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Superstar from age 0 chapter 44

Thanks to resting earlier yesterday, Seojun has now his Mana fully recovered over his body. The bust shot and the close-up shot will take more time to shoot than the full shot.

The unexpected result made director Choi’s mouth and Lee Ji-seok’s mouth twitch.

“I can’t do this anymore. I’m really bad at this.”

Although Seojun’s aura was not like yesterday’s, Lee Ji-seok, tried harder than before in order not to lose to Seojun, but he was still overwhelmed by his acting skills than in full shots.

So he just lay down on the blanket as soon as he entered the room after the shot.

Seojun brought the dumplings from the grandmother.

Ji-seok was now limp even without covering himself with a blanket.

It seemed very difficult to act possessed for a few days straight.

“Ji-seok hyung, grandmother told me to eat dumplings.”

“I can’t eat. Seojun. I’m so tired. I guess I’m so old.”

“Dumplings are delicious.”

Seojun bit a full bite of dumplings and mumbled.

Lee Ji-seok, lying on the blanket, saw Seojun. Hr was dozing off at just one shot yesterday, but today they took two shots and he was still energetic.

It was because yesterday Seojun pretended to be a bat, spreading goblin energy in all directions consuming more mana, but there was no way Lee Ji-seok would knew about it.

Seojun ate dumplings diligently.

Meat dumplings are delicious!

It was a handmade dumpling made by Seojun filled with dumpling filling and the dough pie made by the grandmother.

Lee Ji-seok gulped down at the sight of Seojun eating deliciously.

It’s hard, but the dumplings really looked delicious.

“Give me one, too.”

“Here you go. This is kimchi dumpling, this is meat dumpling.”

“Give me a meat dumpling.”

Lee Ji-seok also took a bite of the dumpling.

“Wow. It’s really good.”

“The grandmother’s handmade kimchi dymplings is also very delicious.”


Lee Ji-seok and Seo-joon talked about their favorite food while eating dumplings.

It was now the last day of for the filming of the movie “The Devil”.

After the shoot today, all the filming will be over.

Today’s scene was also the last scene for the movie.

“Oh, that was a boar pit.”

“A boar?”

Seojun, who was getting dressed and dressed up to shoot the last scene, asked back.

Kim Hee-sung, who was sending a message through KakaoTalk next to Seojun, opened his mouth.

“There’s a boar in the field these days, so the villagers dug a pit on the way to catch it. I’ve heard from the villagers that the kid grew up in this village, so he knew the geography around him well. He went out early in the morning, ate here and there, and came home late at night, so his grandparents didn’t have to worry about him. But the next day he fell down into the pit. It would have been a disaster if he had been found later.”

“He came back to consciousness yesterday. I am now in contact with his grandparents and they are saying their thanks to Seojun, he was found quickly because of you. As long as his legs get better, there’s no problem.”


“The kid reported to your mom and dad that you ran by youtself. From now on, you should be right next to your uncle.”


Kim Hee-sung showed his cell phone screen to Seojun.

<You did a good job saving the kid, but you should have gone with your uncle!>

<When you get back, you should write a letter of apology!>

<Always hold your uncle’s hand!>

Seojun’s shoulders drooped.

Kim Hee-sung scratched his forehead at the sight of Seojun’s limp shoulder.

When Kim Hee-sung tries to comfort Seojun.

“I’ll get ready for the rehearsal!”


Seojun suddenly lifted his head and headed to the set with a smile.

“Let’s worry about the letter of apology later and go to shoot the movie!”

Kim Hee-sang said towards Seojun.

With the last shooting, the film “The Devil” is now finally over.


“How was your trip?”


Seojun came back home after finishing all the shooting.

Seo Eun-hye was going to take care of her mother, who was just discharged from the hospital, so Lee Min-joon was the only one at home.

Everytime he came back home from work, and there was no one in the house. So he felt very lonely.

Lee Min-joon hugged Seojun tightly. Seojun smiled and hugged his father back.

“Then I’m off.”

Kim Hee-sung waved to his friend but before he could go back home to enjoy his vacation, he was stopped by Lee Min-Joon, holding his shoulder.

“What? What it is again?”

“Will you go to America?”

Lee Min-joon smiled kindly, however, Kim Hee-sung got goosebumps.

“United States?!”

Seojun, who was taking out the gifts for his grandmother and grandfather, tilted his head while holding the goblin bag.

‘America? Why America?’

“Uncle Hee-sung. Are you going to America?”

“Yes.” Rather than his uncle, his father was the one who responded him.

“No! I’m not going! Why should I!?”

Kim Hee-sung responded back, but Lee Min-joon dragged him into the living room.

The three people sat around the table.

“Why America all of a sudden?”

“The director said he wanted to sign a movie with Seojun, or they’re coming, but it’s quite a bit of a burden for them.”


Seojun, who was eating watermelon prepared by Lee Min-joon, raised his head.l suddenly.

“Shouldn’t you be the one going with him, right?”

“I can’t go because of the company.”

“Am I doing another movie?”

“What if Seojun wants to see the synopsis?”


Seojun raised his hands excitedly.

After filming one movie, there was another.

‘No, wait. Isn’t it an extra role again?’

Seojun, who wanted to do all the roles he could at this age, will decide after reading the synopsis for now.

“So, why not come into our company?”

“It’s not ours, it’s your company.”

Kim would usually asked Lee Min-Joon about this matter because it was hard to find someone to trust and work with.

Now, the company was big enough to sign a contract with a factory so he needed more people.

After the dreamlike vacation, Kim Hee-sung would have many things to deal with alone.

Before that, he needed a really reliable employee.

For example, a person he is friend since middle school and the father of his investor, who can spend money without waste.

The only person that could fit the description is Lee Min-Joon!

“No, Seojun invested the money he earned from YouTube. Then Seojun could work at my company. But because of his age, you can co-represent him as his father.”

Lee Min-joon was lost in his own thoughts at Kim Hee-sung’s words.

“You know I may not be always available to accompany Seojun in your stead. And do you think the company will send you in another business trip again? Besides, If you come to our company, I’ll work hard to adjust your schedule! I will be also paying you a good salary! Just a little bit of work!”

Kim Hee-sung persuaded Lee Min-joon diligently.

If it didn’t work, he would lie down and make a fuss till he accepted his proposal.

Lee Min-joon sighed.

He also talked about this to Seo Eun-hye. With her mother’s hospitalization, she realized that whenever something urgent happen, the couple would need to free more time to take care of Seojun. Or get someone they could trust.


“Okay! When do you want to start work?”

“I need to take care of my current job, so give me some time.”

“As much as you want!”

“First of all, you go to America with Seojun.”

“That’s good. I trust you follow our deal after this, right?”

“Yeah. Anyway, I already contacted Seojun agant in America. Just meet with her after landing from the airplane.”

Nara Kim.

Kim Hee-sang became close to Nara while staying at Seojun’s house when he was in a trip to the U.S..

He nodded.

“Meet with the director and play with Jack afterwards. I’ll should prepare a gift for him.”

Seojun smiled brightly. It’s only been a few months since they last net, but he missed him a lot already.

“Jack, auntie Maria and Uncle Eric! I am so excited to meet them again. Auntie Nara too!”

Some of the monster dolls were put down in front of Lee Min-joon.

“I should give them this and this!”

“Yeah, let’s get that too.”

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Superstar From Age 0

Superstar From Age 0

Gong Salbuto Syuposeuta, Korean Idol
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2019 Native Language: Korean
He had lived a thousand lives… some were long and precious and some short-lived, forgotten in the back of his mind. This time, he was born as baby Lee Seojoon. Elves… fairies… slimes… gift box… devils… he’ll use the mystical abilities from his past lives to captivate and capture the hearts of the people and become an idol, a superstar. Using the memories of his life akin to a fairy tale, he’ll become an idol that will be remembered in the annals of history.


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