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I Became a sick nobleman Chapter 2.1- Let’s Live for now (2)

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Ruel used three circumstances so that he could forget about it for granted.

One, Casion who knows that he has an illness.

Another thing is that Ruel, who was stupid, has changed.

Lastly, Cassion’s superiority to drop its head whenever it wants.

Cassion seemed to have a fever because his head couldn’t work.

‘Okay, that’s a very satisfying face.’

Ruel opened his mouth, holding back his desire to smile at any moment.

“I’ll give it to you.”

Cassion’s lips trembled.

You must be upset that you were fooled by your cousin.

“Because I’m going.”

“How do you guarantee that?”

“Let’s sign a contract.”

Ruel patted himself on the chest.

Everyone in the world of ‘SSS-class Knight’ had mana.

Contracts using the mana were common.

“……what are the conditions?”

Not only was the fishing rod bent greatly, but it was also winning the power fight.

Just a little bit more.

“Be a loyal butler until I die.”

Cassion later becomes the main character’s loyal feet and ears.

I’ll take it if I lose it.

I have to live.

There was a light in Casion’s eyes that only shook.

For a request that is simpler than you think, he probably thinks this way. I’ve been watching Ruel for half a year.

‘He’s about to die. Wouldn’t he be okay?’

Cassion couldn’t hide his expression this time. Joy was exposed on the surface.

“Cough, Cough!”

Ruel coughed loudly on purpose.

At the same time, however, the pain felt in his chest made him frowned.

Eventually, the fake cough became a real cough, and something hot flowed from my mouth.

At the moment, I wondered if I was really going to die.


However, when I saw Cassion’s face mixed with joy and embarrassment, I could see a big smile.

“Even like this…….”

Ruel wiped the blood off his mouth and clasped his trembling hands.

“I want to protect Setyria.

I added one more.

He was the head of the assassin guild.

Whether you belong to a family or a guild, you will know your desire to protect.

His delicate expression was erased and he sat as the head of a guild.

“Please eat.”

Cassion held out a paper containing medicine.

“Shouldn’t we sign a contract?”

‘I got caught.’

Ruel coughed and hid his smile.

How to live yourself, the first.

Putting Cassion in your hands.

The contract was concluded normally.

The turbulent day sword will go to Cassion.

Cassion will be a loyal butler until Ruel dies.

“I didn’t say the deadline on purpose. I’d like you to think that we’ve been here for half a year.”


Should I go?

I could give as much as I could if I could, such as a seemingly fine sword.

And I will not die myself.

I’ll get the power left by the hero.

It was the power left by a hero just like his name. He was known to have been scattered all over the world before he died, and if he had all his power, he could become a real hero.

But I didn’t know if I could be a real hero or not.

Even the main character, who had acquired this power, could not gather all his power and tried to figure out the power, but the victory was blurred, so he couldn’t even know who the hero was or what he did.

“Isn’t that funny?”


Square, square.

It was funnier to see the assassin sitting next to him peeling an apple.

“I’m an assassin who came to kill you. I didn’t expect to shave an apple-like this.”

“I’m a butler now.”

Cassion smiled awkwardly.

“When is it today?”

“So, it’s September 11th.”

For the next week.

Unlike the date Cassion promised my cousin to kill me, Ruel was due to die a week later.

My cousin changed his schedule and tried to kill Ruel by sending another assassin besides Cassion, but funnily, Casion killed Ruel first.

He doesn’t like someone to snatch his own food.

After that, the main character appears and solves the Setyria situation…….

‘….Oh, right. There was a protagonist. The Hero.’

The sound of peeling an apple stopped.

“Do you have a headache?”


I had to avoid meeting the main character no matter what.

Just by stepping on his own land, an incident will happen.

It would not be bad to live comfortably and comfortably with the money you have from what you have become.

Of course, before that…….

‘Although living is first.’

“Here you are.”

Ruel asked, eating an apple handed by Cassion.

“Who else is there?”

“What are you talking about?”

“All the time.”

“It’s just me.”


Ruel smiled lightly.

Having come to recuperate, he did not change his position as the head of Setyria.


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