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Music Show Genius Chapter 8

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Finally, her song was over.

There was no explosive response like the first stage, but there seemed to be an emotional stage.

Younghoon approached and asked.

“What kind of song is this? I looked it up online, but it didn’t come out.”

Jung-ho as well as the audience was surprised by the answer that followed. 

“I made this song.”

“Oh, it’s your song?”


“Did you major in music?”

“When I was in school in the United States, I played band music with my friends. Also, I’ve released digital music before.”

“You didn’t just do music, you did it also in America.

I can’t believe you’ve even released a song.”

‘What do you mean it was a self-composed song?’

It was my first time listening to the song, and he was curious about the original singer because of its great quality. 

“The original version of the song will be released at midnight today. Please pay a lot of attention.”

That’s the purpose!

Promoting music through big channels!

Unlike martial arts players, BJ Young-hoon showed no sign of displeasure. She followed the rules well, and now that she has the opportunity, she just took advantage of it.

‘I can’t perform in this kind of atmosphere.’

All the attention is focused on Xia.

Interviews are also getting longer. 

Jung-ho felt a sense of crisis. 

‘I’ll have to be ready to burst my throat.’

It was not until late that Jung-ho received attention.

“Which song are you going to sing?”

“I’ll call Kim Ki-hwan a good day to say goodbye.”

“Oh, it’s a singing contest this time. Are you confident?”

“It’s my favorite song.”

The audience was also interested in Jung-ho’s confident appearance. 

“Then, I’ll look forward to it.”

The song follows immediately with a calm piano performance. 

As if whispering, the emotional melody, and lyrics that flow through the wind, the voice moves alive and penetrates the hearts of the audience.  

“On a clear and sunny day, a beloved woman declared farewell.

Parting is the most difficult moment in the world to accept, and the more you try not to show it, the more pain you suffer in your heart.

Not because of pride, but because of the woman I loved….”

After singing it calmly, a man turns around and sheds tears is depicted dimly through Jung-ho’s vocals.

The day when I was sadder because it was dazzlingly beautiful.

After all, he can’t hold back his emotions and turns his head to look back.

The farther away you go.

My heart aches. 

Because it was my favorite place.

The steps you take, the eyes you touch, and everything come as memories.

It’s a common but more sympathetic story.

A deepening night.

A desperate song that resonates on Hongdae Street binds many passersby’s steps.

The song that was like a war is over.

And at that moment, dizziness came in.

This is because he used his head voice too much while making high notes.

‘But it was perfect!’

The body was hard and exhausting, but the inside was satisfying.

When he opened his eyes, he saw a large audience sending hot cheers. 

Xia and other participants looked surprised.

“Wow! Isn’t that amazing? From beginning to end, it was perfect without making a mistake!”

BJ Younghoon raises his voice with a reminded face. 

That much, he was shocked and moved by Jung-ho’s stage.

“No, you’re not a trainee at all? The vocal basics are really strong. He’s been trained for a long time.”

As Jung-ho kept hitting the nail on the head, he had no choice but to smile awkwardly.

“I can’t make a decision. So let’s rely on the audience’s decision. Please shout out the number of the person you think did well on the count of three. Xia is number 6 and Yoo Jung-ho is number 7.”

And when he finished the countdown, shouts could be heard from all over the place.

“Number 6!”

“Number 7!

The shouts were quite complicated.

Whether it wasn’t going to work like this, BJ Younghoon walked around with a microphone and had an interview.

“No.6! You even played your song! The song was my cup of tea, too!”

“Good job, number seven. I thought I just broke up with my girlfriend, even if I don’t have a girlfriend, but…”

As expected, the evaluation is divided.

It was impossible to ask everyone and eventually proceeded with a show of hands.

“Good job, number six!”




The evaluation seems to be divided.

The production team, who had gathered and talked to each other, delivered the results. BJ Younghoon’s smile thickens. 

Xia closed her eyes, and Jung-ho looked at BJ’s soul’s face.

“The winner is…”

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