surge in the number of views and comments overnight.

The number of comments were posted was tens or hundreds of comments a day.

However, Lee Sung-han, the Author, did not know all of this.

He is not a player, so he can’t read the recent trending topics.

Also, he haven’t log-in for the past three years on the novel site.

After the weekend, Lee Sung-han came back to work on Monday.

As soon as he came in the company, he was already yawning while organizing Excel files

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I Am Just an Ordinary Office Worker

I Am Just an Ordinary Office Worker

The OP but ordinary office worker
Score 9.6
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2020 Native Language: Korean
Class C player Kim Han-bi stood still and looked at the big monster in front of her. To be exact, she was looking at the wreckage of the shattered monster. “This… what the hell…” No way. In Korea. No, in the whole world. She have never seen a player who can break a big monster into pieces with just a fist. If one or two of such players existed, the monster’s population would be half of the current existing ones. Kim Han-bi turned her head toward the man who created this mess. The man, wearing a black plastic bag over his head, was riding on a bicycle while brushing off the blood from his suit. “Oh, I am so bloody. This blood doesn’t come off easily.” “Hey…” The man on the bicycle turned his head towards the voice calling him. Of course, what Kim Han-bi faced was not a face with eyes, nose, and mouth, but a black plastic bag. ‘How did you get rid of the monsters? Did you know the monster would show up? Is the one you just used a skill? Why are you wearing a plastic bag?’ All kinds of questions lingered in her head, but there was only one question that came out from her mouth. “Who are you?” The man in the plastic bag answered Kim Han-bi’s question in a very refreshing way. “I’m an office worker.” “What?” “I’m just an ordinary office worker.”


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(Not) A NEET
(Not) A NEET
6 months ago

They always just seem to be missing each other huh….

One thing that confuses me is that it’s been three years since he woke up? When was the whole players being transferred to La Elat then? Was that six months before he woke up from his coma? I’m kinda confused about the timeline.

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