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Music Show Genius Chapter 11

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A month later.

A part of his life must be put aside for a while and left to protect the country.

“I’m going to run the channel so that I don’t regret the rest of my time.”

I don’t want to leave any regrets.

Jung-ho did his best to make and upload his songs and a remake of Jera.

However, an unexpected situation occurred.

Jera – Endless day (J.Ho cover)

Number of views: 3,456,320

Number of comments: 6,435

I like this video clip: 75,354

I hate this video clip: 234

“Is this true?” A sudden surge of views

It wasn’t an illusion.

There was nothing wrong with it.

Refreshing and re-connection significantly increased all the figures. Even now, it was steadily flowing through certain channels.

‘What’s the point?’

There must be a reason for this.

Jung-ho was soon able to identify the reason.

‘Jera’s watching my video…’

The author of the song, pop star Jera, linked the video to his account.

She looked it up well and even left a comment.

[Vocalists and arrangements are my preference, I like it. Thank you for the great song. ]

It was worth studying English hard for three years! If he hadn’t studied English, he would have had trouble checking the message she sent him.

[ J.ho, if you don’t mind, can I sing the remake of Endless Day among the songs you’ve worked on? Let me know your contact number if you allow it.]

‘Jera sent me a message!’

No matter how hard Jung-ho checked, the message sent through Jera’s official account was correct.

His heart started beating like crazy.

There was no reason to refuse, so Jung-ho sent a cold reply.

[This is your song. Of course, it’s okay! My contact number is… ]

After checking grammar and spelling several times, he sent an answer. 

He just couldn’t standstill.

“That’s enough! I did it!”

Jung-ho ran around the room, waving his hands and shouting.

‘To be recognized by his idol, not by anyone else…!’

Let’s not do anything today and just wait for the call.

Jung-ho took a deep breath and sat in front of his smartphone. 

After a while, the bell rang.

Jung-ho answered the phone with a trembling voice.

“Hey, hello?”

[ J.ho? ]

a woman’s voice

It’s Jera!

I’ve heard it countless times. There was no mistaking. 

“Eh, that’s right. I’m J.Ho.”

Nice to meet you. This is Jera. ]

That’s right. I can’t have misheard it!

No one else, Jera.

She’s the world’s acclaimed pop queen!

“I’m a big, big fan. I’ve loved you since your first debut!”

Unable to contain his emotions, Jung-ho confessed his fan sentiment in a high-pitched tone. 

It must have been a sudden situation, but Jera was the queen.

It can be seen just by looking at J.Ho’s channel. 

[I was embarrassed at first because most of my songs are your content.]

“I wasn’t just using Jera’s songs because I was a fan. All the best songs I picked were Jera’s songs.”

Jera smiled pleasantly at the words.

[By the way, you speak English very well. Did you teach yourself?]

“I studied hard for 3 years because I wanted to sing Jera’s song better… But it’s still very awkward, right?”

[Three years or so, that’s great. ]

Talking to Jera in a friendly way!

Jung-ho was so moved by the fact that he couldn’t contain hisvemotions. 

However, he had to protect his reason somehow.

It might be a chance not to come back again.

However, about half of his mind was lost in the ensuing words. 

[I’ve been listening to your channel’s songs, you’re talented in arranging. Above all, you have a good sense of sound directing. I was amazed at the skill of making trendy sounds by using basic sources well. Did you major in music?]


Jung-ho was left speechless.


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