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The quest rewards is real chapter 39- Time Correction(3)

Strength: 21

Stamina: 18

Agility: 20

Intelligence: 43

Mana: 43

Luck: 23


However, before I could start summoning the weapon, a card fell in front of me.

[Highest reward card]

I’ve never received a High reward before, but now the highest reward popped out.

It will probably take a very long time to complete this kind of quest normally and get the Highest reward card.

Intermediate compensation cards is already so good with the safe house, so what would the reward be with highest level beyond the High level?

“Please don’t be some large things.”

Property-related compensation is now unnecessary with safe house from the intermediate reward.

Skills and equipment from highest rewards will surely hold the top position among dreamwalkers for a long time, so I just hope that there will be rewards that could strengthen myself.

I locked the door, closed the curtains and glared at the highest reward card.

Please be something that has to do with combat!

The reward card evaporated like a mirage.

Soon there was the same effect I would usually see as I wake up, but the splendor of the highest rewards is somewhat different from others.

It was sparkling like various jewelry were grated, creating a colorful glittering light dust that covered the whole room.

After that there was a golden energy that rose at the center and permeated inside me.

And a message came to my mind.

[Acquired Active Skills ‘Accident Acceleration’]

“A Skill!”

It wasn’t money or in-kind compensation as I wasn’t hoping for.

Moreover, it was a skill.

I tilted my head to the vogue name of the skill.

“Accident acceleration?”

Of course, it doesn’t mean accelerating accidents like traffic accidents, but what does that meant?

I wondered if it was good enough as a skill since it came from the highest level of reward cards.

The best way is to check it out for myself.

I used ‘accident acceleration’ without delay, hoping it would be a skill worthy of the highest rewards.


As soon as I activated the skill, I felt a tremendous dizziness. As if I was being hit on the head with a hammer.

Also, “accident acceleration” seems to be a skill that directly affects the brain.

But I don’t know what is going or what am I supposed to do?

I gritted my teeth and looked around in pain.


And it wasn’t long before I realized what did just happened.

‘The clock…’

The second hand of the desk clock was flowing very slowly.

I approached the desk thinking the clock was broken, but every movement that I step, I felt that I was heavy as if I was inside the water. Right now the speed of my body’s reaction was very dull.

Everything was moving in slow motion.

Is the time going slowly?

No, to be exact, it would be right to say that everything else is normal, and it just feels like time is going slowly as I used the the accident acceleration.

Otherwise, there is no way to explain my current situation.

“There is a huge difference between accident speed and physical response.”

Using this, the magic casting speed will be fast enough to be called castingless, and I could avoid attack that comes at me faster.

Also my attack accuracy will not be comparable to before during direct combat using weapons.

Moreover, it is easy to judge and deliver information about the scenery that came into view to the body, so I can always unleash my best choice in combat.

A skill worthy of the highest reward.

With this skill, no one can beat me even if we have similar skills.

Rather, it will be a skill that would help me to cover the difference between one or two levels of skills.

But there was a big problem. It has a huge disadvantage.



“Accident Acceleration” is a continuous active skill that uses up mana if it is not stopped.

There was a lot of skills that consumed Mana, but the extreme dizziness and headaches caused by skill this was not tolerable.


I took off the lid of the trash can and vomited there.

Using the skill made me nauseous and after suffering for a long time, I used healing magic.

“Huh, whoo…Hhhhhaha.….”

I had to grind my teeth as I lay down on the floor while roughly pushing away the trash can.

“I can’t use it in real life.”

Will I be able to adjust if I practice it many times?

It’s better to do it than never, but it will take a lot of patience and effort in order to get used to it.

If I can use the accident acceleration in real life without any problems, I can have it as my secret card.

Still, this rewards was like a half reward given to me. It meant that I should worked hard to complete it.

It’s as if the system didn’t want me to become strong so easily.

“You’re making me suffer.”

“We’ll be back, don’t exercise too hard.”


My parents remained with me in the safe house, now they went out to finish their own things.

Having enough money, I told them to stop working and take a rest.

My mother works as a cashier at the mart, and my father works as a deputy director in a small and medium-sized company. At first they refused to live with him, but after continuos persuation coming from me, he decided to retire.

Not right away, of course, but after completing the handover.

Now, that he had been workinh for a long time, I really hope my father could enjoy more his life.

Seeing them both off, I walked towards the center of the living room and grabbed my new weapon.


A gorgeous spear appeared in the thin air while surrounded by the blue flame.

The soft black spear, reminiscent of a subtle blue-colored mistril spear blade, had an incredibly high perfection in terms of visuals alone. Even here on Earth it could be considered a work of art.

This is ‘Increstinger’.

It’s a name I don’t want to say personally.

“I think the length of the spear is similar to what I usually use, but it’s a bit long, so I need to adjust with it.”

I don’t know much about weapons yet, but there was a great sense of connection between the spearblade and the spear stick.

The spearblade was not the big but it is practical.


It was just a slight swing, but the sound of cutting through the air is different.

I swung the spear in the living room for several times.

Normally, I would practice outside in the yard, but the spearblade was so threatening that I couldn’t go out to avoid being reported by my neighbors

It’s a relief that the living room is spacious and the ceiling is high, but still this is really dangerous.

“That’s nice.”

The spear sticj is much longer, but it feels lighter and more balanced, making it easier to handle.

After experiencing it with myself, I thought, “Oh, this is a great spear.”

The spear stick, which is lighter than iron, is made of the scales of a basilisk.

I put a blanket over the spear.

There was a blue flame over the spear.

Although my aura can be released by fully concentrating towards the weapon, it was still far from an Expert’s.

However, combining it with my aura it still has a tremendous attack and destructive power.

I wish I could add Mana, but sadly these two qualities doesn’t mix with each other.

Therefore, I integrated my Aura on the weapon while my mana is used to strengthen other certain areas.

“There is a 20% increase in Aura Explosion?”

Increstinger’s amplification rate is 20%.

But it seemed to me that it was more than the said percentage

Is this because of the metal’s characteristics?

In the case of iron, when a considerable amount of aura is released towards it, there would be some dispersed.

On the other hand, Myrthil has a low loss rate due to its high quality and ability, allowing me to use its original power.….

The difference seems to have strengthened my Aura too.

‘That’s why Myrthil is a very valuable metal among blacksmith.’

At first I was hesitating on whether I should buy it or not. However, the more I swung the spear, the more I felt that my choice was right.

“I should exercise properly.”

I can’t swing a spear in the living room forever.

I put back my summoned weapon, took out carbon spear and left.


Following black tea, the market is also seeing a surge in sales amid favorable reviews.

The new cigar, which emerged in the smoking market, quickly spread among the upper class due to its deep aroma and flavor.

And what is mentioned in a regular basis is the new signature food created by the popular black tea maker “Jorden Chris Inc.”

Black tea is regarded as a very luxurious food suitable for aristocrats’ palate, and it is also considered to have changed the ambience of tea parties by using it as a spice for making snacks and cakes.

Some say that even the King of Kaelon also enjoy this type of tea.

Thanks to this, rumors are circulating that if this does well, the King may give a title to Jorden Chris’s founders.

Of course, this is just a rumor.

Thanks to that, my fortune is growing at a terrible rate and the treatment towards me and Gordon at the royal tower has become more respectful.

For example, the city governor signed an exclusive contract with the Royal Tower for its black tea.

Perhaps, if I didn’t have the power to protect my things myself, I’ll have no choice but to get help from the tower.

“Are you all right?”

Gordon asked anxiously as he looked at me. Recently I had been learning the 3rd class magic so I was very exhausted.

“Yes, I’m fine.” This was a lie. I was not fine at all.

My head is breaking, I feel nauseous inside, and my body was slow and heavy as if I’m drowning, so how can I be okay?

‘Isn’t it time to adjust. You damn body.’

That highest reward skill would consistently devours my mana and continued to haunt me like a haunted ghost.

That’s right.

I’m using accidental acceleration right now.

I use this skill daily in order to get used to it but it would always result to me being beaten up.

Still, I seems to be better than my first time ever since I started using it on daily basis, but in real life it was still the same.

So I’m going to use it like this until I get used to it.

“Let’s get some rest.”

“No, I’m fine.”

I would originally find myself speaking very slowly, but I’ve gotten used to it to some extent recently.

“I am just facing some difficulty.”


The best way to use the accident acceleration skill was to use it only briefly when needed, but the problem was that the skill was most painful right after use.

“Don’t push yourself too hard.”

I’m sure Gordon knows I’m doing something weird because this skill was steadily draining my mana.

But it was Gordon’s style to cheer silently without questioning.

“Thank you.”

Today is the 102nd day of the Mu continent.

As scheduled, new Dreamwalkers would have appear yesterday, the 101st day.

Now that the time to stay in the Mu continent is fixed, after they spent five days here from they would automatically be expelled from the Mu continent.

Back to my first time here, I thought this was just a dream until I grabbed the reward card I got from the rabbit.

However, it is possible that they may be thinking of it as a dream and acted crazy because they can’t get out of the Mu continent just by breaking the rabbit quest.

They can wander in the woods and be eaten by monsters.

If they just die like this, they will return to Earth after experiencing the Mu continent without gaining any proper ability.

I would care if someone is coming to this town, but I’ve tried to erase the other people’s existence from my head.

‘Oh, no, I need to take a break.’

I stopped using the skill because I ran out of Mana.

It may be an illusion, but my head feels hotter than usual.

But I didn’t use healing magic like before, I just rested and waited myself to recover.

Knock knock knock.


Did she come here to deliver our snack?

With a knock, Gordon’s maid Mary walked inside the lab.

Looking at her empty hands, I think she has something to report to Gordon.

“Two strangers came to town.”

Gordon wanted to respond her with what it had to do with him, but the Maid’s next words got my whole attention.

“But their barefoot appearance is so similar to how Jihoon first visited the village of Karas.….”

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