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I became a sick nobleman Chapter 1.2- Let’s Live for now (1)

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I became a sick nobleman Chapter 1.2- Let’s Live for now (1)

I became a sick nobleman Chapter 1.2- Let’s Live for now (1)

"Cassion." A weak voice called Cassion. However, in a different eye than usual, Casion felt the collar of his shirt unusually stuffy. "Yes." Cassion looked at Ruel in response. Nothing has changed. He looked as if he was working today and tomorrow as usual. Ruel drank the soup gracefully with his trembling hands. It was a noble's attitude that did not match that sick face. "Let's not pretend." "……yes?" "Pretend…… Don't be nervous." Ruel stopped talking and breathed in the middle. "Oh, that's annoying." I don't know what's annoying, but I was even more displeased with the eyes of Ruel looking at Cassion. "I don't speak long." “…….” "When do you want to kill me?" One corner of Ruel's dry lips went up. Cassion's hand, which had been folded, was loosened. Laughter leaked from his lips. "Did you know?" He turned into a hunter who saw prey instead of the feeling of anxiety in his eyes. "Of course." Ruel looked at the hunter and answered leisurely. Cassion drew a chair while looking around and sat next to Ruel. Then he unbuttoned his suit and crossed his legs. "I'm going to die two weeks from now because I can't overcome my illness. My cousin, Mineta Setyria, bought it for me?" "That's right." "Even if Setyria wanted it so badly?” "Well, you can tell by the sight that your eyes are full of greed.” Ruel laughed. Cassion's confidence was funny, and Ruel, who had firmly believed in him without knowing that he was an assassin to kill him, was ridiculous. Cassion messed up his neatly arranged hair. "This is very strange." "What?" "I'm sure you didn't know anything until yesterday, how did you know today? Isn't that weird?" "What do you know after only half a year?” After coughing a couple of times, Ruel finished eating the soup. This damn body. I can't even eat comfortably. Cassion took out the dagger he had hidden in his arms and shook it lightly. "It's also a time to know a lot in half a year. Anyway, I'd like to hear what made my master speak out of my mouth.” "Lord." “……?” "Call me……." No matter what anyone says, Setyria's lord was Ruel. Casión stopped the dagger he was waving and was greatly surprised. "You are the most honest person I've ever seen." "You?" At the derisive remark, Ruel returned it as it was. "Because it's me." "Hahahaha!" Cassion dropped his dagger and held his stomach and laughed. To watch how long he laughed, Ruel continued to eat silently. The laughter broke in an instant. "Are you serious?” "Yes." "You're going to die. Not 2 weeks, but today. Do you know how complicated my brain is because of that?" "I won't die." Cassion suddenly got out of place and put the finely folded paper down next to the tray. "This is the medicine you should take today. You know, without this medicine, pain can't last a day." "I won't die." In a determined answer, Cassion smiled and looked at Ruel. "I'm often told that I'm quite easygoing. But you're more than I am." Like a child watching a circus, Cassion was colored with expectations for Ruel. As he said, Ruel, a character in the "SSS-class Knight," was so weak that he could not even survive without medicine. But he was different. Though his body was weak, he wasn't sick enough to think. Ruel raised his finger and pointed at Cassion. "You'll protect me." "……yes?" Suddenly, he gave Cassion a blow. “Heirloom, you want a turbulent day, don't you?" “…….” Cassion shut his mouth. "My cousin's gonna give it to you, right? Although his expression didn't change, it was fully predictable how embarrassed Cassion was now. Cassion was aiming for a sword called Turbulent Day. A sword known to have cut down an evil hero, there was no special force in it anymore. But Cassion is a sword collector. What can he do as a sword collector if he has the opportunity to have the legendary family treasure of Setyria that everyone knows but couldn't have? But he was in the wrong line. "Asshole." A word that was not noble at all popped out of Ruel. Only then did Cassion's mouth move. "What do you want to say?” "Water." Ruel looked at the cup. The initiative in the conversation has been handed over to him. Cassion crumpled his impression and poured the water. Slowly, slowly, he drank the water, making him tired. "Ruel!" In fact, Cassion called his name. "Coming down through the heirloom." “Through the heirloom… … ?” "It's me, Ruel Setyria, that's the main character of Setyria.” Ruel laughed at Cassion and continued. "I'm the only one who knows the location.” “……!” You're being cheated." "I wouldn't…… no." "Asshole." The fishing rod is bent greatly. In the novel, my cousin did not know the location of the heirloom. But the location is obvious. The heirloom was naturally in a safe place with tight security.


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