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Music Show Genius Chapter 7

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“No, I am not a trainee.”

‘Huh? No?’

“I thought you must be a trainee.”

BJ Young-hoon continued his interview with embarrassment.

“I’ve been hosting a street singing contest until now, and there haven’t been any participants who performed well with Jeon Ji-Wook’s New Day. Wouldn’t it be rude to ask what your job is?”

“It hasn’t been long since I started being a YouTuber.”

“Oh, I see. Have you ever received a singer’s offer? I think there must have been one.”

“I’m not that cool and handsome, so I haven’t had that offer yet.”

Jung-ho did not lie.

He never received an offer. He was just a trainee after auditioning. However, BJ Young-hoon, who does not know the situation before and after, felt sorry for himself.

‘The participant must be uncomfortable. There must be something.’

The other party seemed reluctant, so he thought he should stop digging into his life.

After finishing the interview, BJ Younghoon continued the sequence. 

Finally, the singing contest was over. 

“I’m going to pick one of the contestants who performed well today. I’d like to hear from the audience first. Which participant do you think sang the best song?”

Exactly two people were mentioned.

Jung-ho and Xia.

BJ Younghoon said after calling the two forward.

“The audience’s evaluation seems to be divided, so I want you to perform on the stage again. Will that be okay?”

Both Jung-ho and Xia nodded.

When BJ Younghoon opened his mouth, Xia said.

“I have a question, can I sing while playing?”

“What? Um, of course. It’s possible.”

When she was given permission, she went to the stands and was handed a guitar by the man holding the camera. 

“Let me borrow your speaker.”

She says that and starts the sound setting naturally. 

“You’re good at it.”

After tuning in in an instant, exclamations burst out everywhere as she began her cheerful performance with Arpeggio. It was a stable and accurate performance.

“I’ll start first.”

This was a question directed at Jung-ho

As she nodded, she pulled an empty chair from the acoustic table and sat down. Mike and a group of men holding the camera lifted him. 

“I’ll play the song I made myself, ‘Moonlight Train.'”

The long, thin hand bounces the strings. 

A brilliant performance is played.

At that moment, Jung-ho closed his eyes and added various instruments to his head, which was his habit he had made when listening to music.

The song that starts.

“Melody and the lyrics are beautiful. I think it would be good to have a pretty EP and ringtone here.’

It reminds me of calm yet lonely moon night.

Jung-ho, who was listening to music in his way with his eyes closed, was deeply impressed.

Before he knew it, the street singing contest had changed like her concert hall. 

‘I’m sure she’s participating in this.’

Or, as a venue for the spectacular ex-declaration as a music creator, you may have chosen this occasion now. 

‘Either way, smart.’

And she could support it.

‘But I can’t be discouraged.’

What should I fight with?

The worry was not long. 

‘I need a powerful enough shot to throw this atmosphere down in one shot.’

A song that’s not light but heavy.

‘Good day to say goodbye.’

It’s a famous farewell song with a high note, but it’s not just a song that you scream. Low and medium notes are also well mixed. 

Korea’s best all-around entertainer Kim Ki-hwan’s hit song.

“Even if you don’t sing this song at karaoke, no one will have heard it.’

It was a song that gave him a very high grade in the monthly evaluation. 

Jung-ho, who was loaded with a second weapon, looked at Xia, feeling his heart beating loudly. 

‘You have to win and promote my channel.’

This was his livelihood in line.

Jung-ho vowed to win.

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