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Superstar From Age 0 Chapter 95

TL: I recently binged watch Squid Game in this past few days and I am really shook at gore it contained.

“That car. Is that Seojun’s?”

“I think that’s right. Wow. That must have been really expensive.….”

“As expected, he is a Hollywood star.”

A large black car slid in. Reporters waiting outside pressed the shutters continuously and fans, standing together, screamed.

In the meantime, the bodyguards who were waiting in the airport headed towards the car.

“But there are a lot of fans. He maybe an Hollywood actor, but I thought few fans would come because he is just a child actor.”

“Lee Seojun is too special to just be called a child actor. Everyone cried about William at least once or was overwhelmed by his shaman role. There are many people who became fans because of his acting during Jin Natra. If you watch that kind of acting, you’ll really want to see it in person.”

The two reporters pressed the shutter hard even in the middle of the conversation. If their title has “Lee Seojun” with some of his picture with that large car uploaded, they wouldn’t have to worry about the number of views.

The bodyguards stood in place, and soon the thick car door opened. A man, who appeared to be a manager, got off first and Seojun went outside with his pastel casual clothes.

Seojun smiled brightly as his clothes were much better than those childish clothes suggested by his uncle Chan.

An Daho held Seojun’s hand tightly and slowly walked among the bodyguards.

Whether he knew the minds of those who were worried about him or not, Seojun smiled and waved his hands towards his fans.

The movement rattled the wolf-shaped bag on Seojun’s back. It now became the center of attention of some fans and reporters.

“Is that a new Monster’s bag? He must have really like those. I remember someone took a picture of Lee Seojun’s pencil case and posted it on the Internet. It was sold out. Do you think this would also sould out?”

“I heard it’s actually Lee Seojun’s father’s company. He founded it together with his friend.”

During their chatter, the hands of the two people holding the camera did not stop. Fans and reporters also entered the airport following Seojun’s movement.

At the airport, other passages were created in advance to prevent damage to customers.

“I think his clothes will be having a massive increase in sales. These days, the company released metal badges and fans of Lee Seojun, who can’t use the monster products because they were for children, have also begun to buy them. Oh, that is the one.”

A shiny badge was seen in the wolf-shaped bag of Lee Seojun. It was a wolf with sharp teeth. The two took a close-up shot of the badge.

“The children’s parents these days buy a lot of things that Lee Seojun uses. They have this mentality of ‘It’s an item used by a Hollywood star and he still haven’t filmed any commercials, so it’s more reliable’.”

“His advertisement fee must have been high but they haven’t still accepted any.”

Seojun and An Daho went through between the bodyguards.

Seojun’s name was being chanted here and there, as they went inside the airport.

The normal people that didn’t check the news were confused seeing the crowd and many reporters. They either peeped out their head out of curiosity or searched the Internet.

“Lee Seojun?!”

There was tension among the increasing number of people and bodyguards. This situation can strain his body because he was just a child. An Daho was also ready to hug Seojun and run when he can’t stand it.

When An Daho felt strength in his hand, Seojun smiled as if he was saying it was okay.

[Apple flower scent that calms you down]

[(Calm) Apple flower scent – Middle level]

This was the flower of the apple tree that makes one fall asleep forever.

Unlike the poisonous fruits (apples), flowers only have calming effects.

(TL: reference in Snow White.)

When someone smell the scent, they became calm.

There was a story of about a princess of a country could not wake up anymore after eating the apple, thus it the fruit was deemed as poisonous. However, the scent of apple flowers has become a good medicine for people. They are usually made into perfumes and used as sedatives.

“It’s perfect to have this ability at times like this!”’

A sweet scent began to flow out from the white apple flower pattern on his wrist. After he took a deep breath, it became more effective.

Something began to come out from Seojun, who was just ordinary just a while ago.

As reporters and fans who continued to watch Seojun with their cameras, they noticed the change in Seojun. Everyone was unknowingly amazed by the aura flowing out of Seojun’s body.

“Even when he is just standing, it feels completely different from an average person.”

“Most celebrities don’t have that.”

Everyone nodded and the reporters, who usually took pictures of other celebrities, also nodded.

There are celebrities who would show their aura even if they dress casually, but not anyone could do that.

Even though Lee Seo-jun was only eight years old, he has the aura of a Superstar.

“That’s really cool. He have such a unique aura. How does he live his daily life?”

“Sniff. But don’t you smell flowers from somewhere?”

“Flower scent? I can’t smell it”.

Seojun’s fans and reporters, who were diligently taking pictures, sniffed at the sweet scent.

As if enchanted, their movements stopped. The heat that was heating up inside the airport also slowly subsided.

The sweet scent of the flowers calmed their hearts. But after a second of being in dazed, everyone calmly pressed the shutters continously, perhaps because it couldn’t completely cool off their passion.

The nervous bodyguards and An Daho also breathed out slowly after smelling the flower scent to relieve the tension they were feeling.

They decided to have a short interview and take a picture on a platform on one side of the airport.

When Seojun went up to the podium with a microphone, some of the people who couldn’t hear him shouted, but the person he was embarrassed by the calm atmosphere so he shut his mouth.

Seo Eun-chan really cared about Seojun, when the man shouted he felt like his body was drained of blood but seeing that the audience remained calmed, he sighed a relief.

“It’s really effective!”

They have prevented accidents that they were worried about.

Seojun was going to say his greetings comfortably and leave for the United States. When Seojun smiled broadly, the camera lenses focused on Seo-joon. The click sound and flash went off.

“Hello, I’m Lee Seojun.”

Seojun nodded.

Fans who saw him for the first time in person wanted to grab their hearts and scream as much as they wanted, but the scent of flowers blocked it.

The joy of meeting Seojun and the ability to calm them down had the fans have a silent battle. In the end, their mind had reached an agreement to moved both hands, and loud applause erupted from here and there.

Clap clap clap clap clap!

The calm response of the fans was rather suspicious for the bodyguards and reporters. Some reporters even turned their camera toward the fans.

What should they do? It was so peaceful. No one rushed in, and no one shouted out loud.  They must have been considerate because he was a child actor.

“Everyone is so quiet”.

“I hope it’s always like today.”

Brown Black, would usually be a mess when they left for the airport. The bodyguards were all nervous after experiencing such a situation. Now they were puzzled, but still did their best.

One reporter asked Seojun a question as a representative.

The questions for an 8-year-old child actor who has no scandal and no problem are all similar questions, so everyone took out their laptops without much competition.

“Can you tell us how you feel about being nominated for a film festival?”

“It’s unexpected. My heart is still racing frok excitement. Thank you to everyone who voted! Even if I don’t get it this time, I’ll do my best to get it next time!”

Seojun clenched his small fist and answered with a bright look.

They could heard a roar here and there, but soon they shut their mouths as if embarrassed by the appearance of people who did not respond much.

Only the sound of applause rang the airport.

Some reporters, wondered why there was such a quiet response. They turned their heads and swallowed their saliva after seeing the fans.

It’s not good… It’s not.

His fans’ had all sparkling eyes and their palms are clapping to the point where it hurts.

Several questions followed.

Click click. In the quiet middle, only the shutter sound resonated.

The bodyguards and An Daho breathed a sigh of relief at the safer atmosphere than expected. They admired the fans’ self-control for Seojun. There are fans like this too!

It was time to head to the departure hall. Seojun couldn’t take his eyes off towards his fans and waved his hands.

Seojun’s relationship with fans gradually grew apart.

As the source of the scent gradually moved away, the suppressed voices of fans came out from here and there.

“Seojun! Make sure to win an award!”

“I even ask my whole family to vote for you!”

Still, thanks to the scent of flowers floating in the air, the quiet atmosphere did not break. Seojun, who noticed the hearts of fans through their sparkling eyes even if they did not express it with cheers, smiled.

“Thank you! I’ll be back safely!”

Fans covered their mouths, impressed by Seojun waving his hands until the moment he disappeared beyond the departure hall. It was so cute!

[Lee Seojun left for the U.S. to attend the WTV Film Festival!]

[Just like today, the fans were calm!]

[MONSTER’s products are always there!]

[Lee Seojun’s airport fashion! What’s the price?]

Lee Seojun’s departure also became a hot topic, but Lee Seojun’s fans’ attitude was the number one hot topic to the extent that it was comparable to him.

Everyone applauded Seojun’s love even in silence.

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Superstar From Age 0

Superstar From Age 0

Gong Salbuto Syuposeuta, Korean Idol
Score 8.4
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2019 Native Language: Korean
He had lived a thousand lives… some were long and precious and some short-lived, forgotten in the back of his mind. This time, he was born as baby Lee Seojoon. Elves… fairies… slimes… gift box… devils… he’ll use the mystical abilities from his past lives to captivate and capture the hearts of the people and become an idol, a superstar. Using the memories of his life akin to a fairy tale, he’ll become an idol that will be remembered in the annals of history.


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Something To Report
1 year ago

Why is the website always redirecting me to Novelupdate page?

1 year ago

If this ability existed in reality, how good it’ll be.

1 year ago

The author should have just had him use an illusion or hiding ability man lol

Thanks for the chapter

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