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Superstar From Age 0 Chapter 98

Seojun turned his head at Rachel Hill’s question and looked at her. He smiled embarrassingly.

“It’s because it’s my first film festival. When will be the next time where many people could see me and cheer for me? This is my first time, so I must have enjoy it.”

“I know. Everyone are sitting in place at the fan meeting and it’s dangerous during the airport. There are a lot of bodyguards and fences here, so I guess you enjoyed it a lot.”

“I like to be a singer at times like this.”

Rachel Hill shrugged.

“A singer can enjoy as much as he wants with fans in a concert-like place. Actor, it’s just a shoot with the staff. Right?”

“I like acting.”

Evan Block intervened.

“That’s not the topic right now. I’m talking about time with the fans.”

Seojun burst into laughter at the appearance of the two actors bickering. And the live camera captured all of that scene.

“What are you talking about so happily?”

The reporter suddenly stepped in. Theh didn’t notice it because they were enjoying themselves, but  they already at the interview zone.

More cameras and reporters were waiting for the Shadowman team than ever.

Rachel Hill, who has the best sense of humor and is familiar with interviews among the flashy camera flashes, led the interview.

While passing on questions that were difficult to answer and talking to the reporters, what drew attention of the reporters during their interview with Evan, Seojun, and Ryan was the ending.

“Please look forward to Shadowman 3!”

They even finished promoting Shadowman 3, which they had not even started filminh yet.

The men were mesmerized at Rachel Hill without realizing it.

“Rachel, your interview was really cool.”

“Really? You’ll get better once you are comfortable talking with them.”

The four entered the awards hall and sat at a table with ‘Shadowman’ written and took a breather.

After drinking a sip of water handed over by Evan, Seojun looked at the audience and found his mother, father, uncle, and Daho.

Since Seojun came in, the four’s eyes stucked at him, perhaps because they only came to looked at Seojun.

“Hey, Seojun!”


When Seojun looked back and waved, Evan Block and Rachel Hill also looked there. The two actors also found Seojun’s family.

Seo Eun-Hye, Lee Min-joon, Seo Eun-chan, and An Daho all waved back.

“How did you find them when there were so many people?”


Seojun ability to find the four people in this wide audience was great.

After a short greeting, everyone waited for the film festival to start.

Director Ryan Will asked the Korean interpreter of Seojun to read the reviews on internet about ‘Spring’, while the three actors talked about the starring actors of the movies and dramas entering.

The people sitting next to him, the people sitting behind him, and the people sitting in front of him were all actors that Seojun could only watch on screen.

Rachel Hill and Evan Block introduced Seojun at every acquaintance they meet.

As they were waiting like that, the MC started talking and the WTV Film Festival’s Award Ceremony finally began.

The film festival began with a performance by a solo artist who was always ranked at the top of the Billboard chart whenever he released an album.

Seojun clapped enthusiastically as he watched the performance.

The singer possessed different charms then from the actors.

After the spectacular performances, the MC grabbed the microphone.

He briefly introduced and talk about the WTV Film Festival. People nominated in other categories appeared


“The Best Hero of the Year award!”

Evan Block’s face and faces of other actors appeared on the screen.

People’s screams were heard from the audience. Others shouted Shadowman and others shouted the other heroes names.

Seojun held his hands tightly and shouted Shadowman in his heart.

“Evan Block!”

Evan Block stood up smiling.

He shook hands with Director Ryan Will, laughed face to face with Rachel Hill, and patted Seojun’s head.

When the image was transmitted to the screen, applause was heard from the audience.


“Jin natra!”

“It’s amazing that I got the best hero award. I never thought I’d get an award like this until I filmed Shadowman 1. Unlike Redborn, which is a famous for comic, I’m so happy that the Shadowman of 20 years ago won this award. Please continue to show your love to us.….”

Evan Block and Seojun’s eyes met. The corners of Evan Block’s mouth went up slightly.

“Please look forward to Shadowman 3.”


A loud applause rang in the whole awards ceremony hall.

Evan Block came down from the stage with the trophy.

“Congratulations! Evan!”

“Thank you.”

“Can I see your trophy?”


The friendly images of the two actors were broadcasted as they were.

“Next is ‘Noteworthy Actor Award’.”

At the MC’s words, the audience and everyone watching the broadcast held their breath.

Among the actors on the screen, an exceptionally young actor stood out.

Since few of the film festival audiences did not watch the movie featuring the child, there was no one who did not know about the small child’s acting skills.

The MC smiled and said his appreciation.

“This actor’s talent is no joke. Well, he is an actor worth it. Did he got nominated in the wrong award? This actor is already drawing enough attention. People around the world were impressed with this actor’s acting. And I’m looking forward to his next film! The winner of Noteworthy Actor Award is…….”

On a quiet stage, the MC shouted loudly.

Cameras that used to illuminate several candidates particularly shone on Ryan Will, Rachel Hill, Evan Block, and Seojun for a long time.

In the audience, Seo Eun-Hye, Lee Min-joon, Seo Eun-chan, and An Daho held each other’s hand while preying it was Seojun’s.



“Seojun Lee, who played Jin Natra in Shadowman 2!”

A loud shout was heard, and Seo Eun-hye and Lee Min-joon were so surprised that they couldn’t even processed what was happening.

Deep inside they already expected it but they can’t believe the got it. Tears fell from their eyes out of emotion.

Seo Eun-Chan called for hurrah, and An Daho leaned against the back of the chair as if he had lost energy.

A large camera headed for Seojun. On the screen, they saw a child staring blankly at the MC. They all applauded with cheers and congratulations.

Evan Block tapped Seoju on the shoulder. Richell Hill, and Director Ryan Will clapped at him.

Seojun was surprised and speechless. He felt like he was going to lose his breath at any moment.

“Come on up, Jun!”

His heart pounded at the MC’s voice.

‘Prize, I got an award.

I won an award for my acting and movie.’

The library of life shook.

Emotions overflowed and he started crying. Tears flowed from Seojun’s eyes.

‘I got an award for acting.’

That’s all he could think of.

His first life swallowed Seojun like a wave.

A lot of emotions flocked toward Seojun.

Happiness. Happiness.


Seojun, who was about to sink into the sea, stopped.



Only here?

Seojun tilted his head and removed the emotion of his first life that was affecting him.

You’re satisfied with this?

You don’t have the guts?

You don’t

His life in his first life faltered.

I’ve told you.

Seojun smiled.

I’m going to be a superstar!

A superstar can’t be satisfied with just one award!

Seojun, who fell deep in his emotion without realizing it, returned to reality. Only less than a second has passed.

Director Ryan pushed his back.

Seojun went up to the stage.

The stage was wide. Only Seojun and the MC stood on a wide stage.

All the audiences who attended the film festival, and all the viewers who were watching on the air, were only looking at Seojun.

Standing next to the Big MC, Seojun looked even smaller. The audience applauded for celebration.

The trophy handed over by the MC shone. His first trophy. The shiny award was a bit funny.

It was a trophy with gold popcorn in a red popcorn box.

When Evan Block was holding it, it looked funny because of the contrasting difference, but it looked really good on the young Seojun. Everyone thought so and applauded.

It was a funny-looking trophy, but it was still an award. Seojun smiled and held the trophy.

Perhaps because he lived a life of only being an extra, he became too greedy in his first life. His first life was an opportunity, but this was his current life. It was Lee Seojun’s life.

You can’t be satisfied with one Award!

Seojun’s face was zoomed in on the screen standing behind Seo-jun.

Lee Seojun, neither William nor Jin Natra, was reflected on the screen. Viewers around the world were surprised to see the Shadowman series with that young face.

Seojun looked at the camera lens that was filming him. The dark black eyes penetrated the camera and looked at everyone.

Everyone unknowingly held their breath and looked at Seojun on the screen.

“Hello, I’m Lee Seojun.”

Seojun’s speech began with a Korean greeting.

After that, it was English.

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Superstar From Age 0

Superstar From Age 0

Gong Salbuto Syuposeuta, Korean Idol
Score 8.4
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2019 Native Language: Korean
He had lived a thousand lives… some were long and precious and some short-lived, forgotten in the back of his mind. This time, he was born as baby Lee Seojoon. Elves… fairies… slimes… gift box… devils… he’ll use the mystical abilities from his past lives to captivate and capture the hearts of the people and become an idol, a superstar. Using the memories of his life akin to a fairy tale, he’ll become an idol that will be remembered in the annals of history.


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