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I Became a sick nobleman Chapter 2.3- Let’s Live for now (2)

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I Became a sick nobleman Chapter 2.3- Let’s Live for now (2)

I Became a sick nobleman Chapter 2.3- Let’s Live for now (2)

"Cassion." "Yes." "I'm going out tomorrow." He's going out. Cassion looked at Ruel with a subtle look at the nonsense. "I'm going out." Ruel spoke again with an impression. He didn't seem to know what he was talking about. Cassion, who sighed lightly, spoke seriously. "Mr. Ruel." "Why?" "Nevertheless, don't rush a short life and lie down nicely." The look Ruel showed today was pretty good. Of the last half year, he liked it the most. So he sincerely advised. "Cassion." Ruel smiled like a villain. "I'm not dying." The eyes revealed beyond the pale complexion were filled with flames. "So I'm going out." Cassion was speechless. What do you mean by such strong willed eyes? Ruel, who gave in to death, who he knew, was not here. "Mr. Ruel." "I won't tell you anymore." What the hell is this about? I knew how deep his condition was and how painful he was because I saw him from the side. What in the world made him move. - Even if it's like this. I want to protect Setyria. The words that shook one's heart. Suddenly I remembered it. Cassion clenched his fist. “Is it because of Setyria that you are so stubborn? Are you doing that because you are going?” Ruel looked at himself without saying a word. The fading flame was brighter and grander than ever. "Okay. I'll get ready. " Still, as a person who served, I think it's the butler's virtue to grant his or her last wish. Cassion bowed his head determinedly. "Have a good rest." There was no sound of footsteps. I couldn't hear the door closing. Ruel later recognized that Cassion had left. He looked at the door with an absurd face. '… … What is he saying now?' He brought up Setyria by himself, and he made up his mind and left. 'Oh, I don't know. I'll just have to go out.' Ruel couldn't think of others at leisure. My head throbbed. I felt like I was cutting myself. He struggled with unfamiliar pain and suffering. After groaning for a long time, Ruel couldn't win over his eyes and his cold drooped. * The night has come. The sound of a torch was heard. Casion moved his feet without a sound and sang his hum. He was on the way back from checking on Ruel who fell asleep. Today, his face was full of pain, whether he fainted after suffering from pain. A poor fellow. The assassin himself disguised himself as a butler for a request, but he thought it would not be bad to be a real butler for a short time since he signed a contract. I turned the dagger in both hands. The owner ordered me to kill the flies, so I'll follow him. He showed his life on purpose. Hehe. Cassion grinned at the instant memory. 'Five, three unprovoked. You missed a lot. I'll have to scold you.' I took a step after unbuttoning my suit. Cassion's feet were in the shadows, and his hands caught all the flying memory. His purple eyes glowed for an instant. All the memorization that was captured was scattered in powder. Weapon tracking. Cassion was completely sucked into the shadows. Where he reappeared was behind the enemy hiding behind the flower bed, killing the sound of breath. The dark scent of blood hung behind the dagger, which was swung at once as if drawing a line. 'I got one.' Cassion hid in the shadows again. When he caught all five of the people who threw a silent memorization, Cassion was back at the first place. There are three left. There was news that the former employer had squandered his assets, but it seemed to be true. Otherwise, he could not have sent such sloppy people against him. While blinking, three people dressed in black appeared. Cassion laughed. "Why did you come here in such a hurry?" I couldn't hear the answer. Since their necks have already been cut off. Blood burst from the cut, and Cassion did not get a single drop. Cassion raised his little finger. My guild member, who was ambushed around the mansion, appeared. "Sir." His voice was smaller than usual because he had done something wrong. “You missed eight people and made me come to my place. The bee is cleaning.” It wasn't because the cleanup was bothersome. It was a punishment to punish a guild member who had become negligent. "I'll take your orders." "One more." Cassion wiped the blood off the dagger and closed the button. “Tomorrow my master is going out. It's been a while since i am going out so don't bother. "Okay." “Yeah, I'll sleep, so put it out neatly.” The excuse to surround the former employer is now in my mind. First, let's say they got into a fight.


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