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A dungeon beneath my house let me gain 800% EXP Chapter 51

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The painter’s guild was devastated overnight.

As much as it was so noisy, the news began to spread immediately from the next day.

News from all channels dealt with the shocking raid.

It’s not a conflict between local guilds, it’s a devastating one of Chengseong’s own guilds.

At first, many speculated that it might have been the work of a rival guild, including Hwashin, but that was not the case.

It turned out that it was not a group but a single individual hunter who wiped out the artist guild.

– What the hell are you talking about? Did he sweep the guild by himself?

– He even stole the safe.

-Lol. Crazy. He used the Qingxian guild to make his own money.

– But how do you deal with the consequences? Aren’t you going to war with Cheongseong?

– What kind of war? He’ll be buried somewhere in the dark by now.

The comments are running hot with their tails.

The Internet community was also making a fuss over the exclusive news that shook the Gangnam area.

Hunter declared war on Cheongseong.

Seeing that he broke the guild alone, it would not be an ordinary skill, but there were a series of speculative articles about who did it.

Sometimes even the names of S-class hunters are mentioned.

Naturally, no one thought it would be an unknown new hunter who just woke up.

Meanwhile, Sung-hyun, who was lying on the sofa watching the news on TV, spoke.

“Haha, kids. Look for it for life. Can I get caught?”

It was Sung-hyun who clearly knew how the Cheongseong people worked.

He left a noisy trail of fighting but left no evidence to assume he was himself.

Cheongseong flew and crawled, but the evidence there alone was never traceable.

“Well, for the time being, you’ll be looking everywhere for me… It’s okay if I stay in the basement until it calms down.”

Sunghyun laughed.

It’s just that the Hunters who were put in there are struggling.

Thinking of the Cheongseong people who would waste their manpower these days, he couldn’t help but laugh at them.

‘It’s really nice to have a dungeon under the house at times like this.’

It was possible for Sung-hyun to grow indefinitely without being involved in outside dungeons or troubles.

While they’re trying to catch the criminal.

Sung-hyun just needed to become stronger and stronger.

“That’s it for the rest… Speaking of which, let’s move.”

Sunghyun got up from the sofa and went down to the basement of the house.

Entering the dungeon, he was able to see a pile of stuff in the Goblin neighborhood.

‘Intermediate mana stone and runestone needed for promotion quests. I bought them all while dealing with Heukryeon.’

After breaking down the artist guild, Sung-hyun stopped by the black market as soon as possible and traded with the Heukryeon guild.

It cost quite a lot of money as the intermediate mana stone and runestone were needed in large quantities.

However, thanks to the sale of the weapons taken from the artist, 20 million won fell into his hands even after getting all the materials.

Thanks to this, he was able to prepare all the materials needed for promotion without spending on existing funds.

“We must be cautious about the disposal of stolen goods while we were in the midst of our eyes opening in Cheongseong. Heukryeon has no place to follow when it comes to washing. And there’s something I believe in.”

The Heukryeon Guild was a black market group that was mostly active throughout Seoul.

The Gangbuk area, dominated by the Hwasin Guild, a strong rival of Cheongseong, is also said to be one of the main active areas of Heukryeon.

Therefore, Cheongseong’s pursuit of the transaction was able to be avoided to some extent.

Of course, no matter how active you are throughout Seoul, the giant guild, Cheongseong, could have trampled on him if they were determined to track him down.

However, he had considered all of that, too.

‘These are the weapons that were stolen from the safe, but they’re not specific enough to stand out anyway. Then what Cheongseong should watch the most to catch me are Oquilia’s eyes.’

Oquilia’s eyes.

It is a jewelry item that Sung-hyun stole from the artist.

It was easy to track because it was easy to stand out because it was still the only two items in the world and expensive items worth billions of won.

Therefore, Cheongseong must be thinking of catching the criminal by tracing back the eyes of Oquilia, which will be released in the market.

But I’m sorry, but the second O’Keelya’s eyes were never on the market.

‘Why? I’m going to use it down here.’


Sung-hyun took Oquilia’s eyes out of the inventory.

In the first place, Sung-hyun did not take Oquilia’s eyes to cash out.

“Of course, if I give up the promotion quest and sell it, I’ll be able to clear all my debts and clear my relationship with Cheongseong.”

However, Sung-hyun had no intention of doing so.

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