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A dungeon beneath my house let me gain 800% EXP Chapter 52

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In any case, I have no intention of ending my relationship with Cheongseong first.

It was Sung-hyun, who had already shown abnormal growth speed that could destroy a guild, and he had to end the fight since he had already started the fight.

Let’s gather all the ingredients, including Oquilia’s eyes, in one place like that way.

A system message burst out with a cheerful sound.

[Promotion quest completed!]

[Successfully gathered all materials within the time limit!]

[Oquilia’s Eye (1 of 1)]

[Intermediate Mana Stone (100/100)]

[Runestone (1500/1500)]

[The promotion of Goblin’s chief, Geard, will proceed!]

“Oh, that’s a headache. It’s not a guild, it’s just a hunter.”

The man leaning against the railing scratched his head.

Standing next to him, Kang Il-hoon was still looking into the document.

The two A-class hunters in Cheongseong are on the street.

At first glance, it seemed that even the top dungeons of the A-rank band had occurred nearby, but in fact, they were wandering around to track down a hunter, not a dungeon.

“It’s a limitation of our ability to track down… I don’t know what it is, but he knows how to erase a trace.”

“Yeah, at first glance, it looks like an inconsiderate person hit the board, but it’s definitely not an amateur.”

Kang Il-hoon nodded.

He has been searching all over the neighborhood for days to find an unidentified hunter who attacked the artist’s guild.

However, there was no clue about him.

Although as many as three teams of Hunters from Cheongseong, including those led by Kang Il-hoon, have been deployed, there has been no progress in the work.

“If they fought quietly, they could cover it up. He devastated the guild with a lot of bullshit. There’s nothing I can do about it.”

The man shook his head grumbling.

Now that the issue has grown this much, it was a must-have opponent for Cheongseong.

If a proper retaliation is not imposed even after a public provocation of the affiliated guild, the name and influence of Cheongseong accumulated so far will be weakened.

“Oquilia’s eyes, which are the most likely clues, seem to have no sign of showing up yet and are quiet as if he’s gone into hiding, so isn’t it highly likely that he’s already flown to another area?”

“That’s certainly a problem.”

Even they have some restrictions on their behavior if they cross the Gangnam area of Seoul.

No matter how Cheongseong was, it could not cause friction with the other nine guilds without countermeasures.

“We’ll have to keep an eye on it at the guild level, but it’s not going to be solved in a short period of time.”

“So we’re getting out of here?”

“Yes, it’s already been said that the focus will be off and handed over to the other team.”

Kang Il-hoon nodded and said.

As the chase is likely to be a long-term battle on a wider range, it has been left to the terminal hunters and their guilds in Cheongseong.

This is because there were more than one or two places that needed manpower right away to keep high-end workers as much as A-level hunters for a long time.

“When I had time, I tried to stop by Sunghyun. There’s no time to breathe. It’s happening in a row.”

Tae-san and Paju.

Dozens of affiliated guilds have already been divided due to friction between the two giant guilds that dominate the Gyeonggi area.

The side was noisy, so he couldn’t help but pay attention to Cheongseong’s position.

It seems to have been a lull since the last battle, but now the other side has been troubled.

“I knew it would end up like this, but… I guess it’s because of the Incheon guys who are in such a hurry.”

“Yes, the recent movement of Baekryong is unusual, so we will be deployed to the border area.”

Their rush to move was to prepare for dungeon-related friction in the disputed area.

Recently, the Baekryong Guild in Incheon broke down four large guilds in succession and ate up Bucheon.

Baekryong, one of the nine largest guilds, has been aggressively expanding in hopes of entering the Seoul area, but their recent moves have crossed the line.

“Well, honestly, I’m not worried. The flies are getting tangled up trying to dip their feet in Seoul, not just yesterday and today.”

The man grinned and said.

In the past, Seoul was the first place where dungeons occurred in Korea.

Perhaps related to that, there have been many powerful dungeons in Seoul.

It was also related to the fact that the two largest guilds, which divide Seoul, ruled as the two largest guilds.

That’s why guilds from other regions, including Baekryong, tried to enter Seoul somehow.

Before the establishment of this structure, which was completely dominated by the two major guilds and divided into Cheongseong and Hwashin.

Countless guilds and hunters shed enormous blood to get Seoul.

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