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Chapter 6- Butcher

In 2028, Ivan Ivanov, the Russian president and A-class tanker hunter, died.

The cause of death was an assassination done by Anakists, who usually sell traps in Class A dungeon.

Apart from various conspiracy theories about his death, the repercussions of his death itself were beyond imagination.

As soon as he died, Russian communists, conglomerates, and subordinates of the old regime rose up and split the whole country.

Naturally, Russia’s proud gate defense system collapsed.

Soon dungeon brakes broke out all over Russia, and the Russian government, the superhuman association, and the guild failed to respond properly.

Eventually, when monsters leaving the dungeon began to cross the border and arrived to Europe, China, and the United States, the world was in a state of chaos.

During the so-called chaos, hunters from around the world chose to go on strike.

“In the meantime, we have been treated ridiculously and devoted our lives to raids. But we will no longer be in such a state of subjugation. Until the day of liberation, we will fight for freedom!”

When hunters who had to catch monsters went on strike, citizens of other countries, who laughed at Russia’s collapse, naturally pressured their own government.

As a result, countries such as the United States, Japan, Europe, and China succeeded on their countermeasures by establishing Hunter as a proper job.

However, Korea failed to make such happenings.

The current regime of Korea, which had previously regarded Hunter as only a privileged class*, rejected the demands of every hunters.

*TL: The class like poor and rich. In Korea being a Hunter means you are just rich.

Furthermore, they pressured the Korean Superhuman Association to declare hunters participating in the strike as villains and responded more strongly to the strike than any other country.

Amid the unprecedented fight between Hunter and the government-affiliated association, a dungeon break occurred in the middle of downtown Seoul.

The dungeon was class B, and the monster coming from it were giant mantis. A giant mantis, that usually appear as a boss monsters for the lower level dungeons, here it was a normal monster.

Unlike other monsters, the highly intelligent giant Mantis hunted civilians as soon as they could. They didn’t dare to get close to the where hunters are.

As many as 2,000 people were chewed alive by them, and 3,000 people became crippled.

In addition, giant Mantis took control of the government building and the Seoul Metropolitan Government, temporarily paralyzing the central government and the administration of the city.

The public and the media criticized hunters for not withdrawing their strikes even in national emergencies day after day, but the hunters remained still.

In the end, public opinion was overturned when the second dungeon break occurred in Ilsan and thousands of casualties occurred again.

The media and civilians, who were criticizing Hunter, apologized to the hunters and returned agreed to their demands

Eventually, when the presidential approved the Hunter’s demands, the hunters began to control the government.

The president stepped down, and the National Assembly was dissolved in the form of resignation from being lawmakers.

Hunters formed their own organization called the State Advisory Council, and after the presidential resignation and dissolution of the National Assembly, the newly formed administration and legislature were given to their executive bodies.

The Korea Super human Association, which tried to declare strike participants as villains due to being wary of the government, resigned, and then it was filled with people nominated by the State Advisory Council.

The entire country was now completely dominated by hunters.

Since then, the State Advisory Council, which has gained more power, has created honorary hunter certificate to those who were previously declared as villains.

Villains, who were wanted by the Korea Superior Association, were pardoned for all their crimes and gave honorary hunter certificates if they paid a certain amount to the State Advisory Council.

Kim Yang-ki, then chairman of the YK Group and reigning as the emperor of Korean criminal organizations, purchased an honorary hunter certificate worth 10 billion won, and was later appointed an advisor to the State Advisory Council due to his unique affinity and financial power.

Si-Guk also expressed his intention to purchase the title through Kim Yang-ki when it first came out.

However, as he was also wanted villain of the International Superhuman Association, it was impossible to purchase.

No matter how powerful the State Advisory Council of Korea was, it could not beat the International Superhuman Association.

Eventually, he was arrested and executed in Japan, and Kim Yang-ki survived as a part of the upper class in Korea.

* * *


The bottle broke when it hit Kim Yang-ki’s head.

Kim Yang-ki couldn’t come to his senses at the sudden surprise.

It was the same for Han Myeong-ho and Lee Jung-hoon.

Lee Si-Guk immediately grabbed Kim Yang-ki’s hair.

‘I don’t really have a grudge.’

The broken beer bottle became a sharp weapon.

‘I don’t even have a grateful heart.’

The beer bottle was stolen down heartlessly toward Kim Yang-ki.



‘But in this life, I want to live your life.’

In an instant, the VVIP room turned red with blood.

‘Don’t be so upset.’


While Kim Yang-ki was beaten to death by Si-Guk, everyone in the room remained silent.




As it was a situation that everyone had never expected and had never imagined to happen, nothing came out of their mouths at the unexpected sight.


Lee Si-Guk stood upright on the table. His eyes looked towards Han Myeong-ho, Kang Bong-gil, and Lee Jung-hoon.

“Your older brother is dead.”

That was the first thing Lee Si-Guk said.

The three simply swallowed their saliva and did not respond.

“Is there anyone who’s loyal to him want to die?”

Si-guk looked at Han Myeong-ho, Kang Bong-gil, and Lee Jung-hoon one after another.

The three lowered their gaze because they could not bear to see the madness coming from Lee Si-Guk eyes toward them.

“If you have, tell me now. Later, don’t go to the back and do nothing in vain.”

No one seemed to have the loyalty to die together.

“Han Myeong-ho.”

Han Myeong-ho raised his head at the call of Lee Si-Guk.

“Aren’t you a little loyal? He is your sunbae.”

At the words of Lee Si-Guk, Han Myeong-ho shook his head desperately.

“Kang Bong-gil.”

Kang Bong-gil also shook his head desperately at the call of Lee Si-Guk.

“Lee Jung-Hoon.”

Finally, Lee Si-Guk looked at Lee Jung-hoon on the left.

Lee Jung-hoon was looking at Lee Si-Guk with trembling eyes with his gold-rimmed glasses.

He shook his head too.

“Who are you?” With trembling voice, Lee Jung-Hoon asked the question.

Both Kang Bong-gil and Han Myeong-ho were surprised.

The eyes of the two were on Lee Jung-hoon.

“Is this CEO crazy?”’

‘CEO Lee…What a brave man…….’

The two looked at him with eyes full of disbelief at the rare appearance of Lee Jung-hoon, who had never rebuted back to Kim Yang-ki as well as themselves.

At the same time, they looked at the child. It was because the two felt they would see blood again, the next could have been on them.

However, contrary to the concerns of the two, Lee Si-Guk was neither mad nor willing to see blood.

‘He is so young and confident. Or is he brave? Or crazy?’

Lee Jung-Hoon.

The Brain, an economics graduate and accountant in Seoul University.

In terms of specifications alone, he could enter a large accounting company or a large accounting firm and live as a high-wage professional worker, but as soon as he graduated from college after obtaining an accountant, he taken under Kim Yang-ki.

Thanks to this, it was Lee Jung-hoon became the president with no subordinates, unlike Kang Bong-gil and Han Myeong-ho, who were born gangsters.

‘As Kim Yang-ki awaken as class C superhuman, he even served as an aide.’


As Kim Yang-ki awakened as a C-class superhuman and began to develop his organization’s power using that power, Lee Jung-hoon’s role was to expand his money by laundering his staff.

Lee Jung-hoon was very capable of establishing strategies about who to hold hands with, who to hit, and when to hit the back of the head of the person.

Kim Yang-ki faithfully followed Lee Jung-hoon’s advice.

Thanks to this, he was able to integrate Korean underworlds with Kang Bong-gil and Han Myeong-ho and transform the organization into a company named YK Group.

However, even after that, Lee Jung-hoon’s position was no different from before.

Vice-Chairman of YK Group, who is literally the only name that can’t be cut off even by his secretariat staff.

That was all about the sweetness that fell to Lee Jung-hoon, who devoted his intelligence to transforming YK’s small and medium-sized gangster organization into a corporate violent organization nationwide.

Lee Si-Guk smiled at the thought of Lee Jung-hoon, who always lived in the shadow. He put on a bitter smile as he recalled his previous life.

“Who am I?”

Lee Si-Guk went up to the table and stood in front of Lee Jung-hoon.

Lee Jung-hoon, who is staring at him surrounded with a broken beer bottle covered in blood on the table, was very scared.

His hands under the table were shaking, but his eyes were as vivid as they were.

Lee Si-Guk started using his mana.

The wavelength of mana covered the entire VVIP room.

Kang Bong-gil and Han Myeong-ho’s complexion turned pale.


Han Myeong-ho vomited on the floor.

Kang Bong-gil, who had already spit it out from the arcade, was just nauseated.

Lee Jung-hoon also looked pale. He was holding it in, but he constantly felt nauseous from his throat.

Suddenly, a stream of blood flowed out of Lee Jung-hoon’s mouth.


He bit his own lips.

Lee Si-Guk didn’t know if it was whether it was a sign of patience or whether it was drawn while forcibly closing his mouth to hold back his vomit.

But one thing is for sure.

‘At least when I was young, I had some spirit.’

His initial image about Lee Jung-hoon being the shackled dog of the boss was changed.

Lee Si-Guk soon retrieve his mana.

The air in the VVIP room, which had been on high alert, has calmed down again.

Lee Si-Guk looked at Lee Jung-hoon, Kang Bong-gil, and Han Myeong-ho once on the table and opened their mouths.


The three listened carefully to what will Lee Si-Guk, feeling that their hearts were gradually calming down.

“I don’t think it’ll be too late to clean this up first.”

At the words of Lee Si-Guk, all three looked around the room.

Kim Yang-ki’s head was in the middle of the table, his dead body stuck in one corner of the seat. The floor, table, and the chairs were full of blood.

Certainly, it was not an appropriate atmosphere to talk with.

“Bong-gil. Tell the three kids in the arcade to bring five or six large bags and some clothes to change.”

At the words of Lee Si-Guk, Kang Bong-gil nodded and took out his smartphone and called.

“Oh, yeah. Did you clean up the arcade? Then close the door and come over to the bar. Okay. Come with about six bags on way here, and bring some clothes for the kids. Oh, you can just bring a small size. Hey, you babies. Bring it on.”

Kang Bong-gil, who hung up the phone, smiled and nodded towards Lee Si-Guk.

Lee Si-Guk laughed at it looked at Han Myeong-ho this time.

“Do you have a knife or something?””



“What, what, what, what are you looking for? A swiss knife?”

“Do you have it or not? Just say that.”

“Uh, uh, I don’t have it. I’m not a man who goes out drinking with Yang Ki Sung and wears a knife.”

Lee Si-Guk nodded. His eyes turned toward Kang Bong-gil.

Kang Bong-gil also shook his head.

“Lee Jung-Hoon…”

Lee Jung-hoon looked at him just in case, but similarly, he shook his head.

Inevitably, the situation searched Kim Yang-ki’s body.

“Aha. Here it is.”

When he took out an axe from Kim Yang-ki’s waist and held it, he looked at it with a satisfied face.

Lee Si-Guk immediately put Kim Yang-ki’s body on the table. Some of the bottles and plates fell to the floor and were broken as they were pushed out, but it did not matter.

“What are you doing? Your brother can’t take off his clothes.”

Kang Bong-gil and Han Myeong-ho were only staring at the body. However, they did not have the courage to object in front Lee Si-Guk holding an axe.

“CEO Lee wait.”

Lee Jung-hoon, who was trying to help, weny on standby on the spot and looked silently until Kang Bong-gil and Han Myeong-ho removed the clothes from Kim Yang-ki’s body.

After a while, Lee Si-Guk moved when the two took off both Kim Yang-ki’s clothes.




Kim Yang-Ki lost his life early during this lifetime and he was turned into a shabby chunk of meat by three axes.

The three people, who were watching what Lee Si-Guk was doing, stopped closing their eyes.

“You guys are crazy….….”

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Second Life Chance of the B Class Villain

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B-class villain Lee Si-guk, gained superhuman powers in a world where fantasy became reality. Due to an unlucky event, he was caught by the authorities and sent to death sentence at the age of thirty-eight. With all his abilities and memories, he returned to 2017, when he was thirteen, and still in the sixth grade of elementary school. β€˜I’m not going to live like that this time.’


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1 year ago

Well, that was morbid o.O

So, let me get this straight. The previous mob boss (the one MC just killed) and MC himself cannot wipe their slate clean because they were a criminal, sought by the international polices as well, right? Korea pardoned all of its criminals, like, the ‘not so infamous’ one, right? Just some petty thief or something? Got a lil confused there

Also, MC want to take over the mob’s boss position for the sake of her girl friend, right? It’s been a while since this novel update so I slightly forgot how the story goes πŸ˜…

Last edited 1 year ago by Novirp13
Karnevale's Admin
Reply to  Novirp13
1 year ago

The one that MC killed was a criminal that was pardoned because of his crime due to the certificate issued by the new government of Korea established after the protest of hunters.
Because the MC was an international criminal he couldn’t be pardoned like the mob boss killed here.
Since he has a second chance in life, he wanted to take the role of the Mob Boss who enjoyed life after being pardoned of his crime.
Basically in his previous life he was jealous that the mob boss was happily living while Siguk needed to hide himself.

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