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Music Show Genius Chapter 9

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On the way back by bus.

Looking blankly out the window, Jung-ho recalled the conversation he had before going home.

[Thank you so much for your great performance today. I’ve heard a lot of people’s songs so far. There weren’t many people who sang as well as Jung-ho.]

BJ Younghoon acknowledged Jung-ho’s skills.

So he suggested. 

[You just started your career as a music creator, right? I’ll call you, so let’s do a joint broadcast. ]

It was a good suggestion. 

However, Jung-Ho was not as happy as he thought. 

[The winner is…!]

Because in the song match…

‘I lost.’

Because he was defeated.

In fact, after receiving a proposal from BJ Younghoon for annexation, the purpose was as good as it was achieved.

However, he lost the singing contest.

His head went blank.

He was confident.

What’s the reason?

There was no big difference in singing skills. 

The song selection and stage completion were not bad either.

However, a large crowd held her hand.

What was the reason?

The high profile she had?

‘Of course, there are, but…’

High-quality live performance!

It was even a self-composed song.

It was clear that he raised his hand to the novelty and high perfection performance.

“If it’s like this… It might be hard to get attention just by the cover song’s contents.’

New content is needed.

It’s content that can appeal to your charms and capabilities.

Let’s do some research.

There is no time to be sullen.

As always, Jeong-ho, who quickly got his mind together, began to think about new contents.

‘What should I do?’

Talent development

Jeong-ho’s worries deepened.

Since he claimed to be a music creator, new content should of course be related to music. 

Should I refer to the entertainment program?’

Nowadays, there are more variety shows related to music. 

For example, if you go to a strange street and do busk, there are many cases.

I want to focus more on music than that.’

After losing to Xia in the audience evaluation, Jung-ho realized one thing.

That you love and like music more than you think.

I wanted to be better at music.

I wanted to be recognized for my music and succeed. 

If you succeed as a music creator, you can think of content that combines entertainment, but not right away.

‘You need to improve your skills.’

I want to sing and dance better than now. And “I should study writing and writing, too.’

Like Xia. 

And like so many professional musicians that I respect. 

I wanted to make all the songs I would sing. 

Sometimes I want to give a song to a famous singer.

Such a heart was strongly burned.

‘Let’s get started.’

‘I’ll have to teach myself because I don’t have any money.’

It is also hard to make ends meet right now.

So I can’t go to a practical music academy.

But what era is it now?

There is a flood of good lecture materials on MewTube.

‘It may be difficult, but let’s do it until we can.’

Jeong-ho’s determination passed through his eyes.

A month has passed.

BJ Young-hoon, who said he would contact to merge, had no news for so far.

When Jung-Ho went to the channel, he saw as many as three videos of Xia’s performance.

Only then did Jung-ho know why he didn’t get in touch.

“The hit subject about Xia is higher than mine.’

As expected, Xia has announced that she will be a music creator.

BJ Younghoon was actively helping.

It was said that how enthusiastic they were and that they might flirt with each other among subscribers.

“But I’m glad the results of the scene I appeared in are good.’

He must have felt sorry. 

BJ Younghoon uploaded a separate video clip of his appearance.

The video has 120,000 views.

Thanks to this, a considerable number of subscribers flowed in. 

‘Let’s be this satisfied. It was worth participating in.’

Although it did not win the prize money, he achieved the goal of promoting his site. 

Since then, Jung-ho has no longer entered BJ Younghoon’s channel, focusing solely on studying and managing the channel.

‘I’m prepared, but it was easier than I thought.’

It’s curious to hear that studying is fun.

Until now, Jung-ho has lived a life far from studying.

It is a fact that he has already confirmed that he has no talent.

But studying is fun. 

HE understood the theory of video lectures and bookstores so well.

So he started practicing by covering songs right away. 

His skills have increased rapidly.

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