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Music Show Genius Chapter 12

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“Jera, Jera recognized my talent!’

I’m thrilled all over.

My eyes are red and I’m out of breath.

[ J.ho? Are you listening to me? ]

“D, I’m listening.”

[Is the line bad? ]

“That’s not it…”

Jung-ho, who swallowed loudly, spoke in a trembling tone.

“I’m so touched by the compliments of Jera, who used to be an idol… I didn’t know such a miracle would happen to me.”

[ ……. ]

“I didn’t think of miracles, luck, or anything related to me. But…”

I thought tears would come out, so I stopped talking and took a deep breath. It was not until then that he spoke again.

“Music, it’s really good to continue without giving up. Thank you for giving me confidence.”

Jera waited for Jung-ho to regain his composure. It wasn’t until then she said.

[J.ho. Make a song for me. ]

“My, are you asking me for a song?”

[That’s right. ]

My heart was about to burst.

I’m thrilled to hear that you asked me if I could write a remake song, but I can’t believe you asked me to sing a song.

But her words are not finished yet.

[ However, if the quality is poor or doesn’t suit my taste, I won’t write a song. J.ho is a musician, so you understand this, right? ]

“No, of course. That’s a given.”

[Thank you for understanding.]

At the end of the last word, she turned the phone to the manager. 

[I’ll be waiting with joy, so please play a great song beyond what you posted on the channel.]


Since then, negotiations have been made on the grain ratio.

Jung-ho thought he wouldn’t get much money because it was a remake song, but the distribution of the queen was different.

Ten thousand dollars!

‘It’s not just a remake.’

She certainly commissioned a song, though it was a shoe. 

It was clear that the request cost was included.

After the call, Jung-ho sat blankly and looked at the monitor screen.

“I spoke to Jera, sold a remake, and was commissioned to perform a new song.’

It is said that a person has three great opportunities in life. 

`’The opportunity has come to me at once.’

Most people say they don’t even recognize that the opportunity has come.

Looking at it from that point of view, the opportunity for Jung-ho is so powerful that he slapped me hard to look at me.

‘You’re a fool if you miss this.’

The given time is one month.

‘Before joining the army, I must risk my life to complete it.’

Jung-ho immediately made a video and uploaded it.

As he joined the army, he was unable to operate the channel for at least two years.

When he edited and uploaded, the number of views, recommendations, and comments raised like crazy.

‘This is Jera’s effect!’

It was impossible with the number of previous subscribers and inflow rate.

‘I’m afraid I can’t help it. It’s more important to take this opportunity than the channel now.’

For the next month, he was going to do nothing but make music. To do so, it was necessary to block all obstructions. 

The next day after finishing the work, he sent all the songs by e-mail and joined the army!

It was a very simple and clear project. 

It wasn’t until late afternoon that Jung-ho, who moved diligently, could start working on the song.

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