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I am just an ordinary office worker Chapter 4

(TL: back to 1st point of view.)

Why aren’t they calling me yet?

What the hell is happening?

I sent my resume to dozens of places, but I still didn’t get a call.

Maybe there’s a problem with my cell phone.

It is my first time holding one after nearly 50 years without any modern gadget.

Maybe I’m using it wrong!

I borrowed my brother’s phone and tried calling myself, turning it off and on. I thought of going to the repair center, but it was concluded that the cell phone was fine.

Actually, I had a rough idea.

It’s not my phone that’s not fine. It was my resume.

I had already felt that it was wrong the moment I saw my brother’s eyes, who just read my resume, change to the eyes with a look that can be described as: “My brother, who hurt his head in an accident, had lost his ability to write.”

No, but can’t a place call me at least?

“They could have at least send me a text message to notify me about my failure!”

“They must have thought it was a resume put in by a kindergarten kid as a joke.

I looked back at the sudden voice.

My brother, who had just returned home, approached me with a ridiculous expression on his face.

And he threw something to me as if it was insignificant.

Business card?

“Would you like to have an interview here?”

“Player Laboratory”

I stared at the business card for a few seconds and looked back at my brother.

Did my brother bring a job for me?

“Brother, am I going to be unemployed now?”

“I am giving it to you to escape unemployment.”

Lee Sung-Hyun ‘Tsk’ his tongue, speechless at his brother’s reasoning.

“You won’t get a part-time job with that resume you wrote. I’m not backing you up. I’m just giving you a chance to have an interview, so you have to do the rest well.”

“Yes, yes. I see. But in a lab? I’m not good at research or science.”

“The name just possessed a ‘lab’ on it. But it’s like a normal company.”

“When’s the interview?”



“Get changed and come out. I’ll take you right there.”

I changed my clothes in a daze and got in the car.

I blinked a few times and found myself in front of the research center.

When I came to my senses, I was sitting in front of the interviewers.

I can’t believe my first interview was done like this in a lightning.

I’m touched.

The interview went much simpler than I thought. Simple self-introduction and small questions about me.

Next would be Full-fledged questions about La Elta.

“As you already know, the lab collects and studies information from La Elta and players. By doing this will give the players a better environment and have important information to make them feel safe.”

I didn’t know about this. I thought they would be dissecting monsters or doing research using science or cutting-edge technology based on the institute’s name, but I guess it was not.

“Player cooperation is essential to study La Elta and players. They are well aware of their situations. There are virtually players looking to get a job in the lab.”

“Do you have any players employees?”

“Of course not.”

Of course not.

“Instead, we cooperate with them. We have interviews with players from time to time, get information, and organize them. La Elta’s quests vary every time, so you may think that information does not help them, but all quests share the same worldview, so by having information, completing each quest would become easier.”

One interviewer added that I would be in charge of organizing interviews with the players.

“Well, then… How much do you know about La Elta?”

My eyes started glistening at that question.

“La Elta is a different world than Earth. Players can move through the portal.”

The interviewers nodded in agreement.

“The first-time player to enter the portal wakes up in a town called Veraford. Anyway, Veraford is like a town the beginner if you play a game.”

It was a simple knowledge of common sense, but it was information that those non-players might not know without having an interest in it.

Still, the interviewers smiled because the candidate seemed to have prepared something.

“Veraford was a tiny town a few decades ago. A small village where residents spend their time farming and bartering. However, it has grown and flourished to the level of the city. The specialty products are corn and potatoes, but mana is rich and plenty, unlike the potatoes and corn of the earth. Oh. However, I don’t know how much it changed now.”

The interviewers’ expressions hardened, but he didn’t notice.

The applicant, who had been giving the right answer initially, just started talking nonsense. Veraford was a small town? It might before, but how did he know that?

He even talks like a man who had eaten potatoes, corn from there.

Not even a player but like a normal person who lived ther.

“The current emperor of La Elta is Edward L. Alvaro, who ascended to the throne through the war decades ago, and if the emperor had not been replaced in the meantime, he would still be there.”

I don’t know how long La Elta has been since I returned to Earth, so it’s a shame that I can’t explain exactly how he was crowned as Emperor.

In the meantime, the interviewers wrote in the applicant’s comments, “Buffon, or Dork.”

“That’s enough about La Elta, Lee Sung-Han. How much do you understand about quests?”

One of the interviewers hurriedly stopped and asked the next question.

“Quest? Usually, like when you play games, you kill monsters, get experience, and level up. I heard that players have it a little different: one quest and one level. They start with level 0, and if they break one quest, you become level 1. If you break one more quest, you become level 2. Level 20 means you’ve completed 20 quests.”

I heard this part from my brother the other day, so I knew it well.

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