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Music Show Genius Chapter 10

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It’s been a year since I ran the channel.

Jung-ho posted a cover song by Jera.

It wasn’t just the original MR with the original MR. 

It was a remake.

Jung-ho has arranged existing R&B-style songs into vintage jazz songs that are good for men to sing. 

Jazz arrangements are very difficult for beginners to touch. The improvisation was so strong that the composition and difficulty of the instrument were so high.

Jung-ho actually didn’t know about that.

Nevertheless, he tried.

Because he wants to do it.

If you’re not tied up with an agency, and you’re not able to do what you want to do by yourself, wouldn’t it be so frustrating and unfair?

The official arrangement period is as long as two months!

After continuous arrangement, I finally finished the song. 

It’s awkward, but… It’s my first song!

Be proud.

My ears melt just by listening to it, and I wonder if it’s what I made!

I knew it was a bean cake, but I liked it.

Now Jung-ho was so proud of himself that he couldn’t stand it.

‘There’s nothing more to touch. Let’s put it up like this.’

[Oh, is this the first arrangement? You chose Jera’s song in case someone says she’s not a fan of Jera.]

[It’s jazz. It’s a difficult genre that beginners don’t touch. Is this really your first one?]

Well, I was prepared to… Why do you like it?!

Positive responses rose little by little.

Comments did not pile up quickly, not on a popular channel.

“When can I get hundreds or thousands of comments?’

He felt like he had a long way to go.

‘So I’ll work harder.’

My immediate wish is not to work part-time, but to earn a living by running a channel.

He is still barely making enough money. 

His body and mind are tired, but the indicators are still improving visibly, so he was working hard with it.

‘It’s too early to be disappointed. THis requires steady and hard work.’

Jung-ho began to re-update all the cover songs he had sung and uploaded so far by reorganizing them into his senses.

His media skills have increased rapidly.

Another year has passed.

It’s been 2 years since the channel was operated.

Jung-ho started a new content.

Self-composed song!

R&B, EDM, hip hop, rock, etc.

Since he was not picky about music, he tried various genres using my favorite music as a reference. 

Although there were criticisms, the number of subscribers increased steadily, reaching 30,000 beforehand. 

The average number of comments has finally exceeded three digits.

It’s been three years since the channel started operating.

His writing skills have improved.

At least that’s what Jung-ho thought.

The number of songs that have been worked so far has reached a total of about 100 songs.

Half of them were remakes, and most of them were Jera’s songs.

She has grown up and is now even called the ‘Queen of Pop’.

In the meantime, he has consistently been a fan of her and has even made several gift songs. 

Currently, the majority of the subscribers are fans of Jera.

Including foreigners, who were searching for Jera’s songs and music videos and flowed into his channel. 

‘I hope Jera watches my channel and posts comments on the video, but that would be greedy of me, right?’

But I’m not disappointed.

Fan-boying is because he likes her, and even if he doesn’t know about himself until the end, he’ll remain a fan forever.

If it was the most memorable moment, some BGM songs without vocals were used in broadcasting entertainment and dramas.

How happy he was at that time, he felt like he had the whole world.

Since the channel was operated steadily, and the number of songs registered with the Copyright Association increased considerably, the total revenue earned from music activities alone reached hundreds of thousands of won a month.

It may be an absurdly small amount for a professional musician, but Jung-ho was happy with this much.

‘That’s too bad. I can’t run the channel for a while.’

There’s one reason.


Jung-ho needed to go to the Army like all Korean men had to go.

There is no delay or excuse. 

The date of enlistment has already been set.

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