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I Became a sick nobleman Chapter 2.2- Let’s Live for now (2)

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I Became a sick nobleman Chapter 2.2- Let’s Live for now (2)

I Became a sick nobleman Chapter 2.2- Let’s Live for now (2)

Somehow, only Cassion appeared in the novel. Was he just not there?’ "There were originally about five people, including me, but I cut them all off when I was planning to assassinate you." “It’s a waste of money because you’re dying?” "That's what it is." "Anyone else who's gonna kill me?" Cassion suddenly turned the dagger. Cassion smiled lightly when Ruel made an impression. "Oh, I'm sorry. Habits don't change at once. It's not a butler's job." "The butler keeps his master. From now on, include it." “It's far-fetched, but I understand.” Cassion was open-minded. It's as if you're fulfilling the wishes of someone who's about to die. I don't even know my feet are tied. "The others don't know. At the meeting, I only saw it once. We're not even close to each other." "Are you here?" "No." At the moment, Casion's eyes came to life. My weak body reacted quickly to that life and pressed my heart. Ruel grabbed his heart and called Cassion. "………Cassion." "I'm so sorry." Cassion got out of place and bowed his head. Cassion had just been hit by work, so he sweated coldly. Cassion will be getting more and more aware of the efficacy of the contract. "So?" After inhaling Breath, Ruel opened his mouth. Cassion hesitated unanswered. "I didn't want to touch my prey, so I killed them all. At least not in this mansion." It was as it came out in the novel. He spoke silently at the sound that sounded like his pride. "Organize everything out of the house." "I know it's a little annoying, but...…I understand." "What are you doing with the report to my cousin, or to the rabbit?” "Report…… No, the rabbit is you. I can't let this go." Cassion smiled peacefully. Yeah, Cassion was that kind of guy. He's weird enough to have a discussion with the enemy until something's wrong in the middle of a fight. "If I were a rabbit, what would he look like?" “Well, a slug would be okay.” "So, what are you doing with the report to Gumbeng?” "The report sends a letter once a week. I originally reported it on the phone, but I took it a month ago." At the end of the conversation, I said, "Don't be cheap.…,' Cassion said in a smallly. “What about the report?” "To be honest, it's more like a medical journal that writes down your condition.  How sick it was, you vomited several times a day. How much did the fever go up and so on?" Ruel raised the corners of his mouth. This is a report that confirms when he will die. That’s good. There won't be any trouble moving. "Keep reporting like a medical journal." "Yes, sir." "What do I need to know?" "Tomorrow, slugs will come." Ruell didn't chew the apple, but made an impression. "Why?" "If you ask me why, I can only tell you that it's a regular event.” It's a regular event...…. ‘It's hard to tell a supporting actor who's close to extras in the novel.’ This was the world of fiction, but it was real. Ruel smiled a rather hard-looking smile. It was because my head ached. "Tomorrow when?" “As usual, it comes about 3-4 pm.” 'That's plenty.' Ruel put down his fork and looked out the window. The sun was already setting. It is tomorrow. Tomorrow, I could get out of this heavy, stuffy body. “Is it possible to deal with the outside of the mansion within today?” "of course. How do you handle the body?” "do it yourself." "Okay, I'll take care of it so it doesn't bother you." Cassion got up from his seat. Ruel's skinny complexion became whiter. I was getting sick again. Pressing as a pain reliever has gradually come to a limit. "Please take a rest for today. Don't you have a headache?" No one knew of the disease that Ruel had. It wasn't that Cassion didn't do anything. He was the one to kill anyway, but he thought he should at least know what disease he died of. While Ruel was sleeping, he called the doctors. Illness of unknown cause. That was Ruel's disease. Cassion laid down Ruel. He was just a newborn baby who could do nothing without himself, no matter how imposing he was.


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