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I became a sick nobleman Chapter 1.1- Let’s Live For Now (1)

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I was suffocating.

I felt like someone was pressing on my neck.

The man opened his eyes while struggling.

“……huh huh.”

It was too hard to breathe. My headache as if it were squeezing.

‘Crazy, how long did I run yesterday?’

I can’t go to work in this condition.

I felt like I had to take half a day off.

knock, knock

The man turned his head reflexively to the knock on the door.

His eyes widened in an instant.

A wall with a strange picture, a door with a living grain of the wood, and a bed with curtains.

It wasn’t my room.

The man tried to get up from his seat.

Don’t you need to know who the hell has come to your house?

But the blanket was too heavy.

I said, “What’s going on

What on earth is the arm that reminds me of a branch?

What is it?”

The man pulled the blanket with all his might, listening to the rough beating of his heart.

I was out of breath even though I just rolled up the blanket.



The man’s body tilted even before his legs touched the ground.

“Ruel nim !”

The door opened in a hurry.

A man in a black suit approached.

“Are you all right?”


The man looked at him in a suit with a question.

Why is the name so familiar?

The man who appeared to be a butler lifted himself to bed too easily.

“You almost got into trouble. The fever just dropped this morning. Are you hurt anywhere?”

The man asked the butler, who looked around at him.

“………Ruel Setyria?”

That was the only name that came to mind right away. The man became nervous.

“Do you still have a fever, Mr. Ruel?”

The butler carefully put his hand on his forehead with his white gloves on.

“The fever went up again. I’ll get your meds ready right away.”

The man grabbed the butler with his skinny hands.

If the name he said was wrong, he would have said what.

The man gave a hard laugh.



“……the mirror.”

Even talking for a long time took my breath away.

The butler’s ‘Would you like it?’ and the man looked at the butler’s eyes as if he were responding.

The butler bowed his head after much consideration.

“I’ll be right back.”

When the butler left, the man felt his body exhausted as if he had run for an hour.

It couldn’t have been.

No way.

‘Ruel Setyria? The owner of this body, Ruel?’

The man’s eyes were shaken greatly.

Ruel Setyria.

He is a character in the first volume of the web novel ‘SSS-class Knight’.

Sickly aristocrat.

It was a perfect evaluation for Ruel.

Ruel had an unknown disease, but it was not revealed what it was.

How would you know that he died in the middle of the first book?

knock, knock

“I’m going in.”

To Cassion, the butler who brings the mirror.

That man gave a faint smile.

Cassion picked up the mirror and brought it to the man, judging that he didn’t even have the strength to lift the mirror.

Only then did it feel real to see the whole face.

Because of the long illness, the skin was pale and black under the eyes.

Unmanaged gray hair grew unevenly like weeds, and blurred green eyes were distorted.

What a fcking joke.

Ruel Setyria.

He transmigrated as a weak nobleman.


Cassion looked at himself anxiously at the breaking voice of Ruel.

“You’re so pretentious.”

If anyone saw it, he/she could be mistaken for a loyal butler who was worried about his/her owner who was heartbroken after checking his/her broken bones in the bottle.

“Yes, Mr. Ruel.”

Ruel waved his hand lightly.

My body was out of breath just by saying how weak it was.

“Mr. Ruel, are you out of breath?”

Cassion handed something that was sitting on a table that would reach him when he reached out.

The little finger looked like a flute.

“It may be hard for you, but please breathe in this Breath slowly.”

After hesitating for a while, Ruel bit Breath in his mouth.

No matter how much Cassion wants to kill him, it’s not time yet.

As Cassion said, as he slowly inhaled the Breath, something that had been tightening his chest felt loose.

“Don’t hold your breath and use this magic tool.”

‘It’s a magic tool.….’

The unfamiliar words felt familiar.

Ruel looked at the magic tool with a light breath.

That was a cut in his own life from now on.

“Mr. Ruel.”

Cassion’s eyes, which contain worries, did not change. Ruel just looked at him calmly.

“Today’s meal…….”


“No, I’m going to eat. Bring it.”

If you’re sick, you should eat a lot.

Cassion smiled broadly.

“Okay, I’ll get it right away.”

“After taking the medicine.”

“Yes, Mr. Ruel.”

As soon as Cassion went outside, I rubbed my arm.

“Crazy guy.”

Cassion pretended to be a butler, but in fact, he was an assassin.

To be exact, he was an assassin hired by Ruel’s cousin who was aiming for the family, Setyria.

Ruel is a runaway.

Although I was pushed to the outskirts of the territory and lost Setyria to my cousin.

“Cough, cough. “

Ruel gripped his throbbing chest with a sudden cough.

Damn body.

How I wish I could be the main character in the novel.

That’s all the complaints.

Ruel thought it over.

‘SSS-class Knight’ was an unfinished novel.

In other words, they did not know the ending.

What a fucking joke.

Ruel closed his eyes and opened them.

There was a light in his hazy eyes.

‘Let’s live for now. Let’s live.’

He knew how to live without knowing the ending.

“Do you like it?”

Ruel put the spoon down on Cassion’s question.

Cassion looked at me and gently folded his hands.

No matter what else, one of Casion’s acting was giggly.


I was disgusted by him acting like that in front of the patient.

“It tastes bad. “

It may be because of the medicine that Ruel himself takes or the disease, but honestly, I didn’t feel what it tasted like.

“I’m sorry.”

Cassion held his folded hand hard.

Ruel grabbed the spoon again.

“But I’m still going to eat.”

“That’s right, so your body…….”

“Shouldn’t you live?”

Ruel smiled at Cassion.

It was a smile that revealed its insidiousness.

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